Don't Give me No Lippie.

I've been experimenting with Colour Pop Cosmetics - someone told me they are made in the same factory as the Kylie Lip Kit. They run around 5 or 6 bucks, the Lippie Stix's are my favorite - the Matte ones are a bit drying, but the Lippie primer just came back in stock so maybe that will help. The brow stuff is a gel/creme and the color is intense....as you can see from Madison's face. LOL Still dying over those brows on her, but if you ever want her to be quiet just put lipstick on her, she refuses to talk or let her lips touch with it on. I'm still testing the eyeshadows, not sure I love them, they are really soft and meant to be applied with your finger.... not a fan of that. 

We spent most of the weekend swimming and napping, Aiden is very adamant on wearing plenty of sunscreen. He loves to get a stick and wipe it on his face over and over again. 

My parents took Madison to see Star Trek so it was just us three for a trip to Trader Joe's and Wal Mart. I made the mistake of letting Oliver drink a few beers before the store, we ended up with 3 jars of Cookie Butter and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Side eye. We spent a small fortune at the store, hoping it holds us over until after my surgery. I'm trying to be prepared as best I can, not that Oliver doesn't love me, but I want to be able to make it as easy as possible for both of us. Honestly I can't help but feel a tad guilty about having to be taken care of, rationally I know that we would both do it for each other, but still it's elective and an inconvenience to all of them. Hence the old lady walker.

I finished 90210 on Netflix, an easy fun watch! I was trying to save my new episodes of Jane the Virgin, but I need more recommendations for some good shows, also a great time to read some books! I've already raided my Mom's large selection, but if you have any recommendations please let me know :)

Finished my weekend with my last soccer games for a while, I was sure to clean out my soccer bag. Nothing like a pair of sweaty socks left in there for a few months. I'm going to miss soccer so bad, but hopefully I'll get some better news on my knee and I might as well have the knee surgery now too, I'm pretty sure I've already hit my insurance deductible for the year. No my skin removal was not covered by insurance, but I have to have surgery on my thumb again and my plastic surgeon is also a hand specialist so he's doing it at the same time. 

I've taken the week off from tracking macros, taking a break is a good thing sometimes. I'll go back to tracking about a week after my surgery, its just unrealistic that Oliver's going to weigh my food for me. I'm still eating what I know I should, I have a pretty good idea on how to plan my meals to hit certain macros so it's not a free for all. My weight is steady and I'm maintaining. I've heard of people gaining a good 10 pounds after surgery so I'm not going to freak out about my number, but I'll be weighing just for reference as I plan to document the before, during, and after on here. I've read a lot of reviews and I'm planning on the worst, but hoping for the best recovery. 


Life Lately.

Aiden is still mostly bald up top, the hair he does have is super blonde and he's very tan. Oliver was blonde until around 3 I think, so I have no doubt it will turn dark eventually, but I love to rub his soft scalp like he's a baby still. He's still a great sleeper, hitting 3 and 4 hour naps, but do NOT let him nap until 5pm or you'll be sorry come 9:30pm and he's running around wild. He eats decently, but like any child some days he starving and others he nibbles. We've grown tired of bananas and the cuties aren't tasting great right now, he loves pretzels and cheese. 

He starts his second year of preschool next month, we are upping him to 3x a week. I'm sure the last few months he's been home will lead to tears the first few days, but he just learns so much there. 

Madison is just so grown lately, she's obsessed with Mine Craft and I honestly really don't know what it's about, but to hear her laughing at the videos is pretty hilarious. She's doing really well with her Math tutoring, still going 2x a week and doing her homework daily. I hope that gives her a strong start for 2nd grade, we are requesting she be placed with a seasoned teacher, are we allowed to interview a teacher? I may ask about that! We've been playing club soccer this summer, but we aren't quite ready to leave our rec team, we've been together for years now and they play so well together. If we can work it out we may do both. 

