Friday Random + Awesome

Happy Fri-Yay! It's another dreary rainy day here in Dallas, they even canceled Madison's school Moo-sical due to a severe weather threat. She had her line memorized and ready to go, hopefully they can reschedule. 

I was sharing my top favorite songs on Periscope yesterday - on repeat. Me or the music it's hard to tell, apparently I repeat myself a lot on there. hahahahah. It's hard when I'm the only one really talking, dead air is uncomfortable for me. You should hear what goes on in my brain. Madison is the same way, she absolutely hates doing her homework in the dead quiet, it's like she can't focus when it's too quiet. When she's tired she puts on the iPad music really loudly and falls asleep, it's weird. 

We lived through our first big school project - we had to invent something. Man, what a beating! hahahaha How in the world can a 1st grader invent something - I think Oliver and I overthink it. She wanted to do training wheels on her roller-skates so her and Oliver spent some time in the garage rigging something up. I wish I could watch her present it in front of the class, she did well practicing in front of us. 

I saw a friend wearing these adorable 'charm' bracelets from Keep Collective and I had to get some for Madison and I. I remember how cool I felt at her age with my charm bracelet jingling on my arm, I bought her a silicone band with a few charms and she absolutely loves it. She even told me to kiss it this morning for good luck on her presentation, hahahahaha, guess it has magical powers too. 

I love refreshing my hair! I went a bit darker, I was feeling too blonde. I'm still wearing and loving my extensions, I was chatting with my girl about another type of extension, micro beading, and I was shocked to learn they are like 2 thousand dollars. Holy cow. Oliver would for real kill me. I'm good with my tape ins, they are like 100 bucks and look good! 

Ok, I've been sampling lots of different wines lately, or fancy apple juice as my wine snobby sister calls them. The bottle on this one is really ugly, but it's really really good! A front runner right now, but I've had a lot of new suggestions so I'm going to get a few new ones for next week. 


Current goals and measurements.

I love that I am smaller, but weigh more now! 

It's been a long hot minute since I've updated my progress/goals on here. For a while it just felt like I was stagnant, I spent some weeks eating at maintenance and just working out. Back in Jan/Feb I did a small cut, where I basically cut my calories to try to cut some fat. Honestly I couldn't get focused on it and I wasn't consistent, I felt unmotivated and then I was traveling a lot. I decided to stop forcing it and go back to eating all the food. 

Currently this is what my daily macros are, this is a good life for me. I feel sated and happy at this caloric amount. 

Somedays I eat spinach salad with double chicken. 

Somedays I eat a pizza with 2 glasses of wine. 

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal, bagel sandwiches with cheese, more cheese, cream cheese, eggs, and a side of cauliflower hash browns.

Lime-a-rita Tank

I'm still hitting the gym 6 days a week, minimum of 5 days lifting and 2 run days. I've been following Poppy's plan and adding in my own stuff too. I don't have any immediate races coming up so I'm just going with the running flow and playing soccer, both indoor and outdoor. I think I am starting to feel a bit bored with my current gym routine. I feel like I"m doing the same things week after week, I've also lost some of my workout partners and I don't have anyone really on the same regiment. I feel like I need to spice up my 5am life, but I'm not sure how. I miss going to classes, I occasionally will go to spin instead of running if the weather is bad. I'd love to maybe hire someone to get me to the next level, but I've not been impressed with any of the trainers at the gym. I just feel like I need some type of goal to work towards, it's a scary feeling to feel unmotivated. I don't want to slide back into old bad habits. I think it's important to push yourself and I don't feel like I'm pushing myself right now. 


Parties + Tulle Skirts.

Sorry for the lack of posting on Monday, we had an early meeting at Madison's school to sign papers for her to begin testing. Testing takes about 45 days so we will know more after that time, I sincerely want to thank everyone who reached out to me with advice! It's a pretty great and supportive community here and I'm thankful for it. Y'all always know how to fix me life ;) 

We spent most of last week preparing for a Sip and Shop at my house, the hardest part was figuring out how to organize and price all the clothing. I have a lot of friends who'd rather shop in person than online so I thought it would be nice to have a night they could all come and try items on. It's really a lot of work to be ready for something like this - all online orders must be packed and gone and we have to take the store offline so we don't have any conflicting inventory. 

We had the most beautiful cookies made from The Texas Cookie Company! I can't believe someone can hand make these all so perfectly, plus they tasted amazing!

Ruffle Shuffle Maxi

We had about 40 people come, it was a lot of fun, I think we will hold one every season. We learned a few things this time that should help make the next party a little easier. 

Sunday we got up early to hit the Arboretum when it opened for our yearly Spring family pictures. We actually prefer to do pictures early in the morning, the kids are happy, and it's a lot less crowded there. Don't my boys look so handsome??

