I will NOT put a shirt on.

After having my surgery I of course started to get nasty comments and messages - "it was my own fault for being fat" - "I need to put a shirt on" - "what lesson am I teaching my daughter? That I have to spend thousands of dollars to feel good about myself?"

At first it really annoyed me, so much so that I found myself putting on a shirt. Then I thought - EFF THAT. I will not be shamed into doing ANYTHING I don't want to do. 

I've been taking my shirt off for years - long before I had surgery.

I wasn't ashamed then and I won't be ashamed now.

This here blog, my Instagram, my Snapchat, my Periscope, my Facebook - is all about my life. Fitness and all the things that go along with it are the backbone, so if you don't like to see my body then you're welcome to not come around here anymore. I've shared the good, the bad, the ugly.

I'll also give you a eye opening tid bit - having your skin removed is not the same as them cutting off your fat. You still need to be active and eat right, so when will it ever be enough?

Hopefully never - I pray that I wake up each day with a vigor to improve an area of my life. If not my body, than my relationship with God or my family. To be a better parent than I was yesterday. To be a better business woman. To be a better friend. The day I stop trying to outdo myself will be the day I have given up.

Do you know why I've been so consistent in my fitness? I don't stop changing it up, I can name the hundred's of ways I've used to lose weight.

Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig
Gym classes
Spin Class
Clean Eating
Lifting weight
Counting macros

There is no wrong way to get healthy! I had success using all of these tools, but I get bored. Starting Crossfit this year has renewed my passion, I was getting stale at the gym. God led me here - not for myself, but for my family. In the 16 years I've been with Oliver I have never seen him stick with anything for this long. Marriage is hard, but it is less hard when we have a common interest we can share together.

and yes, what lessons am I teaching my daughter?

Hard work pays off.
Be consistent.
Take your shirt off if you want to!
There is a world outside of Minecraft ;)

Do I think she will grow up to judge me for having plastic surgery?
No. Would I have judged my own mother for doing it? No.

I'm sure she'll have her own list of complaints about how I failed her as a Mother, but that's the circle of life. I think we all judge our parents to harshly, until we are grown and see just how hard it is to always do the exact right thing. 


Switching It Up!

Cut Oats Top

Mini Me and I did a little shopping this weekend, a new crossfit outfit for her and some new shoes for me. We let the boys tag along, we debated on going to Octoberfest in Mckinney, but it was still so hot out we changed our minds. She's really into Crossfit kids, every day she changes into her workout gear and practices her pushups and squats, she loved using the kettle bell last week to 'deadlift'. 

We had an early dinner at Houlihans, I went with the Squash Lasagna with zoodles on the side - very delicious! My FB group was challenged to have veggies at EVERY MEAL all weekend long. I made some tough choices, I was dying for a burger, but opted for veggies. Eating out can be hard, I try to stick to places I know has SOMETHING I can work with - we rarely eat Italian for that very reason - lots of pasta and sauces. 

I went to Saturday Crossfit and got a crazy hair to do GHD sit-ups, I swore after my surgery I would never do theses again. Someone told me a story about someone ripping open her wounds 10 years later and it got me scared, but you know me... Anyways I did them and my abs are feeling it! 

Sunday I hit the gym to test run these 3 WODs and make sure I could do them in the time limit. Event 1 was really easy {I'm doing the scaled version so the red weight is the weight I use}, event 2 had me like WHOA. I barely made it in the 8 minute time limit, but I'm going to practice again next weekend and maybe adjust what ground to overhead move I'm doing. Event 3 seemed ok - 115 deadlifts, not too bad... until you have to do nonstop for 5 minutes. Then 2 minutes of kettle bell swings, ahhhhh. I didn't do bad, but I need to work on my endurance. I signed up for the BigRigs Rachel's Challenge Event - it's October 15th! 

After Church we ran into my Dad at Costco and he took the kids so we had a lovely quite lunch together. 2 years olds and restaurants are just a hard combo - he likes to climb around and touch every knife in sight. We went to Fuddruckers and I ordered the Kale Power Salad - delish! Highly recommend! I've never put pickled onions in a salad, but I might try to recreate this at home.

Next week I'm hosting an October Diet Bet - weighs out Halloween day. You can sign up here. I'm debating trying something new - either carb cycling or Intermittent Fasting. I'm leaning more towards carb cycling, but I'm going to research a bit more {aka ask Poppy.} before I decide. I just feel like switching life up a bit! 

