Rock N Roll San Diego.

I loved San Diego, it was my first time visiting the city, I would totally move there if it wasn't so expensive. I flew in Saturday morning and we left the airport to pickup our Rock N Roll San Diego packets. The expo was better than the NOLA or Dallas one, more free samples #winning

We saw some girls running these stairs, we debated it, but instead opted for just a selfie. 

Any took me to Liberty Market and we walked around before deciding to split some dessert - I mean look at these macaroons! 

Such a cute market filled with cold pressed coffee, dessert, sushi, crafted beer, and tons of fresh flowers. Dallas needs on of these for sure!!

Then she took me to La Jolla for lunch, the sea lions are just chilling on the beach and you can go right up to them! It was really neat to get so close to them, I tried to FaceTime Aiden so he could hear them, but he was busy throwing a nap time fit at home. 

Salads just taste better on the patio overlooking the ocean.

I wore the Mandi Maxi out for dinner that night near where the race was ending.  

Sunday was race day, we had to get up at 4am to try and get there by 5am - the race started at 6:15. The shuttle line was CRAZY - I was so worried for Ang, this was her first marathon and we weren't even going to get there in time - that would've made me mad. She took it all in stride though, didn't even seem stressed. We ended up getting there about 20 minutes after start time.

Of course the bathroom lines weren't any better, another 25 minute wait.

Finally 45 minutes after the start time we got into her corral to get running! My hat is a technical trucker hat from Bic Bands - I freaking LOVE it!! It's sweat wicking, washable, and open netted in the back for ventilation. 

I had no plans to PR this race, just really went out and ran for fun {and bling, duh} so I kept a nice easy pace and enjoyed the people watching.

They had a mile set up as a memorial to fallen soldiers, it made me cry thinking of all those people who scarified their lives for us!

This drum line was really cool, you could hear them for a mile away!

The disco party under the bridge has me a little dizzy,  better to not look down at the spinning lights while you run.

Around mile 5 or 6 Sheila came running up to tap me on the shoulder and tell me she followed me on IG - so we ran the rest of the race together while chatting. I love social media for this right here - making friends while racing! 

After the race was over I found gear check, wiped off with some baby wipes and stood in a line for a massage. I always pack a big bag at gear check - food, water, phone charger battery, baby wipes, another shirt, a jacket, and flip flops. The free massage guy was taking forever for each person so by the time he was done with me I had to run to the finish to see Ang finish!

She texted when she was 3 miles out and I have to say she looked DAMN GOOD at that finish!!! She was smiling and happy, good strong run in, super impressive!!! I'm so happy I was there to cheer for her, running 26.2 miles is hard to do and such an accomplishment! 

We met up and hobbled her to gear check, she needed her finisher jacket too which you pick up at a tent. We get there and the line for the jacket was HUGE, like an hour long wait. I was so mad for her - these people just ran 26 miles and you want them to stand in line for an hour?? They needed more staff on hand to hand out those jackets. We got it though and hailed a petty cab for a ride back to the car - we didn't ask the price BEFORE the ride so of course we get there and the guy says $20 EACH. {EYE ROLL EMOJI} Lesson learned. 

Spent the rest of the day eating and relaxing, I love Ang's little family!! Car was my new BFF and I'm bringing Madison next time around so they can play together. 

Also before I forget - Heaviest Hits Throwback Workout is the BEST race station ever - no need to skip songs and they throw in some good old ones. Maybe, just maybe, I was singing Jenny From the Block - out loud.


  1. I love love love San Diego! I would move there too! Congrats on running another marathon!! :)

  2. I just moved away from San Diego last year, please tell me you tried some Mexican food?! Loved reminiscing with your photos! :)

  3. Although SD is expensive there are plenty free things to do ( way moreDFW). I'm going to SD for three weeks and plan on getting in lots of hikes and running in the beaches. Way better than DFW (I live here

  4. ahh so glad you love my town!! I love how military strong we are. yes, please tell me you tried mexican food?? La Jolla is beautiful and the shopping there is amazing. Love seeing your photos, hopefully next year we can run the R&R together.

  5. Love the pics! Thanks for the hat recommendation (ordered it) and station pick (added it)! I needed some new music for my runs.

  6. I just bought that adorable hat! It's so cute! Great job on your race!

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  9. What media player do you use?

  10. I have always wanted to run RNR San Diego, so I may put this race on my calendar for next year! Love that you got to just enjoy the race and be there to cheer on your friend.


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