Mom Fail level HIGH.

Black Magic Pants // 2 Pack Crop Top

I'm feeling really good, the swelling is not an issue, my incision is healing fast, and nothing is hurting. My knee is getting better each day, the site where he went in is still swollen, but I can walk without a limp and I can almost bend it all the way. I go today for a follow up, I'll see what he says about rehabbing exercises. Oliver's DYING for me to get back to crossfit with him - even if it's just me riding the bike or rowing in the corner the whole time. 

Aiden caught a cold and subsequent ear infection this week, but got better quickly with meds. I was impressed that at 2 he could communicate to me that his ear was hurting, really saved us some heartache with me thinking he was just fussy with a cold. My MIL is out of town for 2 weeks, so last week was a disaster - my Mom fail was STRONG. 

The first day of school {I had surgery at 5am that day} Oliver and I are sitting out front waiting for the school bus to show up and the school calls. I forgot that I filled out a paper at meet the teacher that said on the first day I would pick her up from school.
The second day of school Oliver didn't pack her a lunch or give her lunch money. sigh.
I swore to Madison that by Wednesday I would get my shit together. 
Then Aiden got sick.
My car has been in the shop for hail damage repair for a month, we've been living off 1 car which hasn't been a huge issue until the guys randomly showed up to put on a new roof. We didn't know it was this week, so Oliver needed the car to go into work {we would be without internet while they worked} and I needed the car to go to the dr, soccer practice, and tutoring. 
Plus somewhere in this mess I needed to do actual work.

Anyways, I felt like I did a lot, but didn't do anything well. Determined to get on top of stuff this week!

We spent the weekend doing the usual - grocery shopping, food prepping, and Madison started Fall soccer. She's playing on two teams this Fall, that means 2 teams practices during the week and tutoring 2x a week. Whew. I will have to rethink this once Aiden's playing age. 

Little baby Aiden is starting school next week, he'll go M/W/F from 9am to 2pm. He's just growing so quickly, swear each week he's stringing together more words. His imagination is shining, he's loving to play pretend more now - every time I'm in the kitchen cooking he's 'making lunch'. I find my cooking utensils all over the house. He mimics every thing Madison does or says, he's really so attached to her and sometimes I have to force him to leave her alone. If she's on the couch he's tugging at her to 'come on, come on'.  


Market Vegas Trip.

Megan Dress. 

Magic is the biggest Market show in the US for wholesalers, Dallas has a show too, but not every vendor comes here so I had to fly out to shop for Fall clothing for Ollie Marie at least a day.  I took Amber with me, I think it helps to have a second opinion when you are shopping. Plus she can try on some XL items that I'm on the fence about, lots of times things are not as cute on as they are on the hanger. 

Like these chunky oversized cardigans, so cozy looking on the hanger, but I didn't love them when I tried it on. This is one benefit of shopping at Market versus shopping online, but I do a little of both because I've found some great vendors online who aren't at Market. 

Denim is the hardest to do online, you have to feel the fabric to know if it's gonna have stretch or not. This jacket is so well fitting because it has some spandex in the fabric!

I wouldn't suggest this type of activity less than 3 weeks weeks after major surgery, but honestly I think walking around has helped me recover faster. I took Advil with me and sat when I needed too, the swelling was worse while I was there, but went away as soon as I got home. 

Barbie Vest!
I ran into my friends, PinkSlate was leaving the day I got there so we only got a few minutes to grab a bite together. Now that I've been open for a full year Market was a tad bit easier, I have a better feel for what items people will like and what items don't do well for me. Shoes weren't a huge hit in the past, but I found some super fabulous boots and sandals for Spring {I know! They legit have stuff for next Spring out already!!} Jackets didn't do well for me last year either, so I didn't get any - they are also really expensive to ship.

So happy I ran into Amy from Brady Bands and her husband, they are the ones who convinced me to go to Shake Shack and eat all the food!! Worth the calories - get the fried chicken sandwich y'all! 

