The weather in Dallas this weekend was nothing short of spectacular, like lets just go outside and sit on a patio while we eat and drink. Everywhere we went we rolled down the windows and popped the sunroof. 

I am going to Vegas to shop for Spring clothing, but I wanted to go to the Dallas market for a few hours to hit a couple local vendors, I finally got to meet Ali in person, she's the #girlboss behind The Light Blonde. The weather had me all sorts of excited for dresses and tank top with a side of sparkly flip flops and blinged out hats. 

I'm going to be out of town for a lot of February, so I had to buy a new suitcase, my pink one has a busted zipper. Aiden is obsessed with pulling and pushing it around the house, who needs toys, I need to put it away while he's sleeping. I might just pack his sweet face up and take him with me. 

Saturday I did my first stair climb, 70 stories or 1540 steps, it was a ton of fun! It was hard, but short, I climbed it in about 16 minutes and yes my legs were on fire and my lungs burning, but it didn't last long. Maybe next year Madison will do it with me! 

Then we went to Gloria's for brunch, of course I got the chicken, but it was actually really good and I felt good when we left. Nothing worse than indulging then regretting it when you leave, just ask Oliver about his pizza last night ;)

I pull up to this scene when I get to my Mom's ahahahah. I can't even with my squad. I'm telling you, everyone just wanted to be outdoors in the sunshine! 

Bae Bae was sick all last week, I used the Theives oils on his feet and I really think it made a difference. I also used it on Madison and she didn't catch it, which is kinda a miracle. 

Sunday was the Too Cold to Hold half marathon, it was actually hot out and I made sure to TRISLIDE up my entire body so I wouldn't chafe.  It was Shelly's first half and I promised her I would stay with her, which she was not happy about. When I picked her up  I told her I didn't sleep well the night before and she told me 'good I hope you feel like crap and run slow' hahahah That's like the worst thing anyone has ever said to me before a race. She wanted to run around a 11, but I knew she had a 10:15 in her and she finished in 2:16 which is amazing for her first race! I'm glad she let me push her just a bit ;) The entire crew came out and it was a ton of fun, I love my running group so much!!

I picked up Aiden from my MIL on the way home, poor baby was worn out from playing outside and knocked out as soon as he got in the car, he slept about 40 minutes home, then went straight to his crib for about 2+ hours when we got home.

I didn't have time to go eat tacos with everyone afterwards so I was about to die of hunger when I got home, I made my favorite nachos with my TJ's reduced guilt chips and caught up on Housewives before I even showered.

We spent the afternoon at a petting zoo birthday party, Madison was gracious enough to trade in her rippy jeans for rippy shorts. The clothing struggle is very real with this child, even wearing a uniform to school hasn't been great, Oliver and her fight almost every morning.

Then we finished the day up at the grocery, where we spend half our life savings. On the way home Oliver made some smart remark about me not turning off my turn signal soon enough, so I left it on the entire way home just to annoy him. 


  1. Thieves oil is amazing! FYI: RC works really well for little ones and adults with colds. Amanda uses it on Audra a lot. YLEO are amazing! I have used and sold them for about 6 years!!

  2. So jealous of your temps down there, Indiana is pretty chilly! Can't wait for shorts, tanks and flips!

  3. So proud of you and Shelley Kelly. How long did it take her to run that fast? I did my 2nd 5K this sat and did it in 38min which sucked for me. I'm so hard on myself. Please help me.

  4. Way to get that race done and way to push your friend! I'm sure she's thanking you now ;)

  5. i love that madison will work out with you soon. great inspiration for as my LO gets older. Awesome job pushing your friend-shes lucky to have you and I hope she appreciates having someone on her team! :) Is TJs really worth it? We don't have one near us..the closest is about 30 minutes..but curious if its worth it to take a trip out there! Thanks!

    1. I drive 45 minutes to mine once a month -so worth it!


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