Do you know that moment when you realize it's going to be a fantastic day? 

Breakfast was OMGSOFREAKINGOODYALL. I need a mug cake break every now and then, so I stopped at the grocery store at 6am this morning to get all the makings for a fantastic bagel sammy.

1 Whole Wheat bagel
egg / muenster cheese slice
oven roasted chicken breast
Chive and Onion Greek Cream Cheese!!!!!!! << that means you can't skip that part mmmmkay?

On a level of 1 to a million how much would you judge me if I had it again for lunch? If I add spinach or something to make it more lunch appropriate?! I mean it's already saved as a 'meal' in MFP making it super easy to recreate and log. 

Macros: 43c/11f/35p  = 401 calories.

I also came across this recipe on my Time Hop and I forgot how much I loved it so I also picked up everything I need to make Chicken Crust Pizza

Changing topics, you may have heard on Periscope I bought and tried out a new tanning system, it had some features I thought would work well for me - like heat and speed settings. 

From 50 feet away it looks ok - ish. 

Then you see the disaster that is #tanhands and even worse on the #tanfeet 
The stupid thing doesn't spray hard enough to ensure an even application, I should've stopped once I realized it, but I wanted to give it a good honest try before I bailed.

It's bad y'all.

I had enough time this morning to bust out my last bath bomb from a birthday gift - if you haven't tried a Lush Bath Bomb you deserve it, so go and get you one!! Better even with a locked bathroom door and a glass of wine. Wine at 7am in frowned upon and my bathroom door doesn't lock, so it's hard to keep the husband out {eye roll}, but another PRO in the mental list I have going on if we should move or not. Anyways I soaked and then scrubbed the hands and feet with my Dermasuri Exfoliating Mitt , it helped a ton!

I'll be sticking to my good ole trusty MaxiMist Lite Tanning System


  1. That bagel sandwich!!!!!!!!!! I would so have that for lunch especially since it's already SO convenient in MFP!!!

    Amazon doesn't have an "it sucks" option lol!!! :D Question::::Did you try the 1 hour Norvell yet or is that next time?

    Also I can't believe you're out of chicken already!! Did that last you about 6 weeks? Would you ever consider getting two batches or would that be too much?! I am placing a Zaycon order today for June (next order for boneless skinless) and I have to drive to Ohio for it so I was wondering if I should maybe do a double order..

  2. Hey Meg! That's a bubble bar, you cut the up and crumble them in the water to make bubbles :)

    1. I just threw it in and the bubble came, but I'll do it right next time LOL ;)

    2. You can get so much more uses out of it if you cut it up and crumble! I have that one and I got three baths out of it! Google lush on YouTube. So many great lush vloggers!

  3. I still think you should contact Amazon to get an "it sucks" option added to the return reasons! (love your scopes by the way!)

  4. Thank you for your honest review of the tanning machine. I'll stick with my spray paint gun :)

  5. What size is your Unicorn shirt, I totally need one and never know what size to order. I found it on amazon. So cute!

  6. I love your shorts, they look a little longer in the leg .....which I need lol ! What is the brand ?

  7. Oh your hands.... Laughing so hard, I'm sorry. Hopefully your experience will save someone the pain!


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