Post Op Days 8,9,and 10.

I highly recommend recovering from surgery while the Olympics are on - I've been stuck in a chair watching soccer, gymnastics, diving, swimming, and beach volleyball. It's awesome! Friday was day 7 and I was still taking pain pills to sleep at night, only able to walk for short periods of time before my back would start to hurt, and toting my fun drain necklace. 

Days 8 and 9 I tried to keep myself seated with my feet elevated to reduce the swelling, I really really wanted them to take my drains out on Monday at my doctor appointment. I did go to Madison's soccer and game and dinner afterwards, it was exhausting. I'll be honest, I thought I was in pretty good shape I would be able to power through most of this - negative. There is no powering through, you have to be patient and let the healing happen. Sunday I felt well enough to go see Bad Mom's with my friends, but the theater had recliners so I basically felt like I was at home. 

Day 10 - today.

I was DREADING the drain pulling at the doctors office this morning, people had me all worked up that it was going to be super painful and uncomfortable. Y'all I barely felt it, the dentist is a 100 times worse! I do have a small spot on my tramp stamp that I will have to have drained manually next week, but she said it's pretty common in that area. My incision is glued together and is healing well, I need to still wait a bit before starting scar treatments. It felt so freaking good to put on a regular outfit and come upstairs to work. {Dress from Ollie Marie // code: OOTD saves you some money} 

I had to put on a pair of jeans - two sizes bigger than my normal, but again I had my body cut up 10 days ago, swelling is a real thing for a long time while it recovers. I'm perfectly fine wearing dresses for  a while, I know some people come out and get down about not being the smallest size they can, but it will happen in time. I'll weigh myself tomorrow and see what's going on, but again it's  not a big deal to me - what's going on under my clothing is phenomenal compared to what I started with and I'm nothing but happy and grateful that I was able to have this surgery. 

I'm also cutting my hair this week - so over it. I get this way, bored and craving a new look. I'm going to keep the color for now and try a cut like this, but maybe a tad longer in the front. 

I'm looking forward to hopefully sleeping in my bed tonight, the kids have learned they can sneak in and cuddle with Oliver around 4am. I also finished both seasons of Bloodlines. OMG Y'ALL. It's killing me, the suspense!!!! 


  1. Re: that haircut! I got an angled lob about 3 months ago from having nearly waist length hair. It was a lot shorter at the nape of the neck than I anticipated, and I still have to use at least 3 clips + Bobby pins to keep the hair off my neck when I out it in a bun. Something to watch for! So cute though.

  2. Bloodlines is absolutely amazing! I would stay up until 2 AM to see what was next.

  3. Bloodlines is absolutely amazing! I would stay up until 2 AM to see what was next.

  4. love that hair - can't wait to see it. you could always rock a man bun! HAHA


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