Choo - Choo I'm Two!

We celebrated Aiden's 2nd Birthday this weekend, we got really lucky and the cloud parted just in time to bring some beautiful Spring weather! I got him up early so he would take an early nap before the party, he's such a good kid and actually did it LOL Nothing worse than a cranky toddler at a party you put a lot of work into. Mimi has been making train decor for weeks now and everything turned out so cute! 

We tried to use black duck tape to make train tracks leading up to the door, but the ground was still wet and my walkway curves too much so we skipped that part. 

Dress - Read Between the Lines
We bought these giant balloons on clearance 2 years ago from JCPenny, Party City wanted $18 bucks EACH to blow them up - Dollar General did it for a buck! 

I have such a great Mom, seriously couldn't ask for for better! 

The best part was the train we rented from Bounce N More, we saw this at a local festival and knew Aiden would love it for his party. His face when he came down the driveway and saw the train was priceless - that smile had me wanting to buy him all the trains in the world. If you are local to Dallas I highly recommend Bounce N More - they were super great about rescheduling in case it rained, didn't charge extra for anything, and showed up right on time - plus the driver was really great with the kids! The train runs about 300/hour, but less for each additional hour. 

Choo Choo Choo Choo - all. day. long. 

I'm annoyed that I forgot to get a family picture, swear Oliver was there ;)  


  1. And the Mom of the Year Award goes to........Megan!!! How fabulous?!?!?! Happy Birthday, Aiden!

  2. Awwww!! There is nothing like everything coming together for your kids bday!! The smiles and excitement are worth every little stressful moment leading up to the big day- His day was clearly made! Go Megan! (and your mom is amazing!!) PS I ALWAYS forget to take a family photo grrrrrr! Happy Bday to your sweet boy! Erin (thismommywrites)

  3. I friggin' forgot to get a family picture at my daughter's party in January and it STILL bothers me!!


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