We had a great family vacation in Orlando last week! Oliver drugged himself enough to get on an airplane, he didn't freak out, and we got in around midnight. The WiFi on the plane was terrible which meant Aiden was too, hahahah, no videos to distract him. I booked a night at the hotel in the airport so we wouldn't have to rent the car, etc, with tired kids.

Ended up being the perfect idea, we got to sleep in, go to breakfast, and swim before checking out to rent our car and head to the house we rented in Orlando.

The rest of our family trickled in throughout the day, most of them live up north so we only get to see them once a year on vacation.

We spent the 4th drinking and lounging at the house by the pool - I made the most of my $10 Wal Mart swimsuit. Just trying to be festive ;)

Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom, ended up renting a stroller there, it was great because it's low enough that Aiden could get in and out by himself. 

We got there at 7:45am and Oliver took this picture of me while waiting for the park to open - sweat beaded up all over my face. Y'all I'm from Texas and all, but DAMN it was hotttttttttt. I will say if you have a choice do NOT do a Disney vacation during the summer there, it would've been much more enjoyable in the Spring or Fall. 

I think Disney does a really good job of running AC's when you're waiting in line and the Fast Pass is worth every cent, also someone told me to download the app My Disney Experience and it was so so so helpful!! You could check your Fast Pass times and change them as needed, see a map, check for restroom and food. It helped immensely!! 

Madison declined going to see any of the Princesses - I think we missed that window with her.  She's now old enough to realize they are people in costume, she only wanted to ride rollercoasters and honestly the rides were really babyish for her, but she still had a great time. I may take her to Universal again when I go back to Florida in April. 

Aiden came away with a new obsession for Mickey Mouse and the way he say's it slays me!!! 

We found a slightly shady spot and caught the 3pm parade which was fantastic! 

He only caught a 15 minute nap the entire day, actually he only had 1 decent nap the entire week. We went to get dinner around 6, Madison was complaining her stomach hurt and ended up throwing up, we worried she was dehydrated so we left before the parade of lights. She then proceeded to tell EVERYONE how I 'didn't watch her' and that's why she got sick. That kid. It's always my fault, never Daddy's LOL

A reader suggested DeLeon Springs to me and we decided to stop there for their famous pancake breakfast. It's a natural spring they have enclosed {AKA no gators} there were people kayaking and paddle boarding on the other side with viable gators in the water!! I was appalled. 

The restaurant they have next to the springs is really cute, you make your own pancakes with toppings at the griddle in your table. Go early! They fill up fast, but if you have to wait you can swim and they will call your name outside. 

Be warned, that spring water is COLD. I put my feet in while Madison swam, but that's it! My parents took Oliver and Aiden on the boat ride to tour the area, of course Aiden loved it. It was a big week for him - airplanes, boats, trams, etc hahahah You Tube in real life!

New Symrna beach is about a 30 minute drive from the springs and is freaking awesome!! I may say it's my favorite beach so far that we have visited! The sand is compact and they let you drive on the beach and park, less walking to unload the van and kids #winning

It IS known for the high amount of shark bites, but we just waded in the shallow parts. We looked up the shark bites and they seem to be surfers and mostly happen at dusk and dawn. We stopped at the dollar store and bought some sand toys, Aiden had a blast, no fear of the water. 

Some of the gang, I slacked and never got an entire group shot :(

Our flight left at 7:30pm on Saturday so we spent the early part of the day at Disney Springs, I wish we had more time because they kids didn't get a chance to go to Disney Interactive which looked really cool. It was fun to see all the Flagship stores they had there and the restaurants were amazing!! 

Aiden was so tired that last day, he had a COMPLETE meltdown when he had to give up Mickey to go through security. It was so busy and he was screaming his head off, but you can't even be mad at a tired baby. He got it out though and was an angel on the plane, even fell asleep on me at the end. 


  1. New Smyrna is a fantastic beach! So glad you loved my home of Orlando :) I have tickets that can get you into Universal for free when you come down :)

  2. He is so cute with his Mickey. So glad you had a nice vacation!

  3. I am so glad we pushed our Honeymoon to September rather than June! We are going to Orlando (not Disney but Universal), and Daytona Beach :)


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