Record Breaking Temps.

I did a 4 mile run one day last week to test out my knee, everything felt great, no swelling no pain. The plan was for me to come back when it was cool outside, that didn't happen. It's record breaking temps right now in Dallas, September and October are hard - you want to sip lattes in your leggings and cardigans and it's sweltering out. 

Saturday we did a sunrise 'long' run, I'm training for the Rock and Roll Half in Vegas November 12th.  My groin area is the part that's killing me, it's so tight and needs to be stretched back out from walking hunched over for the better part of a month. I was only sore that first day so that's an improvement from the first run I did where I was walking funny for a few days. I think I'll stick with a 2 days running plan for the next few weeks and then go to 3 a few weeks leading into the race. 

I'm seriously enjoying all my Home Chef meals - I stopped requesting the 'low calorie' ones, they were just so skimpy on veggies. Instead I'm picking the regular meals and adjusting to meet my macros. For example - this is a BBQ Chicken Flatbread. I used my own Guy's Sugar Free BBQ Saucesauce and went light on the cheese. I had someone ask how I track these meals - just like any other meal I make, these are just easier because all the ingredients are bagged, weighed, and sent to my door step.

Other than that we spent most of the weekend sweltering at afternoon soccer games. Grocery shopping. Meal prepping. Baby kissing. I had time to get a mani and pedi, found a new place nearby that I absolutely loved. Rose Gold glitter gel nails, that's all you need to know ;)

The babies made Pumpkin Bread with Mimi, I hear it was good, but I skipped it. My accountability group partnered up this weekend in an effort to support each other by staying on track all weekend. It's helpful to know others are counting on you to put forth extra effort!

Last year I had baby abs and while that extra skin is gone I'd like to get some definition back, you know - look like I workout ;) That's all in your diet, gotta make those hard food choices. I ran behind a girl who was ripped over the weekend, I thought about her shoulders when I was at a birthday party with cake and at my Mom's with the pumpkin bread.


  1. Pshhh you do look like you work out! You are ripped too in your own way girl! Hey girl hey is what people say when they run behind you!! ~twinmomnatty

  2. I think we need a pic of those nails - they sound fabulous!

  3. What is this accountability group you speak of? I am in desperate need! I can't seem to get on track!! -Claire

    1. It's full, but I'll do another next month - usually announce on FB or Periscope!

    2. I want in too! I do not have periscope though!!

  4. Thanks for being the best accountability partner ever! I can't mess up if Skinny Meg is checking in on me :) lol

  5. I am sure this has been covered in the past...but...what app do you use for tracking when running?

  6. Hey girl where did you get those pink workout pants?


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