Anyways, everyone is welcome to join the Diet Bet, you don't have to count macros or anything fancy if you don't want to, but I'll have a Facebook group for the month of the bet. I'll post the link on the Diet Bet wall this week :)


All Things BAE.

Swear this was Madison a week ago, hanging out in the garage with me while I painted furniture. Y'all regulars remember those days??  The other day at our 'buy all the Pumpkin items' trip to Target she refused to buy My Little Pony socks, said that was for babies, I maybe died a little inside for my sweet Twilight Sparkle. On the bright side I won't have anyone asking me if I really named my child Twilight Sparkle. 

In other news I made THE MOST AMAZING PUMPKIN BREAKFAST EVER. You're really missing out if you don't try this recipe, I'm just sayin'

1 package Lil Buff Bakery Mix  : code: skinnymeg
70g Pumpkin Puree
30g Almond Milk
1 egg
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes.

50g of vanilla okios
22g Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese
sprinkle of cinnamon

I also made some sweeter ones for dessert last night.

1 package Lil Buff Bakery
1 tblspoon coco powder
75g applesauce
30g Almond Milk

Then I carved out a middle - pipped in marshmallow fluff and topped with a bit of Peanut Butter All-Natural Non-GMO Dollop Gourmet Frosting .

I do better making my meals full of lean meats and veggies when I know I get a bit of something sweet at some point during the day. I know that restricting myself too much leads to being unhappy, even better when my desserts can have some protein!

We are almost 8 weeks out from my Lower Body Lift, I'm apparently some freak who recovers quickly LOL I don't know why, but once I was able to stand up straight I just felt pretty much back to normal. I'm almost back to the weight I was lifting before I went out, my deadlift took the biggest hit, I'm about 50 pounds under my max.

Sooooooo there's a competition coming up that's close to my house and I kinda want to do it - scaled version {non cross fitters that means it's the 'easier' version of the workout}. I'm scared though, so of course I'm trying to talk some other girls into doing it with me. I'm going to try the workouts this weekend and make sure I can lift the weight required on each move - mainly my snatch. Deadlifts, box jumps, jump ropes { I ducking can't figure out how to double under!!! ugh.} , burpees, snatches, and a couple other things I'm forgetting.

I know that all the great and amazing things in my life have come on the heels of being afraid. Going back to college, trying my first bootcamp, running a marathon, shit even that first week of Crossfit! I don't regret any of it and I need to remember that when I'm nervous about working out in front of a group of people.


Record Breaking Temps.

I did a 4 mile run one day last week to test out my knee, everything felt great, no swelling no pain. The plan was for me to come back when it was cool outside, that didn't happen. It's record breaking temps right now in Dallas, September and October are hard - you want to sip lattes in your leggings and cardigans and it's sweltering out. 

Saturday we did a sunrise 'long' run, I'm training for the Rock and Roll Half in Vegas November 12th.  My groin area is the part that's killing me, it's so tight and needs to be stretched back out from walking hunched over for the better part of a month. I was only sore that first day so that's an improvement from the first run I did where I was walking funny for a few days. I think I'll stick with a 2 days running plan for the next few weeks and then go to 3 a few weeks leading into the race. 

I'm seriously enjoying all my Home Chef meals - I stopped requesting the 'low calorie' ones, they were just so skimpy on veggies. Instead I'm picking the regular meals and adjusting to meet my macros. For example - this is a BBQ Chicken Flatbread. I used my own Guy's Sugar Free BBQ Saucesauce and went light on the cheese. I had someone ask how I track these meals - just like any other meal I make, these are just easier because all the ingredients are bagged, weighed, and sent to my door step.

Other than that we spent most of the weekend sweltering at afternoon soccer games. Grocery shopping. Meal prepping. Baby kissing. I had time to get a mani and pedi, found a new place nearby that I absolutely loved. Rose Gold glitter gel nails, that's all you need to know ;)

The babies made Pumpkin Bread with Mimi, I hear it was good, but I skipped it. My accountability group partnered up this weekend in an effort to support each other by staying on track all weekend. It's helpful to know others are counting on you to put forth extra effort!

Last year I had baby abs and while that extra skin is gone I'd like to get some definition back, you know - look like I workout ;) That's all in your diet, gotta make those hard food choices. I ran behind a girl who was ripped over the weekend, I thought about her shoulders when I was at a birthday party with cake and at my Mom's with the pumpkin bread.


