Fix My Lashes.

It's days like Friday I really feel how blessed I am to work for myself, to be able to take a half day to spend with Madison at Field Day was so much fun! She was so happy that Oliver and I were there, I'm glad we had a beautiful day too with so much rain lately. 

Saturday I should've gone on a long run to prepare for my upcoming half, but I"m obsessively watching The Fosters on NetFlix and staying up past my bedtime so I opted for a bit of HIIT and upper body at the gym. 

Aiden spent the night with Mimi alone, then I picked him up to head to a crawfish boil at a friends house.

I bought him a new carseat so my parents could have mine, I kept the new one because they thought it was a good idea to let him eat chocolate ice cream in it. It must be really comfortable because he feel asleep in it 3 times this weekend and he rarely sleeps in the car. 

Had a blast at the crawfish boil, did NOT eat those gross cockroaches, but I did partake in the mango ritas. My friend Amber moved further away from me and I don't get to see her as much as I would like, but this will be my first summer in a while where I don't have to go to an office job so I'm implementing 'summer' hours and we'll be meet Friday for swimming with the kids. If Fossil can do it so can I :)

Madison ran off with her BFF the moment we got there - I saw her once again when she begged to spend the night. Aiden on the other hand likes to bethisclosetome. 

Sunday Daddy left us to go fishing all day, Madison spent the night with her biffel, so Aiden and I snuggled and stayed in our jammies until it was time to go pick her up. 

I was actually going to skip my indoor game to let my knee rest, but then I remembered it was the finals so I bucked up, drank some spark, and went to play. Games get a little aggressive when there is a championship t-shirt involved. I should've just let the dude have the ball, but I was fighting him for it against a wall and he shoved his elbow into my eye and when it was over my lashes were gone. We won so then I had to stay and hang out for an hour before we played again - looking like a 2 dollar hooker. It's so bad y'all.

I wore a hat to the gym today so everyone wouldn't wonder what the heck happened to me - when I got home Madison looked at me dead in the face and said 'Did everyone make fun of you?'

That kid. 

I texted my lady with my LASH EMERGENCY 911!!!!! hahahah thank God she's getting me in later today, not sure what she can do to fix it, but I'm gonna hope for the best. Next time I'll just let him have the stupid ball. 


  1. If she can't do anything for your lashes.. You just need to purchase the ones you can glue on.. I used them for my shoot this weekend and fell madly deeply in love with them! (Eyelure 126 Dramatic) I bought mine off of Amazon, but you can pick them up at your local Target or Utla.. Just a girl trying to help you fix your life.. http://www.amazon.com/Eylure-Naturalites-Double-Adhesive-Included/dp/B00CF08TDI/ref=sr_1_sc_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1464021883&sr=8-3-spell&keywords=eyelure+126

  2. Same boat...I get my lashes done, but play like 3-4 times a week and it's a struggle to keep them fresh! I went up for a header and just got creamed and my only comment was "are my lashes and eyebrows where they are supposed to be?". LOL

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  4. I'm sorry but I found Madison's question Histerical and can't stop laughing!!! Good thing your girl fix you up and it's awesome that you guys won

  5. I think both you and. Madison would get a kick out of this book...



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