Mom Fail level HIGH.

Black Magic Pants // 2 Pack Crop Top

I'm feeling really good, the swelling is not an issue, my incision is healing fast, and nothing is hurting. My knee is getting better each day, the site where he went in is still swollen, but I can walk without a limp and I can almost bend it all the way. I go today for a follow up, I'll see what he says about rehabbing exercises. Oliver's DYING for me to get back to crossfit with him - even if it's just me riding the bike or rowing in the corner the whole time. 

Aiden caught a cold and subsequent ear infection this week, but got better quickly with meds. I was impressed that at 2 he could communicate to me that his ear was hurting, really saved us some heartache with me thinking he was just fussy with a cold. My MIL is out of town for 2 weeks, so last week was a disaster - my Mom fail was STRONG. 

The first day of school {I had surgery at 5am that day} Oliver and I are sitting out front waiting for the school bus to show up and the school calls. I forgot that I filled out a paper at meet the teacher that said on the first day I would pick her up from school.
The second day of school Oliver didn't pack her a lunch or give her lunch money. sigh.
I swore to Madison that by Wednesday I would get my shit together. 
Then Aiden got sick.
My car has been in the shop for hail damage repair for a month, we've been living off 1 car which hasn't been a huge issue until the guys randomly showed up to put on a new roof. We didn't know it was this week, so Oliver needed the car to go into work {we would be without internet while they worked} and I needed the car to go to the dr, soccer practice, and tutoring. 
Plus somewhere in this mess I needed to do actual work.

Anyways, I felt like I did a lot, but didn't do anything well. Determined to get on top of stuff this week!

We spent the weekend doing the usual - grocery shopping, food prepping, and Madison started Fall soccer. She's playing on two teams this Fall, that means 2 teams practices during the week and tutoring 2x a week. Whew. I will have to rethink this once Aiden's playing age. 

Little baby Aiden is starting school next week, he'll go M/W/F from 9am to 2pm. He's just growing so quickly, swear each week he's stringing together more words. His imagination is shining, he's loving to play pretend more now - every time I'm in the kitchen cooking he's 'making lunch'. I find my cooking utensils all over the house. He mimics every thing Madison does or says, he's really so attached to her and sometimes I have to force him to leave her alone. If she's on the couch he's tugging at her to 'come on, come on'.  


  1. I've been following you for years and love your blog! I need to loose about 60lbs but every time I sit down to eat I'm starving and get out of control. How did you at first control yourself enough to not over eat? I feel like I have no self control when it comes to food.

    1. I'm not Megan, but I am on my own weight loss journey and I have lost 200lbs. Just a tip from me, when learning to eat better, I started eating a whole bunch of vegetables. I got better about packing them for snacks at work, I make sure to always include them with dinner as a side, etc. When I'm snacky, I can't control my urge to eat. But if I snack on peppers, cucumbers, etc. I get the satisfying crunch without feeling guilty that I'm "always" eating.

      I've also had to learn what to eat when, if that makes sense. I can't have a carb-heavy breakfast, it doesn't fill me up and it makes me hungry all day. If I start my day off with a lot of protein and fat (I eat 5 oz egg beaters, .5 oz shredded cheese, and 4 slices of turkey bacon almost every morning), it fuels me properly to make it to lunch with maybe a yogurt mid-morning instead of being ravenous and wanting to eat everything all day.

      It's a lot of trial and error to find what works for you - just don't give up! You'll be successful as long as you keep at it! :)

    2. agree about the veggies - fill your plate with them! Also try chewing gum or brushing your teeth right after you eat to signal your brain that it's over :) I do that on my really hungry days.

  2. As a second grade teacher, I can tell you that stuff happens all the time! Getting back into the groove is so normal, happens to everyone. :)

  3. Hi Megan! I can't remember where you mentioned that Aiden's clothes all have stains.. But I also have a 2 year old boy and wanted to share what I use.. oxi clean maxforce laundry stain remover.. It's a spray in a blue bottle you can get it at target. It works miracles and takes out pretty much any stain even grease or other tough ones. It's even taken out stains that were a couple years old! If you haven't tried it you definitely should :)


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