3 Day Weekend.

Friday we packed up and headed south for a soccer tournament in San Antonio, about 4 hours from our house. BAE BAE got his 'pad' and his 'bwall' we have a slight situation now - two kids and only 1 iPad, but Madison is nice about sharing. 

Oliver agreed to a pit stop in Waco for lunch and to see the Fixer Upper Silo's and store, Waco is such a cute little town!

We got there around noon on Friday and it was packed, the store itself is not really that great, a lot of the same items repeated around the store. The line was super long which really deterred me from buying anything. I guess I might just be a bit jaded since I go to Canton a lot and you can find all the same stuff there. 

What I did think was really cool was the outdoor space, turf lawn with bean bag chairs, rustic swings, and food trucks! If I lived in Waco I'd plan every playdate there. My brother lives near San Antonio and happened to be moving that weekend so my Mom was driving down to help him. We met up with them and helped move some of the heavy stuff until we were dripping in sweat.  I'm pretty sure I cussed my brother for owning the heaviest couches on the planet. 

We stayed at hotel since my brother was in between places, I got to sleep with this dude, he's just so adorable sleeping like a tiny man on his back and hands behind his head.  My Mom came in after we were in bed, it was dark and she tried to crawl in bed with Oliver hahahhahahha 

Saturday I had three games starting at 9:30am, Madison wanted to hang out with my Mom so it was just Aiden and Oliver at my games. Aiden was such a good boy all day, I got him a little fold out chair and he sat in it or played with a ball for every game. 

The hotel was directly across the street from the San Marcos outlets, which are freaking amazing! I half go just to shop, we had a bit of time after the first game so I hit West Elm outlet and found a gorgeous rug for a great deal! Oliver talked me out of sheets and about 4 different light fixtures I wanted. 

It's sure nice when he's helpful and will rearrange the car to fit my big purchases. 

We grabbed a bite to eat, I talked Aiden into trying on the hat, but he was more interested in me wearing it. 

Next stop Pottery Barn Outlet, I maybe went a little nuts, but PB is so expensive and I can't just go to the outlet whenever I want. I bought Madison a PB bed for her birthday, a full size, they had the cutest bedding marked down then another 30% off and you have to get the curtains and rug to match. I put the heart sheets back, I can just buy a solid color for 1/3 of the price. 

One of my long term readers lived close to the fields and came out to say hi which I totally love, it's nice to put a real face to a username. After 3 games I was dead, every thing hurt and I thought I was dying. Brit recommended a local mom and pop place where I had amazing pizza and 2 glasses of wine. 

Just a little 3 day weekend with my family is so nice, lots of together time and memories made. Sunday was rainy which made for a long drive home, both kids were tired and took a long nap in the car. We pit stopped at Bucee's for lunch, we can't drive south and not stop! We got home around 4, had time to do laundry and relax before starting the week. I had to take a long long bath to soak off the remainder of my spray tan, shin guards are the enemy of a spray tan. 


  1. OMG! The part about your mom I just about spit my water out at work.. too good!!

  2. What a fun little get away!! Oh, that face of your little guy....heartbreaker! He is a cutie!! - Erin

  3. I am reading this at work and shared the part with your mom with my coworker. We got a good laugh!

  4. Oh girl that is hilarious about your mom & Oliver!!! Ahhh Memories made!! hahaa But it sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! The rug is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!!

  5. Fun!

    We (me & 15 family members) are going to Orlando this summer for 8 days. We will spend an entire day hitting the outlet malls. Most of us bring extra luggage just to fill up. =)

  6. Hey Meg- I am a Texas girl but have never been to Canton. Can you please do a post on the dos/dont's/maps with your favorite vendors? I am headed to Dallas next month and really want to make a Canton trip with my family, though i know it will be hot!


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