She's really a good girl, but let me tell you - I have had some flashes of her as a teenager. When she's tired or hungry she turns into the sassiest little turkey - can't imagine where she gets it from :) But, whoa. She really pushes my buttons, never Daddy's, just mine. I'm not ready for that attitude, I still smother her with kisses in front of her friends when I drop her off at Camp....and she lets me. 

We are going on month 3 of Crossfit and I've never felt stronger. I swear every day I feel like a badass when I walk out of there, even on days I don't do as well as others or lifted as much as I could've. I'm breathing heavy and sometimes wanna puke... I love it so hard.  I've PR'd my back squat and deadlift this last week, but alas I'll be gone soon for a long while it seems. 

My surgery is next Friday, but August 8th I have another appointment for a second opinion on my knee issues. The first ortho I spoke with was pretty vague on treatment plans and pretty much told me to never run again. I refuse to accept that so I have an appointment with a sports knee dude who was recommended to me from another running friend. When I have surgery on my knee I'll be out for up to 3 months. It's gotta be done though and better for me to overlap my recoveries at the same time. I'll be back lifting the 10 pound weights, but that's ok, just more goals for me to smash! 

I'm really gonna miss my girl time though, running and working out is so much more that a physical thing for me. It's how I connect with people who share the same interests as me, who I bitch to about my husband, it's my adult time! 

Who else would meet up for margaritas at 9pm and get up at 5am to run around? Only the craziest and best buds.


Hey There.

Shorts // Hat // Shoes

Whoop whoop my surgeon called and the surgery center messed up so they had to move my surgery to next Friday, he's going to cover my overnight stay for the inconvenience. Friday actually works better than Tuesday anyways so I'm not too bummed. Oliver will take me Friday and then I stay for 23 hours and he'll pick me up Saturday - it's about an hour from my house. It will just be easier over the weekend because he'll be off work. 

I'm pretty prepared - heres my list of things I've gotten - please let me know if you recommend something I don't have!

1. Recliner - a friend is giving me one that she used. I'll be sleeping in it for a while so I don't get anything nasty on my bed or couch. 
2. Shower Wipes to use until I can take an actual shower.
3. A bath/Shower bench
4. a walker
5. A neck pillow
6. Go Girl - google it. ahhahahha.
7. pain pills and Arnica

I'm still waiting for my pre-op nurse call, but I'm not sure what to wear home. Maybe just a long nightgown that can go over my head? Not sure if I should wear pants? I also am not sure if I should purchase my own compression garments, I know they give you some, but some say they are super uncomfortable?

The surgery is 9 hours long and starts around Noon - I was telling Oliver how concerned I was about the doctor getting hungry - like do you stop to snack? He told me he was not at all surprised I'm worried about food. 

In other news I bought an Air Fryer! I messed up my first attempt at sweet potato fries, the above recipe is in CELSIUS which I realized after they came out not cooked. Then I tried pork chops and they came out ahhhhhmazing, best chops ever! The Air Fryer cooks stuff up with hot circulating air so you don't have to use a bunch of oil - we also tried sausage in them and they were perfectly cooked! 

I also did some Brussel sprouts in a foil pack with pecans and dried cranberries, faster than the oven too!

We took Aiden to his first movie - Finding Dory. He feel asleep on the way there and stayed asleep until the movie started, he then opened his eyes and got really excited about the huge screen, but like any typical 2 year old was up and down, walking around, and spilling the popcorn. Might be a while before we try again. 

After another one of Madison's soccer jerseys was ruined in our stupid dryer we broke down and bought a new set, I prefer a top loading washer which are slim pickings, but everyone recommended a Samsung so I'm glad they had one. 

BAE has been busy busy - she hasn't spent the night at home in almost a week. We only have a month until school starts so I'm letting her have her fun - Mimi's house is much more fun - she has a pool, 2 dogs, and a huge craft room. Can't blame the girl :) I spent most of my summers at my Grandma's house and it some of my fondest childhood memories, right down to the Mentos she used to bring me home from work. 


