In Lust.

Daddy had has crazy schedule this week which threw our routine off, Aiden is NOT a fan of change. Remember that time we moved his crib to Madison's room because of the construction? He cried for days. He's going through a really clingy phase right now, crying for Mama, Daddy, or Oma - whoever happens to not be available. Up is a new favorite word as is NO. Usually Oliver takes him to preschool, but this week it was me and he cried at drop off both times. His teacher was like 'I swear he loves it and never cries after you leave' I think he knows his tears cut my heart. The warmer weather has brought the bugs out and he is obsessed, I keep finding crickets and beetles in the trunk of his tricycle. 

I had one day where I could only hit the gym in the evening, the Y has a great play area for the kids outside so they love going. I picked a good day because Madison has like 12 friends in there with her and didn't want to leave. I am so used to 5am that 5pm was not fun, it was crowded and I just felt run down from being up all day. 

I have to say that CrossFit kicked my ass this week and I loved it! 

Don't worry we are working on the OliSquat :) When I workout by myself I run and I deadlift, but deadlifting after running is another ball game! Also - wall balls. You know when you squat and throw a weighted ball at the wall and catch it - like 100 times. My butt and hamstrings were so sore! I've been crazy sore all week and also up about 2 pounds on the scale which is totally normal and OKAY. Today we did overhead squats which I've never done before and it was fun to try some new things. I might be falling in lust after all, I find myself looking forward to what the next workout will be!

OK - y'all need to get on board with this 1 carb waffle - it's so easy and versatile!!!

1 scoop protein powder {30g} I love PE Science
1 egg
1 teaspooon baking powder
2oz skim milk or water

Mix and put in an already hot waffle iron for a few minutes! I made a sandwich with Trader Joe's bacon, eggs, and cheese.

For my post workout breakfast today I had it with Vanilla Oikos' strawberries and honey. It would also be so amazing with Greek Cream Cheese whipped with honey and strawberries, but my cream cheese was expired so I used yogurt. 

Happy Fri-yay! Make healthy choices this weekend!!!


  1. Thank you for the reminder about this weekend! I always fail and go up on the scale :-/ it's such a bummer when I work so hard throughout the week.

    Also, little dude is so stinking cute! I love his litte smile :)

  2. So happy that you are LOVING crossfit! It is an addicting sport that is for sure!

  3. Love the pic of you and the little one!!!!!! Yay for you trying crossfit! I am way too intimidated and not in shape at all for that so enjoy reading about it from the outside...but maybe one day! -Erin :-)

  4. I LOL'd at the Olisquat. My 14 year old son does not know how to squat and I can't understand what's so hard with ass to the grass!!! :) We've been doing crossfit for a month now and I get so excited for the next routine. I'm addicted...and hurting! :)

  5. Glad you're Loving CF! My husbands schedule just changed and I can't go 5 x a week anymore and it's got me like 😫😫😫!

  6. That first sandwich looks SO good!

    Also, check out those back muscles coming through!!

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