My friend Mallory brought me a flower headband and Madison wanted to wear it in every picture. The weather was absolutely stunning and all the flowers were blooming, it was almost magical!

We got some fantastic shots, I know i"m going to want to put this up all over the house when I get them all back from Amber Jane Images

Back in February I ordered these tulle skirts and they just happened to come in on Friday, it was meant to be! I'll try to be patient and not text Amber 75 times while I wait for the rest to come back. Isn't Oliver handsome in his linen pants? He's been doing so great maintaining his recent weight loss! I'm letting the idea of running again simmer in his brain for a bit ;)


A Day in the Life.

Tapped that snooze button yesterday, finally rolled out 20 minutes later to a loud thunderstorm. All it took was one bright bolt of lightening for Madison to jump over my head in an attempt to climb into bed with us. A knee to the face will get you going real fast.

5am to 6:30am gym. Wednesdays I typically do legs, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and even a workout couldn't pull me from my bitchy funk. I hate walking around with a cloud over my head so I vowed to change my attitude.

The rain continues, we don't have any flooding, but Aiden's school has been under repair from the hail damage for 2 weeks and they can't even START working on it until the rain stops. I have a feeling it could be close to another week or even two until he can go back. 

Oliver literally texts me or calls me every morning if I'm even 1 minute late. I had two choices - get gas or let him get in a car with only 2 miles left to the tank. I got the gas.

7:30 - 9am I take a shower, hang out with BAE BAE, make and eat breakfast, sometimes blog, and get ready to go upstairs and work. Every other Wednesday my cleaning crew comes, so I had to wash the sheets for them and pick up the toys so they can do the floors.

Usually one of the girls shows up around 9 and we go upstairs to start working. Typically we start with answering emails, comments, or taking care of issues in the shipping system. I check on shipments and reorder needed items, then put together any email blasts that need to be sent. We are having our first ever Sip and Shop at the house this weekend so we talked about what items we still needed to get and make a plan to go shop. Oma shows up around 10 or 11 to watch Aiden so Oliver can begin working around noon. They go for a walk and play until he goes down for a 2+ hour nap around 1pm.

11am to 1pm: SK and I hit up Trader Joes and Target to get stuff for the party, mostly alcohol. We did happen to find a few items we needed, like the new Boom Chicka Pop flavors and a few bottles of wine for me to try out. 

We go to lunch at Scotty P's - I really wanted the onion rings so I just got a chicken breast on the side.  

1:30 to 3pm: We get home to several boxes of new inventory so after unloading the car we head back upstairs to hang and check invoices. I weighed out some of the new Boom Chicka Pop - so good! We got in some cuteeeeeeeee new items, lots of clapping going on. We check emails and help Oma with any orders she had trouble with - she will pack orders while Aiden is napping. 

3 to 4:30pm: Madison gets home from school around 3, she is required by My Law to do her homework after changing into her pjs and getting a snack. Aiden wakes up around 3:45 and usually ends up upstairs with me playing with toys or watching my phone. The rain has canceled all soccer plans for the week so we are free for the night.

4:30 to 5pm: I stay upstairs and work until around 4 or 4:30 depending on if we have to go to any activities. Yesterday I was dying of hunger, I had to do something to keep my fingers out of the pantry. I resigned myself to putting away my huge basket of laundry. 

5 to 6pm: I made it to about 5:01pm before I decided to make dinner. I was not in the mood to cook anything fancy so I opted for Trader Joe's Orange Chicken over broccoli and riced cauliflower. I also have my nightly glass of wine, I've been experimenting with a glass a night to unwind. I'm not a lover of alcohol, but I'm starting to enjoy it just a bit. It calms me down and I've found a few types that I like - Cupcake Moscato, Relax Riesling, and a Sauvignon Blanc. 

6 to 7pm - I try to catch an episode of something I like - right now it's Jane the Virgin on Netflix. Most often this is interrupted by Aiden crying, Madison roller skating, doors slamming, Oliver complaining, or my phone ringing. I usually prefer to watch from my phone while I'm getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner. 

7 to 8pm: Hump day bath time, we scrub them down so they smell good. Aiden will only stay in for about 10 minutes with his sister, I'm pretty sure she annoys him on purpose so she can have the tub to herself, she'll play pretend in there for a good 30 minutes. After bath's they will both play for a bit before bedtime. 

On Wednesdays I usually refresh my spray tan, typically just my face and chest as those fade the fastest. We have a electronic situation in the house, Madison has the only iPad and Aiden now takes over my phone and gets really mad when you take it back. As shown. 

