He or She.

Friday Papa and Oliver wanted to camp out in a tent, I'm like - you go for it! I'll sleep in my nice AC bed, alone.

I took my free night and had dinner with my sister, we never hang out, just the two of us. The local outdoor mall was having a food truck night so we decided to give it a try.

I can't recall ever having tried Indian food before and I have to say it was really good! 

Madison's big girl bed came in Friday and I finally got ahold of my baby brother to come and paint for me. He told me he would come over when he got up Saturday so I was thinking noon or 1, as he's single and lives the bachelor life LOL.

Yeah no, he texts me he's on the way at 8am so I had to do a mad dash to Home Depot to pick a color. Someone recommended I try Misty Aqua, so I bought that, and it's the perfect color! I'll post more pics later this week. 

Then I went to workout and brought home lunch for all the boys. I had a sweet tooth later that afternoon so I made a Vanilla Mug Cake topped with strawberry marshmallow fluff and strawberries. It was quite good and packed with protein!

We had a gender reveal that night in Fort Worth, I loved this dress with the pink accents. 

My friends took my phone for a selfie session, so your mugs get plaster on this here blog ;) Love ya!

I'm so excited that my friend is having boy/girl twins!! Her reveal was so cute and the food was ahhhhhhmazing, like I was dying to find the recipe for the couscous and the chicken! Oh and the bread pudding!!! 

It was on the 12th floor of the Fort Worth Club and when the sun started to set they raised the blinds and the room was filled with the glow of the sun, beautiful. 

Mother's Day started off the a nice cup of coffee in my pjs and unicorn slippers.

We followed that up with an early soccer game, our last for the season, and picking up some Panera on the way home. I usually get a salad from there because they are so good. 

The kids went to church with my Dad and then he brought them home, Aiden was so tired he took a really long 3.5 hour nap. After lunch Oliver and I watched some tv and took a nap on the couch ourselves, it was one of those really nice relaxing sleeps where you just feel like everything is ok in the world and you don't have to get up for anything. 

We met up for my parents and sister for a hibachi dinner, you know it's Mother's Day when Aiden is sitting next to Oliver and not me - we almost made it through the entire meal before Oliver had to 'switch' the kids. hahahaha. At one point Aiden was mad because he wants out of his high chair so he threw my phone - on the HOT griddle. Thank God the waiter was there and grabbed it before it melted. 

My Mom still makes me pose with gifts like I'm 8.

I woke up this morning to find Madison still asleep in her bed, even through 2 loud thunderstorms last night! Let's hope this trend continues, I told her that if she doesn't want her room I'll be happy to turn it into a gym. Or a closet. 


  1. I am a polka dot lover and bought that dress this weekend! I can't wait until it arrives so if you can rush my order that would be great..haha! :-)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stripes in Madison's room!

  3. Her room looks AMAZING. I'm 26 and super jealous. :D

  4. Love your posts!! I'm still getting used to your dark hair

  5. Oh yay! It was me that suggested Misty Aqua, my girls love it in their room! We paired it with coral and teal bedding!!

  6. Love the dress... I don't see Madison in her bed at all. Littles in big beds are so cute. Like they are lost in there.

  7. Will you post the dress on Instagram when it's back in stock? I have a few wedding coming up soon and that dress is exactly what I need! THANK YOU!!!

  8. I need that dress in my life!! Where is it from?

  9. I love Madison's bed!!! It's beautiful!

  10. how are those lights by her window? are they safe? I want to get some for my kids


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