Only one more sleep until NOLA! I am mostly excited to meet my some of my favorite people who I've never really met, but feel like I know :) We've been planning this for almost a year so it's hard to believe it's finally here!!! Also I've never been to NOLA, so it should be a fun and exciting girls weekend. I am running the RNR Half there, I also signed up for the Heavy Metal option with Rock and Roll and the more RNR Races you run the more metals you get, so obviously I had to commit to the RNR Dallas in March and I think I may do the RNR Vegas in the Fall.

I'm thinking to do a Meet and Eat lunch after the race on Sunday - if you want to come and hang out and eat food with us please get in touch with me either on email SKINNYMEG@OUTLOOK.COM or on Facebook.

I met up with the Full Marathoners this morning for a short track workout, afterwards I wasn't really feeling the gym so I headed home and finished off with a few more around the neighborhood. It's been a while since I've run alone around my block and it brought back so many found memories of when I first started running. 

5 years ago I signed up to run my first half, I had no running group, no training plan, no clue what I was doing. I legit went out and just ran and tried to push myself. I went alone to the race and I was terrified on the way there, I had only ever run one 5K before this, I didn't know how to put the tracker on my shoe, where to pin the bib, should I be warming up? I obviously was confused on what to wear ahahaha shorts over capris seemed like a good idea at the time. I chafed terribly because I had no idea what Glide was, my feet were killing me because I didn't have proper shoes, I ran it in 2:27 and felt like I was going to die at the end. Honestly the only thing keeping me running at the end was the 60 year old lady next to me telling me not to stop. 

At the end I had such a sense of pride, of accomplishment, it really is a day I'll never ever forget. I've since learned a few tips to make running more enjoyable, it's something I hope I'll always be able to do because of the happy it brings me. I've made some GREAT friends, ran some fun races, pushed myself beyond my limits, and improved my confidence and body image.

Just this morning while I was running I FELT like an athlete, my legs felt strong, my heart felt strong, my feet were fast. It just felt so amazing. Also these Saucony Women's Zealot are the bestest running shoes ever!

What was NOT amazing was running behind Poppy today and all of the sudden she screams and leaps and I almost fall into a dead animal on the side of the road. I scream too, almost pee myself, pretty sure I burn 1,000 calories jumping over this thing. 

Most of the time running is fun.


  1. Where did you get your pants? Super cute!

  2. This!!!!! I never comment on blog posts. But my god! I'm determined to run my first 5K this spring. And to see you doing a half with no group, and little experience. Seriously, you have no idea how this made my heart jump. I'm looking forward to that sense of pride and accomplishment in the end. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Why does running and reading others stories about running bring tears to my eyes? I totally was about to cry reading this and then the dead animal had me laughing. Good luck in NOLA! Have a great time and safe trip! Keep Rockin' It! ~Laura

  4. What are some of your tips for making running more enjoyable? I've lift,spin, yoga, you name it! But HATE running. I've only done 5ks when peer pressured at work. It's something I think my body would react well to and really want to commit to it....once the north east thaws out.

    1. People and music both make running 100 times more enjoyable! I highly highly recommend a group to run with, it's scary at first but it's changed my life in so many ways!!

  5. I'll be running Dallas also! Good luck in Nola!

  6. Check out Bourbon Street once, just to say you did it and then go to Frenchman Street....much cleaner and better!!!! So much history and heritage in that town. Do the St. Louis #1 cematary tour. We had an awesome African-American woman who was SO knowledgeable, we did her tour twice with different people in our group. Have fun!!

  7. Well let me just tell ya! I ran my first half this past October. I trained for 8 weeks, had 3 others make the trip with me (one ran the race), had already been working out consistently for 10 months at that point with no real amount of weight that I needed to lose and I ALSO ran it in 2:27 and I ALSO felt like I might die. Ha! So I'm impressed that you pulled a sub 2:30 with all those factors stacked against you. That's AMAZING!
    I'm getting ready to run my next half in April and I'm just trying to beat my last one by any amount of time at all. And hopefully feel a little better at the end!
    Love your blog! You're inspiring!

  8. I'm doing the half in NR Vegas (strip at night - it's gonna be so fun!) - if you do end up doing it would love to do a meetup like you are doing in NOLA. There is definitely a learning curve and you're right... you just have to go out and do it.

  9. Lady!! You always inspire me. Thank you. Also, love the new Blog design! :)

  10. You've never been to NOLA?! Girl. Best food in America :)

    I LOVE your new blog design!!!

  11. I'm running RnR Las Vegas again!!!! It's an excuse for the hubby and I to jet away for an adult vaca! Please go I'd love to meet you in person! 🙏🏻


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