Fri-Yay Workout

It's sure nice to be able to leave and know that my girls have my back, they are at OMB headquarters taking care of business! Oliver's gonna handle birthday parties and soccer tomorrow and my Mom is picking up my 40 pounds of organic chicken. It takes a village for sure, I appreciate my friends and family so much.

My flight is delayed and the wifi at the airport is crazy fast so I uploaded my workout this morning to You Tube and I'll write it out below - well it's not mine - Jen sent it to me - but it's a good one so be sure you sweat it out and let me know how you like it!

10 moves - 25 times each - repeat all 4 times. So, 1000 reps all together. Got it? Ready??

1. Shoulder Press with weights
2. Narrow Squat with weight plate
3. Tricep Kickbacks
4. Lunge with left leg with weight
5. Floor Tap Jumps
6. Lunge on Right with Weight 
7. Plate Steer
8. Prisoner Squats
9. Plate Chess Press
10. Speed Skater


  1. This was an amazing workout and it pushed me hard. I was totally not feeling my workout this morning so I thought I would do this to switch it up. ROCKED IT!!! Thanks for sharing! Good luck in NOLA this weekend! ~Laura

  2. Thank you so much for posting the workout! Have a great trip!!!

  3. thanks for uploading this video! i always struggle with ideas and this is easy to follow!

  4. Great workout! Thanks for sharing. What weight of plate did you use in your workout?


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