Body Fat + Food + Exercise.

This is last October vs today. 146 vs 152. 19% Body fat vs 22% body fat. My leanest was this time last year - I was eating around 1900 calories {had to go back and look in MFP} I was running 2x a week and lifting on my own. Since then I've been out for surgery twice and started working from home. 

Oliver and I go about every 3 or 4 months now to get our body fat tested. He was sweating a bit for his test results this time because in the last 2 months he's only lost 2 pounds on the scale. That little shit lost 3% body fat and gained like 4 pounds of muscle. Eye roll. I'm just jealous - I put in more work than him and I only lost 1% fat and gained 1 pound of muscle, which is actually good considering I was out of the gym for quite a few weeks.

So if he was only measuring success off the scale he would be mighty disappointed in .5 a month - but because we do the body fat testing he knows that what he's doing is working! I highly recommend you get it done no matter what stage you are in. I WISH I had done it years ago, I now get so frustrated seeing women weigh themselves day after day and getting discouraged - things are happening that you can't see on a scale!

I started my carb cycling this week, because I upgraded MFP I am able to preset my days for my 2 sets of macro goals. I am still in the learning curve for carb cycling and it's not that easy to hit 245 carbs with only 45 fats, I thought I planned well, but things happened - I had to eat a quest bar on the go before I died - and that messed up my lunch and dinner macros.  I already ate all the fruit in the house, so I'll have to stop by the store and pick more up again today. and pretzels. and sweet potato. LOL

I'm going back to protein pancakes on my high carb days, I tend to have less cravings when I eat something sweet for breakfast and these keep me really full. I've been using the Lil Buff Bakery cake mix for them, they are just really convientant to pop open and add like 3 things - milk, egg white, applesauce.

Right now my workout schedule is Crossfit 5x a week - running minimal - maybe 3 miles on the treadmill. My knee has been swelling a bit and I'm scared to run and make it worse, but I was told it's common for up to 6 months after surgery. Ice, Ice, Ice. I've gotten a few painful massages - let me tell you what - that first massage on my back after my lower body lift was PAINFUL. Walking hunched over for close to a month takes quite a toll on your body, I finally braved the chiro too and felt A MILLION times better afterwards!

My Crossfit competition is Oct 15th - after that I'm hoping to up my running to get myself to a good level for my Vegas half like a good run/walk/jog for 13 miles.

I went back to soccer, outdoor at least, indoor I'm gonna wait a bit because it's a lot more twisting on my knee. My team needed new jerseys so I sponsored them!

Sweet baby girl is LOVING Crossfit kids so much!! I record her workouts and she runs home to show Oliver how she's doing, then they all start squatting in the living room practicing their form. She's also been asking to get up at 6am and run, my little mini me. 


  1. You both are setting such a great example for your kids and it shows!
    The swelling...I had ankle surgery last December when I broke it walking. Yep, you read that right. I slipped and heard the POP! and just knew. While for the most part it doesn't bother me, it still swells some if I'm on my feet ALL day. Hopefully it'll be the same with your knee and you'll have minimal swelling!

    I love getting these updates about what's going on in the world of skinnymeg, skinnyoli, twilight sparkle (<--she will forever be), and the bald one.

  2. That pic comparison though ;) although you state this time last year was your leanest I can honestly say your arm/shoulder definition now is really popping!! Keep up the hard work as you already know you motivate and inspire so many.
    P.S.- I remember when you first started crossfire you said you didn't want big traps. But I'm here to tell you they look great :)

  3. What is run/walk/jog ratio? I am running my first half Saturday and I am so nervous.

    1. run when I want - walk when I must - jog sometimes :)

  4. What is run/walk/jog ratio? I am running my first half Saturday and I am so nervous.

  5. Awesome!!!
    Little eyes are always watching so you ignore the haters (from last post) and just keep doing what you're doing!

  6. Sorry, but neither of those are accurate BF %'s. You do look better though and I imagine FEEL better as well.

    1. ?? I guess I don't understand your comment. I had my BF tested and they are indeed accurate.


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