I've been saving my extra money for this shopping trip, but let me tell you I was having heart palpitations spending it all. The goal is to meet my customers demand for an item with minimal excess supply. That's a mind game trying to find that sweet spot for 100's of items! You just never really know what items will be in high demand. I spent about 3x what I usually do at Market, one booth had the CUTEST Spring items and I spent 10k just with them. Delivery dates will vary, vendors charge your card once they ship. Technically I could get hit for 15k in one week on my account, so I need to be sure I have cash to cover that until it goes live on the website. I do have a credit card for the company, but don't carry a balance so I don't pay any interest. My most favortiest item I found was this glitter and tulle Holiday skirt, legit super gorgeous, and they charged my card while I was still at the show and the skirt is here! If you see me wearing a tutu on a Monday just go with it, I'm so excited for family pictures!

My bestest Vegas friend took us out to the strip and I finally tried a milkshake with alcohol - totally worth the calories! We ate at China Poblano, get the salt air margaritas and guacamole! Some go to gamble, I go to eat. 

The babies got to spend the night with Oma, they had a ton of fun the last week before school started - playground, waterpark, and Opa's muffins. 

I nearly died when Oma sent me a selfie after her first time taking them to the trampoline park hahahahaha. 

Amber and I had a bunch of issues on our flight back with Spirit, but I learned 2 things:

1. I will never use Spirit again, not worth the discount.
2. I still have it in me to pull an all nighter. 


2 Weeks Later.

Someone is going through sleep regression big time, fighting naps and bedtime. He then tries to pass out at 5pm and stay up to midnight. I forgot about this, he's been such a good sleeper since the beginning and it's been a while since I've had to give Madison a nap. 

Timehop pulled this picture of her at the same age - she had so much more hair than him! He's just growing it's so slowly on top, I've only had to trim a few stray hairs around his ears. We took the kids to see Life of Pets this weekend, probably Aidens last movie for a while. He's just not that into it, but we come home and watch Jurassic Park and he's crying when we pause the movie to make dinner. 

Took my new 2nd Grader to get her haircut, she's just got the perfect little face for a bob. She's already found out that she has 2 friends in her class and can't wait for school to start. I'm really hoping things go smoother for her this year, we've been doing twice weekly tutoring all summer for Math and I'll be sure to be more clear for my expectations with her teacher. She's finishing up her last week of summer camp at the YMCA and again this year I'm so impressed with the program - the young guy who runs it is so good with the kids. He's sure to single them out when they come in to make them feel welcome and they went on some really fun field trips each week. She's able to go all day long 7:30am to 6:30pm for $122 a week which is a great price! 

We will be glad to get back to our normal routine next week, Aiden still has a few weeks before his preschool starts, I'm sure the first week or two will be rough since he's been home with family all summer. He's only going 9am to 2pm MWF, I'm praying he'll take a good nap after he gets home those days so I can work, but I'm not holding my breath. 

I had my two week check up for my lower body lift. I'm feeling a lot stronger, but my back still aches after a few hours on my feet. My incision is getting better, the glue is starting to come off in a few spots and the dr told me to start working on getting it all off. He also cleared me for knee surgery next Monday! I'm super excited to get this all over with so I can get back to doing what I love - SWEATING!  I miss Crossfit pretty hard and Oliver's all kicking ass and telling me about it every day. 

My booty took a hit when they had to pull that skin tight, but a little flat butt is a small price to pay to fix that thigh situation. Even with it being a bit flatter the smoothness is 98% better! I"m about 5 pounds under my pre surgery weight, but my thighs and hips are still so swollen I can't put on my regular jeans just yet. I have a pocket of swelling right under my tramp stamp and he couldn't drain it in office so I'll just have to wait for it to be absorbed by my body. 

The #1 thing I've loved so far is being able to wear shorts ON MY HIPS, I've always had to pull pants or shorts up to my belly button. The boxy post surgery swelling is going away, I've seen my obliques coming out a bit more. 

I'm still I'm compression 24/7 for another week, this binder is not my favorite, but I use it mostly to sleep in and wear another one I ordered off Amazon {Body Shape Wear}  during the day. I'm not sleeping great, I'm a stomach sleeper being forced to sleep on my sides and it's uncomfortable. I've had to take a sleep aid petty much every night to be able to stay asleep, but even with that I wake up crazy early. My body just doesn't like to sleep very much, working out helps that and I think that's another reason I'm not resting well.

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for 2 days to shop at Market - be sure you're following along on Snapchat {skinnymeg31} I'll post lots of my finds there! 


Post Op Days 8,9,and 10.

