Recap: Smart Success Live.

Dandelion Sweater. 

A few weeks ago Shelly Kelley's {now known as SK} Mom gifted us two tickets to Chalene Johnson's Smart Success Live in Anaheim, CA. I'm not really sure exactly how much tickets are normally, but I think about 500 each. We just had to buy plane tickets and hotel rooms, the trip was really close to my NOLA weekend and fell over Aiden's 2nd Birthday, but it only happens once a year and I couldn't pass on free tickets!

The conference was at a hotel close to Chalene's house, we flew in on Thursday for the 3 day conference. If you are not familiar with Chalene or Smart Success here's a brief recap:

Chalene is very well know in the fitness industry for her role in Turbo Jam, then Beachbody, and just being an all around fitspo. Her and her husband have built and sold many companies, they no longer do Beachbody or fitness videos, but teach people how to design a life they love - they help you find the success in your life. Smart Success is the first step in their plan to designing a life you love. It's also available online if you can't make the Live event.

I believe their were about 1300 people in attendance, I will say the majority of those seemed to be BeachBody coaches, however the topics covered were not related to fitness at all, they would apply to anyone who is looking to start or run their own business. 

They did a great job of hyping everyone up, creating excitement, and making it fun and applicable. They have a VIP section at the front, it was a 500 dollar upgrade I believe. We decided not to pay for it, but if you really are looking to connect with some of the big dogs there I would recommend it! I did not do a great job at branching out and meeting very many people, but I did connect with a few. 

The main gist of what they talked about was figuring out WHAT exactly it is you want in your life and how to set yourself up be successful. They are huge advocates of working smarter not harder. Everything they talked about made sense to me, but to be honest most of the points they covered I already apply to my life. 

In my situation I've already taken that first giant leap of faith, quit my job to pursue my dream. There were a few questions that came up I hadn't really thought about and a few areas that I needed to work on. What they didn't really delve into was the HOW TO - how to find a virtual assistant or how to organize your digital life. This is all covered in her VBA - Virtual Business Academy. 

They talked in general about hiring people, how just one part time person can make the difference for you and your company. This is something I did struggle with a few month ago, but I now have 3 employees! I did have some a-ha moments when we talked about how to deal with issues pertaining to those you are around the most {spouse/employees} and a good exercise on how to 'snap out of it'. Right now I need to focus on how to be a good boss and friend. I need to set expectations for my employees and I realized that was lacking when we had to give thought to our daily routines. 

They had a few guest speakers, all of whom had a great message and were interesting. Dr. Amen was probably my favorite even though I didn't agree with all of his philosophies. His study of the brain is fascinating and really really makes me want to go and have a $3,500 brain scan. 

Overall I will say they delivered exactly what they promised, but I'm glad I got the tickets free because I went ahead and purchased her Virtual Business Academy because I think that's more along the lines of what I am looking for - details on the 'how to' in running your own business. Chalene is huge on 'systems' or ways that she keeps her life and business organized - how she is able to be so successful by letting other people do the things that are not her top priority. I need more systems in my life and I'm excited to go though VBA and grow as a entrepreneur. 

Besides the conference we did find a local 24 Hour to work out at - the hotel gym was full of Beach Body people doing their videos so we thought it best to find another way to get our sweat on. 

We also learned that Uber is like the best thing ever, it's just SO SO SO EASY to pull up the app - request a ride - and not have to have any cash on hand to pay or tip. I never have cash! I never felt unsafe and every car we rode in was spotless. 

We found the most amazing food place - the Anaheim Packing District. It's this really cool building full of all kind of different food with live music and great people watching. 

I discovered my new drink of choice - a Moscow Mule. 

I then got the most amazing crepe ever full of oreo, nutella, cool whip, ice cream, and honey. OMG> y'all. Worth all the calories. 

I'll be talking more in depth about Smart Success tomorrow on Periscope - 2pm CST. You can ask me questions there or post them here and I'll go over it then. 


  1. I think what you've done in the past couple years has been pretty amazing. I've followed you for quite some time and everyday I admire what you've done with yourself...on so many different levels. As a woman, mom, fitness, food, business owner...etc. I think what truly has made you successful is that you have found the balance on how to be personal, sincere and honest - staying true to you. You go girl!

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  3. Molly Ring: If you can't say anything nice keep your comment to yourself. Meg has worked her ass off for years to get where she is at in life right now. She deserves all the success she has because she works so hard for it. I am pretty sure her son will not hold that against her for the rest of her life, just like my daughter wont know that we only bought her one gift for Christmas. Being married and having children is a team effort. I would love to see what all you have to say about me for leaving my daughter with my husband multiple times to travel for a run, or work or a girls trip. What you don't know is how much se sacrificed for years in order to be where she is at now. I am not trying to be rude, but please don't hide behind a computer screen thinking no one will know. If you don't like this then don't follow.

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  5. I hope you do an update on the Virtual Business Academy - I have heard so many mixed reviews so I have had trouble deciding if it is worth the money!

  6. I love Chalene and have been wavering on this. I know I need something to kick me in the back side and get it done. If you don't listen to her podcast she has some good ones about hiring a good VA and the like. Congrats on all of your success! I love seeing everything you do. Keep it up!

  7. moscow mules- FTW!! so awesome you had such a great trip & experience!

  8. I still do my chalean extreme DVDs I love them and her!!

  9. I can't wait to hear what you have to say in your scope! I want you to know that I am working on my first blog and it will be focused around running, which I have a passion about thrown in with some everday life things! You have inspired me Megan! Thank you!

  10. Looks like so much fun! I love Chalene and she has so much amazing free content out there for those who want to succeed but can't afford the academy or live event just yet! I learn something everytime I hear her scope!

  11. The conference sounds like so much fun! And I'm tempted to make the Moscow Mule "my drink" just because I love the copper cup it comes in--gotta look pretty drinking too :) As always, thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Moscow mule with Grey Goose le melon vodka...OH MA LAWD. Tastes like a tropical Starburst.

  13. Where did you get the black cross body bag you have on in the first picture?


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