Deep In My Heart.

Let's just start with the highlight of my weekend. My indoor soccer game on Sunday is co-ed, one of the guys on the other team looked at me and said 'I got you, I'm about to shut you down'. Uh, ok dude. Totally unprovoked at that - about 30 seconds later I scored on him. It felt so good, like deep in my heart. hahahhahahha. He didn't make eye contact for the rest of the game. 

The weather this weekend was perfection, slightly cool, but sunny. We had a fantastic playdate with our friends followed by dinner, I'm super proud of all my food choices this weekend despite being out and about every day. We had dinner at Cotton Patch, the last time I went there the chicken was so salty I refused to go back. This time I didn't order the regular chicken, but the 'healthy' one and it was delicious - I think the seasoning they use on the regular one is what made it so salty. 

Madison was asked to be a Pen Pal and she was so excited she wanted to go home and start writing a letter about her day. 

Sunday we slept in, cleaned the fridge, went to church, and then the grocery store. That New Age wine is still my top ranked so far, so so good. 

Oliver wants to start macros, I promised to help him if he could log his food for a week. So. Many. Questions. Oliver is the 'quick question' guy. What about this? How do I do this? ahhhhh. I'm willing to help, but he has to do the work for himself. I'm sure this is going to expand our already huge grocery bill, but I hope it motivates him to stick with a program. He was on board when he heard he was allowed to still drink beer. If it fits, of course.

Aiden still working on luring out the cat. Miss Kitty is not his biggest fan, but he's persistent if nothing else. He also is on REPEATTTTTTTT. Y'all, it's so bad. haahahhaha in the car: "Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma, Mommmmmaaaaaa, MOMMA, MOMMA, MOMMA!!! MOMMA!!!!!' What Aiden? 'Cow'


Ended the weekend grilling out, I even went to bed with my chicken prepped and my kitchen clean. Slept like a baby.


  1. https://youtu.be/aOLxQGLJouI

    Can't help but think of this clip 😜

  2. My daughter has been pen pal with a girl at another school in our town and has loved it...come to find out 7 months later that it's one of her friends in her Girl Scout troop! They never exchanged last names so no one figured it out until they both wrote about a similar field trip...😂😂😂 Hope Madison continues to love it! -Erin (Thismommywrites)

  3. Omg if she wants another penpal I think Savannah would love it! ;)

  4. Your yard makes me want to move to Texas!!!

  5. Could you scope or blog about starting a blog I would like to be to start one? Unless you already have where could I find it? Thanks a ton you are a great inspiration.

  6. LOVE New Age wine!! Really great recipe is new age, club soda, with a lime wedge. SUper refreshing!

  7. Beckett is doing the same thing! He'll repeat whatever word until you repeat it back to him. "Pane (plane), pane, pane, PANE, PANE, pane, PANE." Me: Plane? "Yeah." Over and over and over. Lol.


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