I highly recommend recovering from surgery while the Olympics are on - I've been stuck in a chair watching soccer, gymnastics, diving, swimming, and beach volleyball. It's awesome! Friday was day 7 and I was still taking pain pills to sleep at night, only able to walk for short periods of time before my back would start to hurt, and toting my fun drain necklace. 

Days 8 and 9 I tried to keep myself seated with my feet elevated to reduce the swelling, I really really wanted them to take my drains out on Monday at my doctor appointment. I did go to Madison's soccer and game and dinner afterwards, it was exhausting. I'll be honest, I thought I was in pretty good shape I would be able to power through most of this - negative. There is no powering through, you have to be patient and let the healing happen. Sunday I felt well enough to go see Bad Mom's with my friends, but the theater had recliners so I basically felt like I was at home. 

Day 10 - today.

I was DREADING the drain pulling at the doctors office this morning, people had me all worked up that it was going to be super painful and uncomfortable. Y'all I barely felt it, the dentist is a 100 times worse! I do have a small spot on my tramp stamp that I will have to have drained manually next week, but she said it's pretty common in that area. My incision is glued together and is healing well, I need to still wait a bit before starting scar treatments. It felt so freaking good to put on a regular outfit and come upstairs to work. {Dress from Ollie Marie // code: OOTD saves you some money} 

I had to put on a pair of jeans - two sizes bigger than my normal, but again I had my body cut up 10 days ago, swelling is a real thing for a long time while it recovers. I'm perfectly fine wearing dresses for  a while, I know some people come out and get down about not being the smallest size they can, but it will happen in time. I'll weigh myself tomorrow and see what's going on, but again it's  not a big deal to me - what's going on under my clothing is phenomenal compared to what I started with and I'm nothing but happy and grateful that I was able to have this surgery. 

I'm also cutting my hair this week - so over it. I get this way, bored and craving a new look. I'm going to keep the color for now and try a cut like this, but maybe a tad longer in the front. 

I'm looking forward to hopefully sleeping in my bed tonight, the kids have learned they can sneak in and cuddle with Oliver around 4am. I also finished both seasons of Bloodlines. OMG Y'ALL. It's killing me, the suspense!!!! 


To Many More!

First date: Oct. 25, 2000
Married: Aug. 4th, 2007

16 years is a long time to be with the same person day after day after day. Once we started dating we were together almost every day, obviously, he was obsessed with me ;) We had many ups and downs pretty much from the beginning, we were young, clueless {mainly me}, and were still figuring out who we were and what we wanted from life.

We fight, we bicker, we complain about each other, and we still love each other. Sometimes he annoys the shit out of me, sometimes I complain about it on my blog, yet we still love each other. When I annoy him he complains about it to my Mom, so #sideeye

We've become adults together, we know each other better than anyone else. I can't look him in the face and say 'You don't know my life' because he always does, it's quite annoying most days. I can't bullshit him, he knows my motives before I do half the time. Except that time I got a 'henna' tattoo and he believed me for like a year.

We allow each other to be ourselves. We can shit talk with the best of them and still give a sly wink and kiss. It's a good place to be in a relationship, to still have personal growth and be comfortable in your marriage. I think the fact that we work on ourselves separately helps us get along together. I'm actually really looking forward to the next 16 years babe!


Lower Body Lift - Days 4 and 5: GRAPHIC TALK AND PICS.

Day 4 I was feeling a bit better, but I still had not gone #2 and people {i.e. Oma} were starting to get worried. So I was a brave girl and tried a suppository for the first time, yikes. Let's just say I'll forever remember my MIL handing them to me asking if I had any KY Jelly around. Then she made me drink a huge cup of HOT prune juice. OMG. Nasty, but it worked. I am already loving the results I'm seeing, my outer thighs have always been a huge insecurity of mine and to see them looking so smooth is almost shocking. I feel like it's too good to be true honestly.

I'm still bent over pretty far, about 90 degrees, and I can only walk around or stand for about 3 minutes before I HAVE to sit down. I'm very happy with my belly button so far also, it's looking very natural and I hope it stays that way once I'm all healed.

The doctor said he removed 6 pounds of skin, he said I had very little fat and he was even surprised at how much extra skin there was all the way around. He did some small lipo on my thighs mostly to loosen the skin and be able to pull it really tight. I have no bruising, and one incision line all the way around.

