Market Vegas Trip.

Megan Dress. 

Magic is the biggest Market show in the US for wholesalers, Dallas has a show too, but not every vendor comes here so I had to fly out to shop for Fall clothing for Ollie Marie at least a day.  I took Amber with me, I think it helps to have a second opinion when you are shopping. Plus she can try on some XL items that I'm on the fence about, lots of times things are not as cute on as they are on the hanger. 

Like these chunky oversized cardigans, so cozy looking on the hanger, but I didn't love them when I tried it on. This is one benefit of shopping at Market versus shopping online, but I do a little of both because I've found some great vendors online who aren't at Market. 

Denim is the hardest to do online, you have to feel the fabric to know if it's gonna have stretch or not. This jacket is so well fitting because it has some spandex in the fabric!

I wouldn't suggest this type of activity less than 3 weeks weeks after major surgery, but honestly I think walking around has helped me recover faster. I took Advil with me and sat when I needed too, the swelling was worse while I was there, but went away as soon as I got home. 

Barbie Vest!
I ran into my friends, PinkSlate was leaving the day I got there so we only got a few minutes to grab a bite together. Now that I've been open for a full year Market was a tad bit easier, I have a better feel for what items people will like and what items don't do well for me. Shoes weren't a huge hit in the past, but I found some super fabulous boots and sandals for Spring {I know! They legit have stuff for next Spring out already!!} Jackets didn't do well for me last year either, so I didn't get any - they are also really expensive to ship.

So happy I ran into Amy from Brady Bands and her husband, they are the ones who convinced me to go to Shake Shack and eat all the food!! Worth the calories - get the fried chicken sandwich y'all! 

I've been saving my extra money for this shopping trip, but let me tell you I was having heart palpitations spending it all. The goal is to meet my customers demand for an item with minimal excess supply. That's a mind game trying to find that sweet spot for 100's of items! You just never really know what items will be in high demand. I spent about 3x what I usually do at Market, one booth had the CUTEST Spring items and I spent 10k just with them. Delivery dates will vary, vendors charge your card once they ship. Technically I could get hit for 15k in one week on my account, so I need to be sure I have cash to cover that until it goes live on the website. I do have a credit card for the company, but don't carry a balance so I don't pay any interest. My most favortiest item I found was this glitter and tulle Holiday skirt, legit super gorgeous, and they charged my card while I was still at the show and the skirt is here! If you see me wearing a tutu on a Monday just go with it, I'm so excited for family pictures!

My bestest Vegas friend took us out to the strip and I finally tried a milkshake with alcohol - totally worth the calories! We ate at China Poblano, get the salt air margaritas and guacamole! Some go to gamble, I go to eat. 

The babies got to spend the night with Oma, they had a ton of fun the last week before school started - playground, waterpark, and Opa's muffins. 

I nearly died when Oma sent me a selfie after her first time taking them to the trampoline park hahahahaha. 

Amber and I had a bunch of issues on our flight back with Spirit, but I learned 2 things:

1. I will never use Spirit again, not worth the discount.
2. I still have it in me to pull an all nighter. 


  1. I can't wait for the Halloween and Xmas shirts so cute!!!!

  2. LOVE that denim jacket!! I hope you bought it!

  3. I also had an awful experience flying with Spirit from Baltimore to Seattle. 110% NOT worth the discount (especially since I ended up spending so much money in fees for baggage etc.) can't wait to see new items as they go onto the site!

  4. Lol! I'll be sporting a tutu tonight! Family picture night!

  5. Spirit is the worst! We flew with them from Vegas to Dallas with all sorts of problems. They offered us a voucher to fly anywhere they fly - and then we found out that we had to pay all taxes and fees which resulted in almost the whole amount. Will never fly them again unless they are the only option. Lesson learned!

  6. We fly Spirit when we go to Detroit because they are the only direct flights and they are so cheap, but the service is definitely terrible!

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