My First Crossfit Competition

Oliver and I have been doing Crossfit since around May of this year, then I took off 2 months for surgery and I've been back in the gym about 6 weeks now.  We went to a few competitions while I was recovering to cheer on people from our gym and it really got me wanting to do one! 

A competition is put on usually by another gym at their box, the workouts {or WODS} as we call them are always different. I think there's usually 3 different WODS and they have different levels - scaled and RX. That meanS they have different weight requirements for the lifts and for things like jump ropes - singles for scaled and double under for RX. 

You compete for time, each participant has their own judge who ensures they do the reps correctly and also counts them. I LOVE not having to count for myself, hahahaha, it's like a vacation in my head! 

I was literally so nervous when I started I didn't know if I could lift the weight my hands wouldn't stop trembling! Everyone is standing and watching you workout, some are yelling, and some are cheering. After about 45 seconds I felt like I was dying - I ain't never pushed myself that hard at a workout, thankfully each workout was less than 8 minutes because my heart rate was int he 190's the entire time. 

Out of the 3 WODS I placed 1st on the deadlift workout which was really not my strongest when I was practicing. One of the girls from my gym told me DON'T YOU DARE drop that bar when you get tired. Then she got in my eye site and I was like shit, I can't put this bar down. hahahaha. It worked! I went back and watched myself on Periscope {and THANK YOU so much to all of you who logged on to cheer me on! Y'all are the best and I love you for the support!!} my second event was doing overhead stuff and that's where I struggled {burpees did not help} but overall I was so proud of myself!!

This picture pretty much sums up how I felt after each event, I gave it my all each time. It was such a rush and so much fun!! Honestly walking up I was terrified, all these fit people walking around and I felt out of my league. Then I remembered that EXACT same feeling I had walking up to my first half marathon, being brave and trying new things has always turned out well for me. 

I ended up placing 2nd in the women's scaled which I'm proud of! I also was delighted to find out Susan was competing, all the way from Fort Worth, and she's been a reader of my blog since that Miss Madison days!! I just love this community so much! This comp was put on by Big Rig Wylie and it was very well organized, they were extremely welcoming, and I will for sure do it again next year! A huge shoutout to my gym - Crossfit Lavon - I love that people take time out of their weekends to come and cheer for us!! That's why they get that 'cult' nickname....we stick together! 



We had a pretty low key weekend, the weather was fantastic, sunny with a cool breeze. Madison played really well at her games this weekend, my favorite Saturday activity. Look how big Aiden baby is getting! His new thing is to say 'YES' to everything - no more 'yeah' or 'uh huh' I'll probably cry for a week when he stops saying 'sister' and calls her by her name. This kids hairs is slowlyyyyyyy making an appearance!

Oliver and I went out to dinner with our friends on Saturday, we tried a new restaurant in Dallas called Sixty Vines. They have wine on tap, awesome food, and the atmosphere was amazing! We were able to eat on the patio - in a greenhouse. 

Sunday is food shopping/food prepping day. I usually start by cleaning and organizing the fridge, we legit spend a fortune on food each week, but we both eat almost all our meals at home and the kids both take a lunch to school. I've finished my first week of carb cycling and oddly enough I have a much harder time eating high carb and low fat than I do with low carb days. I sat down and figured out ways to get more carbs in without adding more fats.

I changed my bread to a higher carb one, the Trader Joes Sourdough has no fat and 24g of carbs each slice. I usually use Natures Own which is around 11g per slice. 

Instead of just broccoli on the side I made broccoli tots which have breadcrumbs inside and are super yummy! I used the riced broccoli from Trader Joes this time and they turned out perfectly, but you can just use regular broccoli too. I mixed broccoli, egg whites, breadcrumbs, grated parmesan cheese. - baked at 425 for 16 minutes. Instead of rolling in a ball I just used a muffin pan.

I also bought some Cereal {Pumpkin O's} to add in high carb days, I'm also going to add in beans to a few dishes. I actually rarely eat beans, but if you have a great recipe with them please leave me a link!

My Zaycon Fresh order came in, we've been separating 3 cases of chicken this weekend. Oliver trims and I bag. The freezer is loaded up and it should last us a while, ever since Oliver started counting macros our lean meat consumption has gone up considerably. I make enough for 3 days on Sunday and again on Wednesday, I try to have some prepped for the weekend to help keep myself on track. Eat all the protein at home and save fat and carbs for meals out.


Body Fat + Food + Exercise.

This is last October vs today. 146 vs 152. 19% Body fat vs 22% body fat. My leanest was this time last year - I was eating around 1900 calories {had to go back and look in MFP} I was running 2x a week and lifting on my own. Since then I've been out for surgery twice and started working from home. 

Oliver and I go about every 3 or 4 months now to get our body fat tested. He was sweating a bit for his test results this time because in the last 2 months he's only lost 2 pounds on the scale. That little shit lost 3% body fat and gained like 4 pounds of muscle. Eye roll. I'm just jealous - I put in more work than him and I only lost 1% fat and gained 1 pound of muscle, which is actually good considering I was out of the gym for quite a few weeks.

So if he was only measuring success off the scale he would be mighty disappointed in .5 a month - but because we do the body fat testing he knows that what he's doing is working! I highly recommend you get it done no matter what stage you are in. I WISH I had done it years ago, I now get so frustrated seeing women weigh themselves day after day and getting discouraged - things are happening that you can't see on a scale!

I started my carb cycling this week, because I upgraded MFP I am able to preset my days for my 2 sets of macro goals. I am still in the learning curve for carb cycling and it's not that easy to hit 245 carbs with only 45 fats, I thought I planned well, but things happened - I had to eat a quest bar on the go before I died - and that messed up my lunch and dinner macros.  I already ate all the fruit in the house, so I'll have to stop by the store and pick more up again today. and pretzels. and sweet potato. LOL

I'm going back to protein pancakes on my high carb days, I tend to have less cravings when I eat something sweet for breakfast and these keep me really full. I've been using the Lil Buff Bakery cake mix for them, they are just really convientant to pop open and add like 3 things - milk, egg white, applesauce.

Right now my workout schedule is Crossfit 5x a week - running minimal - maybe 3 miles on the treadmill. My knee has been swelling a bit and I'm scared to run and make it worse, but I was told it's common for up to 6 months after surgery. Ice, Ice, Ice. I've gotten a few painful massages - let me tell you what - that first massage on my back after my lower body lift was PAINFUL. Walking hunched over for close to a month takes quite a toll on your body, I finally braved the chiro too and felt A MILLION times better afterwards!

My Crossfit competition is Oct 15th - after that I'm hoping to up my running to get myself to a good level for my Vegas half like a good run/walk/jog for 13 miles.

I went back to soccer, outdoor at least, indoor I'm gonna wait a bit because it's a lot more twisting on my knee. My team needed new jerseys so I sponsored them!

Sweet baby girl is LOVING Crossfit kids so much!! I record her workouts and she runs home to show Oliver how she's doing, then they all start squatting in the living room practicing their form. She's also been asking to get up at 6am and run, my little mini me. 


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