Double Shot.

On Friday the kids spend the night at Mimi's house, you can see why they love it over there, dogs. Aiden wakes every morning and says 'Mimi, Papa, Dogs' we have to go down his checklist and name everyone he loves.  Saturday Oliver had to work so it was the babies and I, we had a soccer game in the nasty drizzle before going home to change and shower.

We attended baby Kennedy's first birthday party, I didn't realize I dressed both kids in the overalls, but now I feel like I need some too. Madison has really grown so tall lately and I'm so sad! The difference in her last year and this year is huge, the baby-ness is just disappearing. 

Sunday I usually play soccer in the morning, but we had to forfeit because too many people couldn't come. Chelsea from The Dancing Runner invited me out to White Rock for a long run, I'm still really uncomfortable running in shorts, but it's already getting hot out so I went for function over fashion. I'm so used to running in the dark that I forgot how light is out at 7:30 and started to regret my shorts when I felt like everyone I ran passed was judging my jiggling thighs. 

What I should've been worried about was the fact that I haven't been running much and 10 miles at a 9 -something pace was gonna be painful. It was really such a beautiful day and I had great company, but man was I sore afterwards! 

Post run drink, it was my first time trying it and I have to say it's really good and the macros are pretty decent 1.5f/34c/20p 

Came home to shower and eat, I even had luck into getting the boys off the couch to help me raise the curtain rods for my new curtains. I suck so hard at hanging curtains, from the days where I went at the wall with a screw and hammer I have improved, but measuring is not my forte. Oliver can either help or look at slanted curtains haahahhahah. 

Another party, but this time for the big kids. 

I hate washing my hair, putting on real clothes, or make up on Sunday, but I will for my running girls. We try to do a group dinner once in  a while so we know what each other looks like outside of sweaty hair and clothes. I opted for the Over the Moon Maxi with a messy bun. 

Bottles of wine are half price on Sunday at Zanata = I can't pass up a good deal. 

Something happens when you get around people who run, you get talked into signing up for races. I'm now registered to run a Ragnar in New Mexico in August, I've never run a trail race so I'm excited to try something new! 

I had the most delicious pizza, with grapes and onions!!! I'm going to try to recreate it on a chicken crust for dinner tonight!

 I checked the weather last night, not a smidge of rain in the forecast. As soon as I got to the gym at 5 we had a torrential down pour for a good 2 hours. 

I heard through the grapevine the power was out in my neighborhood so I detoured for a coffee before heading home. I kept walking in the kitchen to make breakfast and would remember that we didn't have power. I was like, maybe I should clean or something, nah, too dark. So I sat and scrolled my phone and enjoyed my brew. 


  1. Ragnars are really fun! I've done two. You will love it!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I ran in the mist on Saturday morning in Grapevine, then hit up Barre Code Plano for a fun 80's themed workout. The Ragnar sounds like fun - I have always wanted to do one!!! (If you need another teammate, let me know!) And I also hate that my babies are outgrowing their baby looks. I can't even pretend that 9 and almost 7 are babies anymore!

  3. scope dinner prep with your wine tonight!!! :)

  4. Your booty is fantastic in that dress!

  5. Your booty is fantastic in that dress!

  6. I HAVE to make chicken pizza with grapes and onions!!! I can't wait to hear how you put yours together!! I just got more ground chicken but I forgot to get any toppings so it's meant to be!!! :)

  7. Omg!! You r coming to NM. I have to meet you, where in NM is the race?

  8. Omg!! You r coming to NM. I have to meet you, where in NM is the race?

  9. I just did a Ragnar Trail race this weekend - one of the BEST events I've done. You're gonna LOVE it!


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