Life Lately.

Aiden is still mostly bald up top, the hair he does have is super blonde and he's very tan. Oliver was blonde until around 3 I think, so I have no doubt it will turn dark eventually, but I love to rub his soft scalp like he's a baby still. He's still a great sleeper, hitting 3 and 4 hour naps, but do NOT let him nap until 5pm or you'll be sorry come 9:30pm and he's running around wild. He eats decently, but like any child some days he starving and others he nibbles. We've grown tired of bananas and the cuties aren't tasting great right now, he loves pretzels and cheese. 

He starts his second year of preschool next month, we are upping him to 3x a week. I'm sure the last few months he's been home will lead to tears the first few days, but he just learns so much there. 

Madison is just so grown lately, she's obsessed with Mine Craft and I honestly really don't know what it's about, but to hear her laughing at the videos is pretty hilarious. She's doing really well with her Math tutoring, still going 2x a week and doing her homework daily. I hope that gives her a strong start for 2nd grade, we are requesting she be placed with a seasoned teacher, are we allowed to interview a teacher? I may ask about that! We've been playing club soccer this summer, but we aren't quite ready to leave our rec team, we've been together for years now and they play so well together. If we can work it out we may do both. 

She's really a good girl, but let me tell you - I have had some flashes of her as a teenager. When she's tired or hungry she turns into the sassiest little turkey - can't imagine where she gets it from :) But, whoa. She really pushes my buttons, never Daddy's, just mine. I'm not ready for that attitude, I still smother her with kisses in front of her friends when I drop her off at Camp....and she lets me. 

We are going on month 3 of Crossfit and I've never felt stronger. I swear every day I feel like a badass when I walk out of there, even on days I don't do as well as others or lifted as much as I could've. I'm breathing heavy and sometimes wanna puke... I love it so hard.  I've PR'd my back squat and deadlift this last week, but alas I'll be gone soon for a long while it seems. 

My surgery is next Friday, but August 8th I have another appointment for a second opinion on my knee issues. The first ortho I spoke with was pretty vague on treatment plans and pretty much told me to never run again. I refuse to accept that so I have an appointment with a sports knee dude who was recommended to me from another running friend. When I have surgery on my knee I'll be out for up to 3 months. It's gotta be done though and better for me to overlap my recoveries at the same time. I'll be back lifting the 10 pound weights, but that's ok, just more goals for me to smash! 

I'm really gonna miss my girl time though, running and working out is so much more that a physical thing for me. It's how I connect with people who share the same interests as me, who I bitch to about my husband, it's my adult time! 

Who else would meet up for margaritas at 9pm and get up at 5am to run around? Only the craziest and best buds.


  1. Your Aiden reminds me so much of my Kennedy! Both 2, bald head, blonde hair, tan skin, bananas, so cute! She's my sweet cuddler but has such a sassy side too! Love this age!

  2. You really should not be doing crossfit box jumps and running with a bad knee. No need to make it worse so you can never run or walk in the future. Soooo not worth it for chronic pain for life.

  3. Looking forward to hearing what your 2nd doctor says about your knees. I've got arthitis in both knees - and the doctor suggested injections, but they dissipate sooooo quickly....ain't nobody got time fo' that!

  4. I hate to admit, but I was soooo like Madison!!! My Mom drove me crazy and I drover he nuts, but My Pops and I NEVER, EVER, EVER argued or drove eachother crazy. It's still that way to this day! ;)

  5. I love your attitude on getting back into working out after taking time off! I just gave birth and I have about 15-20 lbs to lose, and all along I had been telling myself it'll be a treat to push myself again and start from the bottom, Bc I know I can get there again! Although now it seems tedious but I'll be excited come 6 weeks PP when I can start back up!

  6. I am curious- why are you still doing so much running, squats, box jumps, etc. with a bad knee? My DH needed a minor surgery, and the doctor recommended he stop doing all that stuff, lest he worsen the injury and wind up with a life long issue. Thankfully his was fixed, but it did take a couple years for surgeries, physical therapy, etc.

  7. Yes you can interview her teacher and request a seasoned teacher. I've been in education for 10 years and work as a special education advocate - I recommend it!

  8. I can’t even stand how perfect your canvases and their arrangement on the wall look!!!!!

  9. Hi! Haven't read any posts since you updated your blog's design and it is FANTASTIC! Love it!


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