This is 7.

Madison has now become obsessed with wearing her roller skates, I let her wear them around the house, and to the mall for dinner, and during her birthday party, but not to church. The rippy jeans just keep showing up despite me letting her pick new clothing out last weekend.

On Friday's the kids spend the night with Mimi and Papa, we forgot Aiden's jammies so he got an old shirt his sister left over there. I'm sure this won't be his last girly hand me down. 

Saturday we had a birthday for Madison's 7th year on this Earth, she wanted a Shopkins Party so Mimi did her crafting magic for her. You can get tons of great Shopkins stuff at the dollar store - the garland she made - the potted balloons she also painted. 

Cupcake liners glued bottoms together and strung up.

 The tassle garland can be easily made with tissue paper and a Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Cutter Tool
We met a local women who will come and hold a painting party in your house, they set up, bring all the supplies, help the kids paint, and then clean up! If you live in Dallas you can find her Facebook page here - The Canvas Sign - I highly recommend them!!

They cut out the wood signs - you can pick the design - we did cupcakes.

They let the girls paint, but go around and help them with any designs they'd like on it, like eyes and a mouth. 

It was a huge hit with the girls and I enjoyed how they cleaned up the mess afterwards for me, I usually dread having birthday parties at the house because of the disaster than is left afterwards.

BAE BAE was there, just hanging out being cute, his need to walk around with his hands in his pockets KILL ME. I could eat him up for dessert.

Aunt Katie came too, she also bought Madison a new pair cowgirl boots, which I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of in the next few months. I guess I'm glad they get her to take off the roller skates!

I got Nothing Bundt Cakes instead of a traditional birthday cake, I totally blew my macros that day #justsaying I have a really really hard time around those little pieces of Heaven.

Then we had just enough time to open presents, she's replacing her Pony obsession with a Shopkins one. Please no one tell her about the Shopkins App!

Then we finished off the day with back to back indoor soccer games, the last of the season. She played hard and I'm very proud of her!

It was another busy weekend and Monday morning is a bit rough today, but he knows the way to Mommy's heart - coffee. 


  1. What a fun weekend and party! I have to know where the rippy jeans are from, savannah would love them :)

  2. Happy birthday Madison! What color are your bottom kitchen cabinets?? Love them!

  3. Yay! I have my son's 7th birthday coming up next month and I am dreading planning the party. You mom does such a great job on party decorations (yours and Madison's). Drink lots of coffee this morning and enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Aiden is so darn sweet! Ahh! Can't handle his cuteness :-) Sounds like Madison had a great birthday!

  5. I miss living in DFW for Nothing but Bundt cakes!! Totally worth the macros. Just saying!

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  7. Girl, your babies are so precious! Happy Birthday Madison! The Baldish One gives me baby fever!!


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