DIY Tan.

Jesus tank. 
Unfortunately that tan on the left was all real, real orange and real damaging. I've since learned to DIY my own tan at home and save my skin. I usually spray myself, but I know some of you aren't comfortable doing that and I've found you a fantastic mousse and I've tried them all. Fake Bake, St. Tropez, Tan Towel, pretty much anything you can buy at Ulta. It's called Loving Tan and I used the dark color {I'm naturally very pale}. The picture on the right is day 5 - the color is still very even and nice even after some really sweaty workouts! 

I'm super impressed with the way it's held up during some humid workouts this last week.  Use code SKINNYMEG and you'll get the applicator mitt free, that's how I applied mine. I did have Oliver do my back, also it's quick drying so work in small areas! 

TJMaxx was calling my name the other day, they have the best workout pants, cheap. Forever I found a pair of New Balance grey ones that I absolutely adore - I found them in a capri for summer! I can't find them online or I'd link them here - but the brand is New Balance and they are super soft with a wide waistband. 

Harem Jumpsuit + Denim Vest 

Aiden finished his first year of preschool, we were so excited to go and watch him at the school performance. He performed perfectly at the Christmas one and we had terrible seats and couldn't really see him - this time we were front row!

He saw me and was not having it.

I mean, that face!!! You just can't not rescue him. He doesn't scream or throw a fit, just silently looks sad. It slays me. 

Schools out today and Monday - just a little taste of what the next few months will be like around here. Everyone home, every day - should be interesting. 


  1. I have those same Capris from tjmaxx and Iooooove them. So soft!

  2. I have those same Capris from tjmaxx and Iooooove them. So soft!

  3. I've been wanting to try Loving Tan. Thanks for the input :)

  4. Aidens second cry picture is too much. How did you handle being in the front row and not scooping him up? Haha

  5. I never get tired of seeing your before/after pics (weight loss specifically, but the tanning is fun too 😉). Your progress is jaw dropping so I hope you always keep sharing the new things you try because as I struggle you give me such hope and inspiration.
    PS that pic of Adian crying...oh that face! Too sweet!! Erin (Thismommywrites)

  6. quick question, what was your biggest pants size you were in. I think its in your blog somewhere just cant find it. you inspire me everyday to get up and move.

  7. How many applications do you feel you could get from one bottle of the Loving Tan??

  8. Just ordered some loving tan :) do you use it on your face as well? Does it help stretch marks or make them look worse? I just had a baby 4 months ago and we are headed to Hawaii in 20 days so my body needs as much help as it can get lol

  9. That shirt! Is it OMB? I love it!


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