My First Year in Business - Part 1

I've been trying to write this post for a few weeks now, but honestly blogging has taken a back seat to pretty much everything else I have going on and I miss it! If for no other reason than I can go read back and see what my life was like 5 years ago, the babies, and the journey I've taken. 

This last year has been one of the biggest for my personal growth - I feel like I've found my life niche. I am happy and content with all aspects of my life, not that they are perfect, but that I sleep well at night when I lay my head down on my pillow. I don't lie awake worrying about things, I knew that feeling too well. 

Starting OMB was scary - you can read here for my story on how it all began. I'm going to share all the things I've learned during our first year in business. You can watch my You Tube Video on how I got going. 

1. Talk to an accountant. 

Being a business major in college did not really prepare me for running my own company, ask for a recommendation and find a knowledgable accountant. You will need taxes filed - monthly and quarterly. 

I also recommend you ask what documents they will need to file theses things for you. I was working a full time job when I started OMB and I was not great a keeping up with all the paperwork, but again I didn't ask or know what I would need to have on hand later. For example - Cost of goods sold. I use Shopify to run my website and they don't have a clear cut way to track what you pay for an item, I've found a place to put it in, but you have to run a report and sort it to find this info when you need it. 

Another piece of information I didn't track closely was damages, I can pull a refund report from Shopify, but not all refunds were damaged product some were exchanges or returns. I now am sure to use the same wording in the description box so I can sort the report more accurately. 

The first year will be hard to estimate for taxes, my strategy was SAVE SAVE SAVE. I put back tons of money, nothing stressed me more than having a huge tax bill with not enough cash to pay it. This was smart, but also cut into the amount of inventory I could buy. This year will be easier, my account has estimated my quarterly taxes so I know my payments ahead of time. 

2. Free Shipping.

I started off with $5 shipping and decided to change over to free shipping. This was scary for me, our shipping costs each month run about 4k a MONTH. That's a lot of cash capital I have to cover, it does help at tax time, but until then it eats up my money for shopping. 

Still, if you can cover it I would, free shipping it incentive to be able to shop more often and with restocks, new arrivals, secret releases, etc each week it seems unfair to charge shipping every time. 

Beach Tank.

3. Programs.

Highly recommend you ask other business owners for advice on what programs they use for certain things - for example shipping. I started off with a shipping software program that can me daily grief, finally I switched to Shipping Easy and it's been smooth sailing, but I wasted money and time for a few months before I made the switch. 


4. Employees.

This is hard. Seeing as I run my company from my house I obviously don't want to just hire a stranger, so instead I turned to my friends. Natalie and Amber have both been with me since day one, they offered to help FOR FREE and were so awesome at supporting me! Once things got busier I made it more official by paying them, they are both 1099's which means they are responsible for their own taxes and not really 'employees' . After talking to an accountant this can be a tricky relationship so it might be better to just cut payroll checks from Quick Books.

Right before Christmas I hired on someone full time, we were slammed for the holidays and doing construction on the house, I was very overwhelmed. After the Holiday rush it became apparent that I really didn't need full time and part time help, with our offices being upstairs I felt like I had to be there every time one of the girls was, but I work from home so I can have my own schedule, not someone else's. Does that make sense? 

I failed to think about how I wanted to structure my work days, but sometimes you don't know until you're living it. I now know I want to be able to take off a Wednesday and take the kids swimming and then nap if the mood strikes me. I suggest you really think through how you want to run your companies office and where you want it to be located. 

Something else I failed to do was set expectations with the employees, they can't read my mind, I needed to be clear about what I wanted done and who was doing which job. There is no employee handbook. I found it slightly uncomfortable to be bossy to my friends, I mean Oliver - NO PROBLEM :) Once I did it though things worked a lot more smoothly for all of us. 


Well this post is getting long so I'll save the rest for Part 2 tomorrow. 