The kids came home yesterday and let me tell you, I was worn out just trying to 'make' dinner. I had to sit down between each task, I stopped taking my pain meds yesterday so I could poop and I had a small glass of wine, but I was so exhausted it really didn't help. I got lucky and only had to change one poopy diaper {kneeling on the floor} before Oliver got off work. I'm not even joking when I say that he came out and asked 'what's for dinner' omfg. hahahha. I told y'all he has a 2 day caretaker limit, once the kids were back he expects it to be fed to him. Negative. I feed those I birthed, he's out of luck for a while still.

He did drive me to my doctor appointment this morning, someone commented that I should at least take the pain meds before bedtime so I took 2 and woke up feeling really nauseous this morning. The doctor said he wanted to leave all my drains in until Monday because I'm still having a lot of swelling in my thighs and back, they are annoying, but I'd rather not walk around even more puffy just to have them out. He gave me a binder to wear 24/7 for the next 2 weeks, it helps with the back support so much!! The surgery nurse was telling me that my surgery was one of the most gratifying that they've had, my hard work should be shining though once I'm all healed up!! I'm really so excited to see what I can look like without all that dulling my vision. I used Dr. Lemmon at Regional Plastic Surgery Center, this is my 3rd surgery with him and can't recommend him enough, I felt like he was very upfront with what I could expect from my surgery.


Lower Body Lift - Days 1,2,3

My surgery was scheduled for Noon on Friday, which is really late in the day when you can't eat or drink anything for 8 hours beforehand. I thought about trying to stay up as late as I could and sleeping as late as possible, but with small children that's impossible. So I was up at 6:37am.

I took some 'before' pictures - I have some of the backside, but not real sure how I feel about posting a thong pic on here. I think you get the general idea from these. I was starting to get antsy and irritable since I couldn't drink any water or have any food, so I pushed Oliver out the door to just go on and get to the hospital where I wouldn't be surrounded by temptations.

I was staying overnight so Oliver took me and then left because he had to work, my surgeon was running behind on another surgery before mine so I didn't end up going in until around 1:30pm. I made sure to tell them how sick I was from the anesthesia on my last surgery, my worst fear was waking up dry heaving. He must have taken it seriously because I don't remember a thing until about 5 hours AFTER I was out of surgery.

I woke up around 11:30pm in my hospital room, the nurse told me to try to eat and drink so I could take some pain meds - it had been over 24 hours since I was allowed food.  I got down some Goldfish and water, but my mouth was so so dry it was hard to swallow.

Then she told me to try to get out of bed. Y'all - my butt hurt SO BADLY from either surgery or sitting in the same positon for a long time. My pain meds had worn off and I felt like they waited too long to wake me up for more so I had a few really rough hours trying to get it back under control. I couldn't sit or stand, no positon was comfortable. Unfortunately my thumb made it that much harder to use my upper body to push myself around.

I got myself up on the walker and around the bed, then dozed off a bit, then up on the walker again. Honestly there were a few times I just wanted to cry - it was hard not having Oliver there to help. I sucked it up though until he came up to take me home around Noon. I told him when he walked in that I was being really bitchy from the pain, just to forewarn him.

I took one last dose of pain meds before getting in the car for the hour drive home, I dozed most of the way and felt much better once I got in my own house. My recliner was much more comfortable than that hospital bed and staying on top of my pain meds was easier when I didn't have to wait for someone to bring it to me.

Even with my thumb wrapped up I am able to take care of my own drains, it's really not that bad. I have 4 drains - 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

My doctor didn't put anything on my lower half, I go in on Wednesday so I assume then I get some type of compression wear. I can already tell that my belly button is beautiful!!! He was able to save my lower back tattoo, but it now comes all the way down to my crack LOL As for the 'long crack' situation - I need to wait for my body to stand upright before I can see what's going on back there.

Oliver washed my hair for me, I was able to sit on the shower chair and bend over so he could wash my hair. I use these too when I need to freshen up. I also caught a damn cold, so my nose is stuffy and it's adding to my numerous mental complaints, but I just keep reminding myself that I never ever have to do this again!

The kids are having a grand time going to waterparks and museums! They are coming home today and I'm a bit worried, I'm in a lot rougher conditioner than I thought I would be, but my MIL will stay until Oliver's off work all this week so that should help.


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