Our White House, Part 2.

We picked our lot, put down the earnest money, and submitted a change order for a few minor changes we wanted to make to the floor plan we picked. We wanted to change a few doorways, nothing too major, if you start moving walls you have to pay extra earnest money and architect fees. I had a realtor, Heather, come by and give us a selling price quote for our house, but we won't be putting it on the market until Spring. I'm a little hazy on the way the dates will workout - we have to lift the contingency on our contract by the time they start sheet rocking. So, I'm not sure what that means in terms of us moving, but Heather said she'll read over the contract and let us know. I'm nervous because I don't want to have to shut down OMB for a long period of time, but if we have to live with Mimi that would have to be what I do. 

Step 2 is going to the design center, the fun stuff! The builder gaves us a 20K budget, everything else we have to cover. I'll just go ahead and tell you that 20k goes real quick. Oliver had a lot of discussion before we went, it really helped keep us on the same page. We want to spend the bulk of our money on things that are really important to us - floors and countertops. 

We have wood grain porcelain tile in our house now and absolutely LOVE it, so we want to have it in the new house. I was actually pretty surprised Oliver was 100% on board with such a white floor, but we both want a light and bright house. #ourwhitehouse  The problem is that you have to have the time through the bottom floor because of the open floor plan, that's $$$. 

I also asked for a quote on laying it in a herringbone pattern, but I won't hold my breath. I mean, it's just so pretty and I think it's worth the cost. 

Kitchen cabinets were next, I requested that the uppers be white and the lowers and island by grey, hopefully they don't charge me extra for it. I did add a few upgrades, like a sponge rack inside the drawer and a cookie sheet divider. 

Standard countertops are granite with this builder, but I want something a little cleaner looking. Quartz is my next choice and of course I picked out a level 7 {goes from like a 1 to 12 I think on the price scale}. The backsplash was a source of argument between us...

They showed me this stainless steel backsplash and I super heart love it so much. Oliver did not, but we compromised and I got a baroque shaped tile that I think we look gorgeous. It's actually the one in the picture above with the quartz.

The bathrooms were the hardest for us, I didn't love any of the standard items. I tried to mix and match some standards with a few upgrades, but nothing was speaking to me. So, I got a standard stone tile and they will tile it like this - the longer rectangle tiles are a bit more expensive. I got a level 1 quartz, I just couldn't make myself pick any granite knowing I would not like it. 

I was lucky enough to find an example of the exact brick and stone I wanted, both standards thankfully! It's hard when you are just seeing a small board of a few bricks and trying to imagine what an entire house will look like!

The designer got back to use quickly on prices for most of the items we picked, we have to review the list and decide what we want to go with in the next 2 weeks. The next appointment she will have everything laid out and we will once again go over our choices. 

I know for sure that I'm changing the grout on the floors to a darker color, Oliver wasn't sure what that would look like, but after showing him a few pictures he agrees that it will be easier to keep clean. After reviewing the price list I can tell you we have to make some tough decision already. No frameless shower door for SkinnyOli, that was 4k! They also quoted me 15k to put wood upstairs in the game/media room for OMB, no. way. We will just have our floor guy come out after we close and install the same laminate I have upstairs right now. I'm not too happy that they charge extra for different color paints or to change the finish to eggshell, but it is what it is. 


Crossfit After Skin Removal Surgery.

Please don't use my experience as the only way to go - I'm sharing my experience for reference. You can ask 100 people how their recovery after surgery went and you will get 100 different answers. I've actually had a lot of people share their story with me and some went back to the gym at 2 weeks and some are barely getting there at 3 months post op. I just know I've googled and read tons before I even had surgery to see what people had to say, there's not a ton out there so I want to put my story on the intewebs.

Ok - to start with I had a Lower Body Lift 5 weeks ago, actually 5 weeks and 3 days to be exact. I had my knee scoped and two torn meniscus cut out 2 weeks ago.  

I was told at 4 weeks I could run after my body lift - but with the knee surgery I had to wait 4 weeks. As far as lifting weights goes - use less than 10 pounds to start with, so that's what I did. For about a day.

