Parties + Tulle Skirts.

Sorry for the lack of posting on Monday, we had an early meeting at Madison's school to sign papers for her to begin testing. Testing takes about 45 days so we will know more after that time, I sincerely want to thank everyone who reached out to me with advice! It's a pretty great and supportive community here and I'm thankful for it. Y'all always know how to fix me life ;) 

We spent most of last week preparing for a Sip and Shop at my house, the hardest part was figuring out how to organize and price all the clothing. I have a lot of friends who'd rather shop in person than online so I thought it would be nice to have a night they could all come and try items on. It's really a lot of work to be ready for something like this - all online orders must be packed and gone and we have to take the store offline so we don't have any conflicting inventory. 

We had the most beautiful cookies made from The Texas Cookie Company! I can't believe someone can hand make these all so perfectly, plus they tasted amazing!

Ruffle Shuffle Maxi

We had about 40 people come, it was a lot of fun, I think we will hold one every season. We learned a few things this time that should help make the next party a little easier. 

Sunday we got up early to hit the Arboretum when it opened for our yearly Spring family pictures. We actually prefer to do pictures early in the morning, the kids are happy, and it's a lot less crowded there. Don't my boys look so handsome??

My friend Mallory brought me a flower headband and Madison wanted to wear it in every picture. The weather was absolutely stunning and all the flowers were blooming, it was almost magical!

We got some fantastic shots, I know i"m going to want to put this up all over the house when I get them all back from Amber Jane Images

Back in February I ordered these tulle skirts and they just happened to come in on Friday, it was meant to be! I'll try to be patient and not text Amber 75 times while I wait for the rest to come back. Isn't Oliver handsome in his linen pants? He's been doing so great maintaining his recent weight loss! I'm letting the idea of running again simmer in his brain for a bit ;)


  1. What a stunning picture of you two!!! Definitely wish I lived close enough to come to one of your sip and shops! <3 Could really use some new pretty clothes after surgery + such a weight loss!

  2. I need to tell you that you have the most amazing natural light through out your house! So super jealous. Oh and your family looks great too :)

  3. You are beautiful!! Love love love the pic of you and Oliver..... Your arms !!!!!!

  4. Beautiful family! The sip and shop looks like it was a lot of fun! Congrats on the success!

  5. Just beautiful! So glad the party was a success!

  6. You all look amazing!!! I'm loving that outfit on Oliver too! Nice job picking it out! That tulle skirt is fabulous and soooo Carrie Bradshaw! Love your little family and all you do! Keep Rockin It! ~Laura

  7. I always look forward to reading your blog. It's a part of my morning routine. Every now and then I might comment, but not often... but I just HAD to reach out today and praise your on praising your husband. Women are so quick to share stories about fussing or fighting with their husbands, and not enough say good things about the old hubbies. It's refreshing to hear another woman sing praises of her man! :)

  8. Since I am local, I NEED to come to your next sip and shop! Love the family pictures in the Arboretum too, I had my wedding and maternity pictures there. I think we need to go back for family pictures soon.

  9. What a fun event! Those cookies are adorable! How was the sangria?

  10. That's great you signed consent on Monday. I know they probably gave you a lot of paperwork, including Procedural Safeguards and Guide to the ARD process - read them if you can, they are so important and detail your rights as a parent. I know that the report is not due for 45 days, but if they are looking at providing support in the classroom, for example inclusion support, see if they can start her in that classroom at the first of the year. Then, they do not have to move her once the meeting is held to review the report and recommendations. Loved seeing the pictures and wished I live closer than in Houston to be able to shop in person.

  11. I am DYING for that romper sort of thing that the blonde is wearing; the black one. Do you sell it in your store? I couldn't find it online.


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