Friday Random + Awesome

Happy Fri-Yay! It's another dreary rainy day here in Dallas, they even canceled Madison's school Moo-sical due to a severe weather threat. She had her line memorized and ready to go, hopefully they can reschedule. 

I was sharing my top favorite songs on Periscope yesterday - on repeat. Me or the music it's hard to tell, apparently I repeat myself a lot on there. hahahahah. It's hard when I'm the only one really talking, dead air is uncomfortable for me. You should hear what goes on in my brain. Madison is the same way, she absolutely hates doing her homework in the dead quiet, it's like she can't focus when it's too quiet. When she's tired she puts on the iPad music really loudly and falls asleep, it's weird. 

We lived through our first big school project - we had to invent something. Man, what a beating! hahahaha How in the world can a 1st grader invent something - I think Oliver and I overthink it. She wanted to do training wheels on her roller-skates so her and Oliver spent some time in the garage rigging something up. I wish I could watch her present it in front of the class, she did well practicing in front of us. 

I saw a friend wearing these adorable 'charm' bracelets from Keep Collective and I had to get some for Madison and I. I remember how cool I felt at her age with my charm bracelet jingling on my arm, I bought her a silicone band with a few charms and she absolutely loves it. She even told me to kiss it this morning for good luck on her presentation, hahahahaha, guess it has magical powers too. 

I love refreshing my hair! I went a bit darker, I was feeling too blonde. I'm still wearing and loving my extensions, I was chatting with my girl about another type of extension, micro beading, and I was shocked to learn they are like 2 thousand dollars. Holy cow. Oliver would for real kill me. I'm good with my tape ins, they are like 100 bucks and look good! 

Ok, I've been sampling lots of different wines lately, or fancy apple juice as my wine snobby sister calls them. The bottle on this one is really ugly, but it's really really good! A front runner right now, but I've had a lot of new suggestions so I'm going to get a few new ones for next week. 


  1. Spill the deets on YOUR bracelets!!

  2. Arbor Mist has some pretty amazing flavored Moscato, if you are into that kinda thing.. I make sure I have 30 - 40 carbs a night for it... Pretty amazing.

  3. LOVE New Age Wine!!! Make sure you try it over ice with a lime wedge, seriously the best. Just make sure the wine is chilled before, or you just get gross watered down wine with lime.

  4. Megan you should try Italia Roscato - I got it at Target and it's really good. It's like a red moscato.

  5. Tell me about those sunglasses! What brand are they? Cute, cute!!

  6. Those bracelets are so adorable, love them!

    toast the girl almighty

  7. Love new age! I out lime, lemon and orange slices in it for a refreshing adult treat :)

  8. HI Megan! Can you tell me what kind of high chair you have for babes? I've been searching for something that is easily clean-able like that! Thanks :)

  9. Yellow Tail has a good Moscato. Also, Sister Creek Muscat Canalli(I know I spelt it wrong!) is yummy!!


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