Best Day.

Perfectly stunning weather this weekend in Dallas, I'm soaking it in before the heat is upon us. We started Saturday off with my favorite thing to do - watch Madison play soccer. 

We had just enough time to go home, change, and drive to Grapevine to see Thomas the Train in real life. Thomas does a tour every year and enough people reminded me to get tickets before they sold out. They had activities for the kids and then you take a 30 minute train ride, it was more geared for little kids, but we all had fun enjoying the beautiful weather.

Aiden was a little apprehensive at first, but then really enjoyed it, he's not the bravest little babe ;) He napped in the car on the way there and when we parked he opened his eyes and looked out the window and said CHOO CHOO! hahahaha. 

Grapevine is about an hour from my house so while we were up that way we decided to take the kids to Rainforest Cafe for dinner.

Hot Nights Tank and Lace Racer Back Bra.
Even at 5pm the wait was over an hour, but we made the most of it by doing a little shopping. I realized the other day Aiden was walking around with his pants undone, when I tried to snap them I found out they didn't fit him around the waist. Osh Kosh had the cutest boy stuff, fun patterned shorts and bright polos, even a cute pair of sandals that fit his extra wide foot. 

Madison even liked these overalls and I'm leaning toward trying some, maybe.... 

We finally got seated for dinner, they were way understaffed and the food was just ok, but it's a cool place to eat, once. Madison of course loved it, even more when they had someone walking around to do balloon animals. 

Aiden on the other hand spent most of the time hawk eyeing the fake gorillas in the trees, they would occasionally come to life and shake the trees - he was not a fan. 

Sunday after church Oliver and Aiden came to watch me play soccer and on the way home we stopped to buy him a bike, it's Bike a Thon at school this week and we realized we've been remiss in getting him one. He absolutely loves that thing, he rode around the house happily for hours yesterday! We bought him a ride on tractor for his birthday, he loves to be next to it, but refuses to ride it. He's even too scared to ride in the back while his sister drives, but the bike he loves. I'm not sure if the school requires a helmet, we bought one, but haven't had luck actually getting it on his head. 

We ended our weekend in the usual chaotic way - bathing the kids while Madison is singing, Adien is screaming to ride his bike, Madison sings louder to be heard over Aiden - Oliver complaining and my parents just well, being there. Everyone just hanging out in the same room of the house. #ILoveMyLife


  1. So glad you had a fun weekend with your family :) Thanks again for always sharing your life with all of us.

  2. Thomas the Train looks legit! I am sure Aiden enjoyed the day. Happy to see your weekend was spent mostly outdoors. Living in Texas we have to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather when it is around.. Have a great Monday!

  3. We're going to see Thomas in a few weeks in Chattanooga. My 3 year old is going to flip! So glad you all had a good time. :)

  4. Ethan & Ellie have those trikes too but they are still too short to reach the pedals, lol! I am super jealous of your gorgeous weather! While it was warm-ish here, it was WINDY. Ugh.

  5. Love those bath mats!!!! Where did you find them?


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