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Shorts // Hat // Shoes

Whoop whoop my surgeon called and the surgery center messed up so they had to move my surgery to next Friday, he's going to cover my overnight stay for the inconvenience. Friday actually works better than Tuesday anyways so I'm not too bummed. Oliver will take me Friday and then I stay for 23 hours and he'll pick me up Saturday - it's about an hour from my house. It will just be easier over the weekend because he'll be off work. 

I'm pretty prepared - heres my list of things I've gotten - please let me know if you recommend something I don't have!

1. Recliner - a friend is giving me one that she used. I'll be sleeping in it for a while so I don't get anything nasty on my bed or couch. 
2. Shower Wipes to use until I can take an actual shower.
3. A bath/Shower bench
4. a walker
5. A neck pillow
6. Go Girl - google it. ahhahahha.
7. pain pills and Arnica

I'm still waiting for my pre-op nurse call, but I'm not sure what to wear home. Maybe just a long nightgown that can go over my head? Not sure if I should wear pants? I also am not sure if I should purchase my own compression garments, I know they give you some, but some say they are super uncomfortable?

The surgery is 9 hours long and starts around Noon - I was telling Oliver how concerned I was about the doctor getting hungry - like do you stop to snack? He told me he was not at all surprised I'm worried about food. 

In other news I bought an Air Fryer! I messed up my first attempt at sweet potato fries, the above recipe is in CELSIUS which I realized after they came out not cooked. Then I tried pork chops and they came out ahhhhhmazing, best chops ever! The Air Fryer cooks stuff up with hot circulating air so you don't have to use a bunch of oil - we also tried sausage in them and they were perfectly cooked! 

I also did some Brussel sprouts in a foil pack with pecans and dried cranberries, faster than the oven too!

We took Aiden to his first movie - Finding Dory. He feel asleep on the way there and stayed asleep until the movie started, he then opened his eyes and got really excited about the huge screen, but like any typical 2 year old was up and down, walking around, and spilling the popcorn. Might be a while before we try again. 

After another one of Madison's soccer jerseys was ruined in our stupid dryer we broke down and bought a new set, I prefer a top loading washer which are slim pickings, but everyone recommended a Samsung so I'm glad they had one. 

BAE has been busy busy - she hasn't spent the night at home in almost a week. We only have a month until school starts so I'm letting her have her fun - Mimi's house is much more fun - she has a pool, 2 dogs, and a huge craft room. Can't blame the girl :) I spent most of my summers at my Grandma's house and it some of my fondest childhood memories, right down to the Mentos she used to bring me home from work. 


  1. Go to walmart and get the grandma style zip up house coats, there cheap and you won't care to mess them up and the zip is good so you don't have to lift your arms up.

  2. This is off topid what sprializer do you recommend. Good luck in surgery :)

  3. 9 hours!!! That's intense! I can't wait to see your results.

  4. I have the same washer and dryer and LOVE them.

  5. We just bought that washer a month ago and so far like it.

  6. I have the washer and dryer as well, love them!

  7. If you still have drains when your up and about a fanny pack of some sort is useful. Id go with their compression garments as they know best. Nothing's really going to be all that comfortable anyway. You will feel like you were sawed apart & sewer back together. Also someone might have already mentioned stool softener of some sort or aloe juice. Being plugged up in that condition is rough. The first #2 I took I felt like my stitches were ripping apart. You have lots of adjustments. Soon enough you will be back to real life!!

    1. Yes I was about to say stool softener.... lol

  8. Laxatives and backups like milk of magnesia if you are sensitive to pain pills. I was backed up for 7 days and it was awful. I liked having stretchy pants to clip my drains to, but a lanyard necklace works too and is great for showers. Also, bromelain which is a extract of pineapple is supposed to help with swelling. Not sure if it really helps. Annnddd, get your head in the space that final results take time. Swelling is such a mind game. I'm 15wks po and still swell. You are going to look amazing!!! I tried to share about mine openly so if you're bored and wanna skim it over I'm @erinblifts.

  9. Fellow blogger Katie foster of runs for cookies had this same surgery. I'm sure she'd have great advice. Good luck!

  10. 1. Lanyard for drains.
    2. Front zipper gown (3)
    3. Compression garments
    4. Lots of pads - for everywhere
    5. Dry shampoo

  11. Chux pads, throat lozenges (it's sometimes painful after they put a tube down your throat) Popsicles for the same reason- also it's normal to not have much appetite after and it's nice to have something to help keep you hydrated. Chap stick. I purchased one of those reacher/grabber tools before I had back surgery and it helped me when I couldn't bend over to pick stuff up!

  12. Definitely something that can easily be slipped over your head. You won't want to try pants for a few days. I would recommend using the surgeon's compression garments for at least a few days because they are super heavy duty and help support the muscles and skin as they mend back together, and then transition to a more comfortable compression garment. Definitely agree that you absolutely need a daily stool softener and a daily laxative. Our hospital recommendations are Colace and Miralax. Pain meds are super constipating and that's the last thing you want to worry about. Also go to CVS and stock up on dressing supplies. Telfa is a nonstick pad that you can put under the gauze or ABD pads that prevent them from sticking to your incisions, you can cut them to fit so you can get the most out of them. Gentle tape if your doc says its okay (some of our plastic surgeons do not like tape to hold the dressings in place). When you get home, walk frequently. You don't have to go far, it's more the frequency that is important to loosen things up and minimize stiffness. Drink lots of water. Set alarms on your phone to take your pain meds around the clock for the first 2-3 days, including at night. You'll get MUCH better pain control this way if you keep it consistently in your system. If you try to sleep for 8 hours and miss a dose you will wake up super sore and it's much harder to get the pain back under control. Text me if you have any questions :)

  13. You definitely want a shirt that is button front because you will not want to lift your arms. If you can get an electric recliner that would be even better because you won't be able to get up unless someone is there to close it for you. I also found a Great Clips near my house and had them wash and dry my hair for me every few days (they only charged me $5). For me the worst part of it all was when the nerves reattached. I would get a very sudden, sharp pain that I could do nothing about. Good luck! I love, love the results!

  14. Oh and as for the drains, my doc gave me a piece of Velcro about 8 inches long that I attached to my compression garment and it held my drains. I used the lanyard in the shower. Oh and the best day of my life was when the drains came out haha!

  15. I know it's been mentioned, but stool softener since you'll be on pain meds! Also I know you've mentioned using oils in the past. I would get some YL Deep Relief for the area around your incision. I know the pain meds will help but for the days when you are starting to take less pain meds, that would be really helpful in easing the aches.


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