Diet Bet Update

I think probably the hardest part of CF right now is the heat, it's already humid and hot by 8am, adjusting to working out in it will be tough. I'm glad I decided to take my hair extensions out for the summer, no way I can go more than 2 days right now without washing. 

I'm still hitting the Y some mornings for a bit of cardio or shoulders, back, and legs. Adorable muscle tank from Brady Bands! You HAVE to try the Limeade Spark, so so good ice cold during your workout!! I just ordered a few boxes of the Pineapple Coconut too - it's limited edition. 

I've been having pain with a Baker's Cyst behind my knee, soccer is what really aggravates it, the twisting and turning. I asked my plastic surgeon to take it out, but he said I need to see an ortho unfortunately. So I'm planning to see if I can do that procedure after my skin removal so I can recover all at the same time. He did give me some steroid pills to take temporarily to give me some relief, I only took them one day and it felts a million times better! I've never been on a steroid before so he didn't recommend I get a shot until I was sure I wouldn't have any side effects.

Oliver being on the fitness/macro train with me is increasing my workout load for food - he made me search out this protein because it's his favorite and I'm having to cook more chicken weekly because he keeps eating it. 

I typically put my foot down at weighing out and logging his meals, seriously. Last night I was feeling generous because the kids were swimming at Mimi's house, but I told him not to get used to it. If you haven't tried this combo with the WishBone EVOO Basil and Garlic dressing you MUST, it's flavorful and EASY y'all. Plus low calorie for a huge plate of food. 

Zucchini {raw}
Heirloom Tomatos
Chicken or Shrimp
EVOO dressing

Spring Piko + Leggings.
I'm below my Diet Bet weigh in goal, but have a lot of eating out planned for the weekend, I'm going to have to be very mindful of my portions and choices!! I'll probably skip on adult beverages too, my choices after consuming tend to be less than stellar. 

I think what's been the biggest change for me lately is timing out my foods. I'm trying to push back my meals to avoid mindless snacking, for example I eat breakfast around 10am, lunch around 2, snack around 4, dinner at 6:30, and Halo at 8. Planning is the #1 way you will be successful, if you go into your day having no idea what your going to eat it's going to be much harder to stay on track. That's why meal prepping is also very important, it's basically planning out your week ahead of time.  I start every morning with a 1 Carb Waffle or Mug cake - they are protein filled and keep me full for hours. Lunch and Dinner are a protein and veggies and I fill in my carbs and fats with snacks. Keeping my Yeti Rambler Tumbler  and Bubba big straws with me always and full of ice water is huge, this cup is what I attribute to my large consumption of water! 


  1. Do you eat anything before your workouts? Every one I talk to says you're "supposed to" but I get nauseated if I eat too early in the mornings or before workouts.

    1. I'm the same way before my 5am workouts. The LAST thing I want to do is eat something, but by the middle of my workout, I start becoming nauseated from not having anything in my stomach. I've found that half a banana usually will tide me over through my workout without making me sick from eating so early. I hope you find something that works for you! :)

    2. I do before cardio - a kids Z bar!

  2. Oliver has good taste in Protein shakes!!! My favorite from Metabolic Nutrition is the PEANUT BUTTER, so good! Also, their Tri-Pep Lemon taste like Lemonade!!!

  3. Weekend food always gets me! AhhhAhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. What is your goal weight in pounds? You are looking so lean!

  5. All of those ProtiZyme flavors are the tits!!!

  6. Bubba Straws!!Finally someone else who uses them! I put them in my Nalgene water bottle, 32 oz at a time!

  7. Random question. Do you still like those 10$ brushes you got off amazon and if so what were they called?

  8. Love my yeti! What is your protein goal for each day?

  9. From what I understand, draining a Baker's cyst is a minimally invasive procedure. I actually had a ganglion cyst (much harder to access) and an interventional radiologist drained it, and I couldn't really walk so well that day, but I had no official restrictions.

    I did see an orthopedist first, and he recommended surgery, but my husband is a radiologist so he sent me to his co-worker and it was a much less invasive procedure. It might be worth looking into just having drained by a radiologist.


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