I was a good girl and went to the Y, first for some cardio on the stair master. I need to be bending my knee so the scar tissue doesn't build up. Then I went over to the weight section, picked up some 8's and did about 20 minutes of arms. I decided that's just not the right route for me, shoot I've been picking up Aiden for weeks and he's 33 pounds. I also lug heavy boxes up the stairs for work, at least 20 pounds. My skin isn't tight, my wound is healing well, and I had a good level of fitness before surgery. So I decided to go back to Crossfit.

I went in for open gym to test a few moves out, see how I felt, see if I had any knee pain or swelling. To be honest, I'm more worried about my knee than I am anything else on my body. I did some pull-ups, push ups, deadlifts, and overhead presses. Felt good, nothing hurt, I went relatively light and later went home and iced my knee just in case. No running and no weighted squats. The knee is great, better than ever actually and I had absolutely no swelling! 

I did my first full workout on Labor Day, it was a hard workout - they usually are on Holidays. It was wall balls (150), handstand pushups (90), and cleans (pick the bar up off the floor to your shoulders and back down). I completed the workout with lighter than normal weights, felt great. I was actually really impressed with myself and my ability to do all those HSPU's, but by 3pm I could barely pick up my arms. Every single muscle in my body is pissed that they've been ignored for over a month. Soreness is to be expected, but it's been a very long time since I've had to hold on to the door to sit down and pee. Of course I did what I had to do - worked out again today. I feel better, less stiff, but I won't be upset when this soreness quits. 

I've always recovered well from surgeries, even my c-section after Aiden! I think being in shape helps, but I also feel like getting up and around when you are able is important. Again - you do what you're comfortable doing, this is just about ME ME ME :) 

p.s. Yes, I will be taking my shirt off for 95% of my workouts now. No shame in my game. I only wore a shirt today to mop up my sweat, I forgot how hot Crossfit is! 

p.p.s. I am not soliciting advice and yes, I've heard the horror stories about people ripping themselves back open, etc. 


The Plan - Stan.

Back in the day I loved to lay in a tanning bed on my lunch breaks, every single day. I was dumb and young, I also moved in with my boyfriend, Oliver. We built a house and moved in before we were married, I was 22. This house has served us well for a starter house, we added on last year, but even with the addition the house is busting at the seams. We didn't have kids at the time, so things like closet space and school systems didn't register on our radar. Heck we lived here for 3 years before we even got married! 

Aiden's first selfie!

I've been thinking about moving, but it just seemed so daunting. Then Amber came in showing me pictures of her house she was building, so I told Oliver last weekend we should just go look around and see what was out there...

Y'all. I walked into huge kitchens, double islands, closets so big they could hold all my shoes at one time, laundry rooms with sinks, and linen closet big enough to live in. I died, Oliver did too, he's not happy stuck in a small bedroom working every day either. Next day I called the bank and ran into a little snag - they {Chase} wouldn't consider my income because I was self employed and they want you to have 2 years of tax returns to average out your actual income. 

I turned to the lender the builder uses, we went into talk to them and because I've been pulling a small income from my blog for a few years and Ollie Marie is essentially a spin off of that I was able to use it. Schedule C, blah blah blah, accounting speak = we got approved. 

Now we have to decide which floor plan we want - the one I fell in love with is at the top of our price range and I'm not willing to give up my lashes and botox to be house poor. Right now our house is very affordable and we are used to having discretionary income for fun stuff. 

I've gone back and forth on putting OMB in the house - I finally decided to keep it at home. I like being flexible with the kids schedule. Maybe one day when Aiden is in Kinder I will look at opening a store front. #longtermgoals

Now - choices. 

This is my top choice - I like how the stairs open to a hallways and not the game room. I would put french doors on the game room and open it up to the media room, add lots of windows, and that would be OMB. I also love how the dining room can be turned into something more functional. 

Choice 2. 

This could work too, again I can put doors on the game room and open it up to the media room with windows. I just don't love the location of the dining room on the first floor. The  breakfast nook is huge so I feel like a formal dining room is wasted - I can put a huge farmhouse table in the kitchen.  

Choice 3.

This is not the greatest option - the game room is too open, so we would have to add a wall to close it off from the rest of house. I don't want OMB open, if someone walks to the top of the stairs they shouldn't see racks of clothing everywhere. 

We should sign a contract this weekend, which is crazy considering a week ago we weren't even thinking of moving! Oma's been gone for 2 weeks, she's going to be really surprised to come home and find out we are building a house. 


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