If you have a specific topic you'd like to know about leave me a comment here or on Facebook. 



We had a great family vacation in Orlando last week! Oliver drugged himself enough to get on an airplane, he didn't freak out, and we got in around midnight. The WiFi on the plane was terrible which meant Aiden was too, hahahah, no videos to distract him. I booked a night at the hotel in the airport so we wouldn't have to rent the car, etc, with tired kids.

Ended up being the perfect idea, we got to sleep in, go to breakfast, and swim before checking out to rent our car and head to the house we rented in Orlando.

The rest of our family trickled in throughout the day, most of them live up north so we only get to see them once a year on vacation.

We spent the 4th drinking and lounging at the house by the pool - I made the most of my $10 Wal Mart swimsuit. Just trying to be festive ;)

Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom, ended up renting a stroller there, it was great because it's low enough that Aiden could get in and out by himself. 

We got there at 7:45am and Oliver took this picture of me while waiting for the park to open - sweat beaded up all over my face. Y'all I'm from Texas and all, but DAMN it was hotttttttttt. I will say if you have a choice do NOT do a Disney vacation during the summer there, it would've been much more enjoyable in the Spring or Fall. 

I think Disney does a really good job of running AC's when you're waiting in line and the Fast Pass is worth every cent, also someone told me to download the app My Disney Experience and it was so so so helpful!! You could check your Fast Pass times and change them as needed, see a map, check for restroom and food. It helped immensely!! 

Madison declined going to see any of the Princesses - I think we missed that window with her.  She's now old enough to realize they are people in costume, she only wanted to ride rollercoasters and honestly the rides were really babyish for her, but she still had a great time. I may take her to Universal again when I go back to Florida in April. 

Aiden came away with a new obsession for Mickey Mouse and the way he say's it slays me!!! 

We found a slightly shady spot and caught the 3pm parade which was fantastic! 

He only caught a 15 minute nap the entire day, actually he only had 1 decent nap the entire week. We went to get dinner around 6, Madison was complaining her stomach hurt and ended up throwing up, we worried she was dehydrated so we left before the parade of lights. She then proceeded to tell EVERYONE how I 'didn't watch her' and that's why she got sick. That kid. It's always my fault, never Daddy's LOL

A reader suggested DeLeon Springs to me and we decided to stop there for their famous pancake breakfast. It's a natural spring they have enclosed {AKA no gators} there were people kayaking and paddle boarding on the other side with viable gators in the water!! I was appalled. 

The restaurant they have next to the springs is really cute, you make your own pancakes with toppings at the griddle in your table. Go early! They fill up fast, but if you have to wait you can swim and they will call your name outside. 

Be warned, that spring water is COLD. I put my feet in while Madison swam, but that's it! My parents took Oliver and Aiden on the boat ride to tour the area, of course Aiden loved it. It was a big week for him - airplanes, boats, trams, etc hahahah You Tube in real life!

New Symrna beach is about a 30 minute drive from the springs and is freaking awesome!! I may say it's my favorite beach so far that we have visited! The sand is compact and they let you drive on the beach and park, less walking to unload the van and kids #winning

It IS known for the high amount of shark bites, but we just waded in the shallow parts. We looked up the shark bites and they seem to be surfers and mostly happen at dusk and dawn. We stopped at the dollar store and bought some sand toys, Aiden had a blast, no fear of the water. 

Some of the gang, I slacked and never got an entire group shot :(

Our flight left at 7:30pm on Saturday so we spent the early part of the day at Disney Springs, I wish we had more time because they kids didn't get a chance to go to Disney Interactive which looked really cool. It was fun to see all the Flagship stores they had there and the restaurants were amazing!! 

Aiden was so tired that last day, he had a COMPLETE meltdown when he had to give up Mickey to go through security. It was so busy and he was screaming his head off, but you can't even be mad at a tired baby. He got it out though and was an angel on the plane, even fell asleep on me at the end. 


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