All the Foods.

Do you know what's the most addictive part of getting fit? Results.
Do you know what's the hardest part? Sticking to it when shits not happening.

True story. 

I haven't blogged in a week and I have so much to share, I'm going to try to focus and keep my thoughts in one place, but excuse me if I jump around. My adult ADD is running rampant today. I will be sharing my food from the weekend today, body fat testing results and thoughts tomorrow, what I've learned in my first year of business on Periscope later this week, and of course some random life things that probably no one cares about. I'm hoping if I put it out there it will happen, I'm short a few employees this week so we'll see.

I felt rushed every morning and breakfast had to be on the go - I'd do a Combat Bar while I got ready and heat up chicken to take with me. Eating chicken out of tupperware isn't my ideal meal, but it's so much easier to find fats and carbs while out so I do what I have to while sticking to my goals. 

This Krave Lemon Garlic jerky is really good, my favorite flavor so far, I found it at Sprouts.

Melanie sent me this recipe and I made it for the first time, I would've never thought to pair strawberries and zucchini! You must try - it's delish!!! I skipped the salmon and added chicken - Smoked Salmon and Strawberry Zucchini Noodles.

It was delivery day for my Zaycon chicken, you just pull up and pop the trunk and someone loads boxes. I let Oliver unpack and trim, not a lot of trimming to do, but better to get it done before you bag them. I would say we got around 35 big breasts per carton, I divided them up into ziplocks and freeze. 

Their chicken tastes fantastic and the price is much cheaper than what I pay in the store - they only have deliveries every few months so I'm hoping the 2 cartons I bought last me. 

I finally got lucky and Kroger had some Halo in stock so I got enough to last me a week, maybe two, LOL. The strawberry is FABULOUS!!!!!!

The kids went to the Lego Expo in Plano - they had so much fun! They had some really cool stuff built out of legos and I mean who wouldn't have fun in that mess?

I did a little sunrise run Saturday morning, can't beat that view even when it's sweltering outside. 

Daddy and his Sweet Pea are working on getting her to ride 9 miles on her bike - it would be the full ride around White Rock Lake. They are up to 5 so far.

We did our grocery shopping after Church - that would be Madisons church outfit hahahaha. Come as you are.

Oliver and Madison went swimming while Aiden and I ate lunch and prepped food for the week. He finished off the pineapple and pretty much all the fruit in the house. 

I'm going old school with the broccoli, sweet potato, chicken, and goat cheese.

Lunch this week is riced cauliflower mexican bowls. I spiraled some zucchini for dinner and cut up {didn't cook} some sweet potato. I also cooked some truffle chicken and some taco flavored chicken. 

A huge thunderstorm rolled through yesterday evening, the baby toddler boy is happy Mommy got dinner finished before we lost power. That Reduced Guilt Guac from Trader Joes is life. 


  1. Ah yay.. I wondered if you got to try that recipe!!! That melted avocado idea is amazing!! I love you sharing what you are planning to have for lunch for the week and your meal prep.. a la when you worked at the office :) I missed these posts.

  2. Your bowls remind me.. you really have to make the low fat guacamole I posted!!! It's macros are SO good!!! :)

  3. I have got to get better about meal prepping. I am going to make this my goal this week!

  4. Where did you get your sunglasses from? I love them!!

  5. I will have to try the Strawberry Halo Top. I had chocolate and it was awesome! I just had Arctic Zero tonight. It was good! Estherdavison@gmail.com


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