8:30pm Aiden gets put to bed and Oliver is finally done working, I make a nightly treat if I have the macros left and we usually watch a show together. Sometimes if I'm feeling frisky I'll clean the kitchen, last night not so much. 

I go lay in bed to watch a show on my phone and get sleepy, this one follows me to plead her case to sleep in our room. She can out argue me pretty much any day until I look her deep in her eyes and say 'you are really annoying me right now, go. to. bed.' Usually all lights are out by 9:30 or 10pm.

Wake up and do it all over again. 



The bluebonnets aren't quite as glorious as last year for some reason, but we still managed to find a nice field and take our yearly pictures, thanks to Amber Jane for once again capturing my babies so wonderfully! 

My only request was to capture a picture of Aiden with his hands in his pockets, he slays me with his need to pocket those little fingers all the time. Seriously just want to eat him and I wanted a picture to forever remember him just like this. These Levi's have lasted him for 2 years, it's like they are magic pants that always fit him, they are 18 month.

My sister bought Madison cowgirl boots for her birthday, she has now worn them almost daily, with dresses, capri's, shorts, and her swim suit. I gave up arguing a long time ago, she claims they are 'SO COMFORTABLE MOMMY' 

As her birthday gift we bought her a new bigger bed and are redoing her room to reflect her new big girl status. No more baby stuff for her, I think this picture will be perfect as a canvas on her wall. The colors perfectly match the PB bedding I got a great deal on at the outlet too. 

These two have such a sweet relationship despite their age difference, I pray they hold on to that, my own difficult relationships with my siblings weigh heavy on my heart. So many people put so much thought and effort into how far apart their children should be for maximum sibling relationship, but in the end every one is their own person and you just can't predict how these things turn out. I wish I was closer to my siblings, but I wish more for them to find their own peace and happiness. 


3 Day Weekend.

Friday we packed up and headed south for a soccer tournament in San Antonio, about 4 hours from our house. BAE BAE got his 'pad' and his 'bwall' we have a slight situation now - two kids and only 1 iPad, but Madison is nice about sharing. 

Oliver agreed to a pit stop in Waco for lunch and to see the Fixer Upper Silo's and store, Waco is such a cute little town!

We got there around noon on Friday and it was packed, the store itself is not really that great, a lot of the same items repeated around the store. The line was super long which really deterred me from buying anything. I guess I might just be a bit jaded since I go to Canton a lot and you can find all the same stuff there. 

What I did think was really cool was the outdoor space, turf lawn with bean bag chairs, rustic swings, and food trucks! If I lived in Waco I'd plan every playdate there. My brother lives near San Antonio and happened to be moving that weekend so my Mom was driving down to help him. We met up with them and helped move some of the heavy stuff until we were dripping in sweat.  I'm pretty sure I cussed my brother for owning the heaviest couches on the planet. 

We stayed at hotel since my brother was in between places, I got to sleep with this dude, he's just so adorable sleeping like a tiny man on his back and hands behind his head.  My Mom came in after we were in bed, it was dark and she tried to crawl in bed with Oliver hahahhahahha 

Saturday I had three games starting at 9:30am, Madison wanted to hang out with my Mom so it was just Aiden and Oliver at my games. Aiden was such a good boy all day, I got him a little fold out chair and he sat in it or played with a ball for every game. 

The hotel was directly across the street from the San Marcos outlets, which are freaking amazing! I half go just to shop, we had a bit of time after the first game so I hit West Elm outlet and found a gorgeous rug for a great deal! Oliver talked me out of sheets and about 4 different light fixtures I wanted. 

It's sure nice when he's helpful and will rearrange the car to fit my big purchases. 

We grabbed a bite to eat, I talked Aiden into trying on the hat, but he was more interested in me wearing it. 

Next stop Pottery Barn Outlet, I maybe went a little nuts, but PB is so expensive and I can't just go to the outlet whenever I want. I bought Madison a PB bed for her birthday, a full size, they had the cutest bedding marked down then another 30% off and you have to get the curtains and rug to match. I put the heart sheets back, I can just buy a solid color for 1/3 of the price. 

One of my long term readers lived close to the fields and came out to say hi which I totally love, it's nice to put a real face to a username. After 3 games I was dead, every thing hurt and I thought I was dying. Brit recommended a local mom and pop place where I had amazing pizza and 2 glasses of wine. 

Just a little 3 day weekend with my family is so nice, lots of together time and memories made. Sunday was rainy which made for a long drive home, both kids were tired and took a long nap in the car. We pit stopped at Bucee's for lunch, we can't drive south and not stop! We got home around 4, had time to do laundry and relax before starting the week. I had to take a long long bath to soak off the remainder of my spray tan, shin guards are the enemy of a spray tan. 


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