2 Weeks Later.

Someone is going through sleep regression big time, fighting naps and bedtime. He then tries to pass out at 5pm and stay up to midnight. I forgot about this, he's been such a good sleeper since the beginning and it's been a while since I've had to give Madison a nap. 

Timehop pulled this picture of her at the same age - she had so much more hair than him! He's just growing it's so slowly on top, I've only had to trim a few stray hairs around his ears. We took the kids to see Life of Pets this weekend, probably Aidens last movie for a while. He's just not that into it, but we come home and watch Jurassic Park and he's crying when we pause the movie to make dinner. 

Took my new 2nd Grader to get her haircut, she's just got the perfect little face for a bob. She's already found out that she has 2 friends in her class and can't wait for school to start. I'm really hoping things go smoother for her this year, we've been doing twice weekly tutoring all summer for Math and I'll be sure to be more clear for my expectations with her teacher. She's finishing up her last week of summer camp at the YMCA and again this year I'm so impressed with the program - the young guy who runs it is so good with the kids. He's sure to single them out when they come in to make them feel welcome and they went on some really fun field trips each week. She's able to go all day long 7:30am to 6:30pm for $122 a week which is a great price! 

We will be glad to get back to our normal routine next week, Aiden still has a few weeks before his preschool starts, I'm sure the first week or two will be rough since he's been home with family all summer. He's only going 9am to 2pm MWF, I'm praying he'll take a good nap after he gets home those days so I can work, but I'm not holding my breath. 

I had my two week check up for my lower body lift. I'm feeling a lot stronger, but my back still aches after a few hours on my feet. My incision is getting better, the glue is starting to come off in a few spots and the dr told me to start working on getting it all off. He also cleared me for knee surgery next Monday! I'm super excited to get this all over with so I can get back to doing what I love - SWEATING!  I miss Crossfit pretty hard and Oliver's all kicking ass and telling me about it every day. 

My booty took a hit when they had to pull that skin tight, but a little flat butt is a small price to pay to fix that thigh situation. Even with it being a bit flatter the smoothness is 98% better! I"m about 5 pounds under my pre surgery weight, but my thighs and hips are still so swollen I can't put on my regular jeans just yet. I have a pocket of swelling right under my tramp stamp and he couldn't drain it in office so I'll just have to wait for it to be absorbed by my body. 

The #1 thing I've loved so far is being able to wear shorts ON MY HIPS, I've always had to pull pants or shorts up to my belly button. The boxy post surgery swelling is going away, I've seen my obliques coming out a bit more. 

I'm still I'm compression 24/7 for another week, this binder is not my favorite, but I use it mostly to sleep in and wear another one I ordered off Amazon {Body Shape Wear}  during the day. I'm not sleeping great, I'm a stomach sleeper being forced to sleep on my sides and it's uncomfortable. I've had to take a sleep aid petty much every night to be able to stay asleep, but even with that I wake up crazy early. My body just doesn't like to sleep very much, working out helps that and I think that's another reason I'm not resting well.

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for 2 days to shop at Market - be sure you're following along on Snapchat {skinnymeg31} I'll post lots of my finds there! 


  1. um, when in the heck did Madison get so BIG and teenager-ish looking??

  2. I hope Madison has a great year!! I taught 2nd grade for 10 years, I think it's the very best grade in all of the land!!

  3. Your surgeon is amazing, there have been a few people I've seen who have had your same surgery, their belly buttons don't look as top notch ad yours and their scars are not somewhere that can be hidden. You look amazing!

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy with his work, it pays to ask around for a reference!

    2. She is right, your belly button does look amazing! Your scar looks really low too! I think if I ever get this done I'm coming to Texas to see your surgeon!!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You are looking great as always!! Keep pushing through to your goals!!

  5. So glad all is well post surgery - you handled it like a rock star!!!

  6. Wow! You've always been a weight loss/ work out inspiration to me, but seeing your results after this surgery are even more inspiring. After having twins and then 18 months later having my son I have A LOT of loose belly skin that working out just won't fix and seeing your results is pushing me off the fence I've been straddling about having mine done! You look sensational!!!! Hope the knee surgery goes well!

    Ps- I must have those pants! Where are they from?!


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