Spicy Chicken + Life.

Y'all know I love my Truffle Parm rub for the chicken, but sometimes you just need something with a kick! I've been using this Ammazza Suocera on my beloved chicken then pairing it with my Riced Cauliflower, rotel, corn, avocado, and cheese. I recently just bought a huge case of chicken from Zaycon and I'm impressed with the quality and it's nice to have a huge stash of protein so I don't have to keep running to the store to buy more. 

If you follow me on IG you know I'm newly obsessed with shredding my brussel sprouts in my Ninja! I really don't super love roasted brussels, I tried to I really did, but shredding them is such good base for toppings for very little calories. I've been topping with:

Avocado oil
Lemon Juice
garlic salt and pepper
dried cranberries
goat cheese 
truffle chicken

I'd love to know your favorite combo for shredded brussels! 

Bae Bae is teething something fierce and he cries when he eats and is not sleeping well, I tried to get him to sleep with me, but he won't, rude. I just want to cuddle! 

Madison has been having a blast at Spring Break Camp, they take the kids somewhere different every day and wear them out. They had a mini cooking class and she loved it, they also offer it in the summer so I will for sure be signing her up!

I had my consult for Lasik and I'm excited to be getting my eyeballs fixed next week!! I've worn glasses/contact since the 3rd grade and I should've braved this procedure long ago. I have to wear the most annoying contacts that move around in my eye constantly, so this will be a big relief! 


  1. I watched your Periscope from yesterday so I wasn't able to comment, but when I had Lasik, I had to wear my glasses for a week prior to the procedure. So you might ask them about that also.

    1. Oh yes, he told me 3 days which I am dreading!

  2. LOVE Lasik! I had mine done a few years ago and I am so happy I did! Surgery isn't bad at all! The only annoying thing is remembering to put the drops in on schedule! I went back to work the next day! Good luck!!
    I'm going to try the brussels shredded this weekend--do you cook them or just eat them raw like a salad?

  3. Have you tried the FlavorGod seasonings yet?

    1. Yes, it's good but not as good as my Truffle Rub!

  4. Lucky to you guys. I have same issues as you Megan and they made me go without for 3 weeks before testing then to find out I didn't qualify and need the implants ugghh

  5. I love Zaycon and am doing my third order for 60pounds! We grind half of our order usually and it's awesome!

    Also my kids won't sleep with me unless the have a fever-whatever! I'm a good cuddler.

  6. thanks for the Zaycon link! I'm on a waiting list, or may drive 50 miles to get it. I have been buying my chicken at Sam's Club, it is usually late, but lately the quality has been terrible. I'm really wanting some amazing chicken with no additives. You are awesome at finding the coolest stuff! Thanks, Meg!!


  7. So jealous! I want Lasik something fierce!!! Best of luck!

  8. Just bought some truffle rub. Can't wait to try it!! Lasik is the best thing ever!!! You will wish you had done it years ago. The surgery is not bad at all. No pain at all. The procedure it totally worth it not to have to deal with contacts or glasses ever again. I am the biggest chicken ever when it comes to stuff like this, and if I can do it, anyone can!! Good luck!!!

  9. I am having LASIK on Wednesday! I am so excited, but so nervous. I have had to wear my glasses for three weeks and I am over them; Floor work sucks because I am trying to do crunches and my glasses want to suction to my face and I even got a blister on my nose. Seeing your post and the responses have made me feel better about the surgery. Thanks!

  10. WOO LASIK! I am an eye surgery nurse and had LASIK several years ago! It was the best thing I've ever done. Good luck! You will do great!

  11. for your love of brussel sprouts recipes :) I haven't tried this one, but would not have thought of this combo!!


  12. Meg - do you pound your chicken? Yours looks less "thick" than mine. Thanks to you, I bought the truffle parm rub but haven't used it yet. Making some this weekend ;)


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