A $27 Balloon.

Let's rewind to Thursday, when I finally caved and tried hair extensions! Chandler was the doll who fixed Oliver's hair and I happened to see that she offered extension services, then she showed me hers, just a few on the sides to give some thickness to her hair. I have been hesitant to try them in the past because of the extra time it would take to dry or style my hair, but she convinced me to give them a go. 

I got 2 bags worth put in, shockingly they are not heavy at all on my head, she told me I couldn't get them wet for 48 hours. Thankfully that gave me just enough time before my run on Saturday to let them set. It literally took her like 30 minutes to put them in, I didn't have to add any length, just fullness. The bags run about 60 bucks each and it was about $100 to have her add them, the price depends on how many you get though, I believe a full head runs close to $300. 

Saturday was the Hot Chocolate 15k, it was my first time to run this race and I have to say it was awesome, I will for sure be trying to run it every year! The swag was great, a nice zip up jacket, but the real winner was the post run food.

I can't say that I remember running another 15k, I check on Athlinks (a website that stores all your race times), but I couldn't find another race that distance I had run. The weather was perfect, chilly, but no wind. I felt strong and ran a good pace, I went into it with no goal in mind, but once I started running I was like 'well lets try to run a sub 9' and I blew that up so I'm happy! It was so much colder at the finish, I promised SK I would wait for her, but my hands were numb so I had to bail on her and find gear check to get my jacket. I even managed to stop at every sweet station on the route, marshmallows are actually really good while you are running, I'm going to remember that for my next long training run. 

Post race they give you a huge mug filled with the most amazing melted chocolate and all kinds of fun items to dip in said chocolate.

They have to be lacing that chocolate with crack, it's so melty and good. I ate every single thing, no shame in my game!

I was salty, dirty, and freezing when I got home so I immediately jumped into a hot bath and washed my hair. The extra hair does make it harder to dry, but I just dried my bangs and let the rest air dry for a while and finished it off with a blow dryer. 

I made myself a tuna sandwich with extra pickles in my sandwich press, swear my cat never comes out unless she hears the can opener. We relaxed until the Baldish One woke up from his nap, then Target and Trader Joes. 

Springtime for us means a birthday party almost every weekend, so we stocked up on gifts for the next 3 parties from Target. They had this endcap with something called the Wubble Ball, have you heard of this? I bought the kids one and watched the You Tube video for it. First of all it was kinda $$$, I bought one of the smaller ones, the WubbleX, and it was 20 bucks plus 8 bucks for the can of helium to fill it. Once Oliver blew it up we immediately realized that small children would not be ideal customers because it started to float away {like a balloon}. We became confused, how would kids play with this?? After about 10 minutes the helium started to lose effectiveness and it didn't float away so quickly so we gave it to Madison, within 8 minutes the stupid thing popped when it touched her dollhouse. So the moral of the story is - don't spend 27 dollars on a balloon for your kids. Thankfully Oliver had a $1 pack of pink balloon in his office, he blew up 2 and the kids stopped crying. 

I have a bunch of trips coming up this month, birthday parties, and soccer starts next weekend, my already hectic life is going to get even more hectic. I decided to take the day off, we slept in, ate breakfast, cleaned a little, and then I legit sat on the couch in my pjs watching Gilmore Girls for the entire day. Madison had friends over and Aiden took a 3 hour nap, it was glorious. People called and I didn't answer, Oliver even caved and started watching the show with me.

Yep, me at 4pm, I finally decided to roll off the couch and meet my Mom for dinner. She was driving back from Austin with my sister, so we were all going to meet at Mi Cocina to eat, but apparently the Super Bowl is a holiday and they were closing at 6 to watch the game. Restaurants don't shut down for Christ's birthday, but they will for a football game, side eye. Anyways we ended up at good ole Olive Garden, they never let us down. We went home put the kids to bed and watched more Gilmore Girls hahahaha. I really need more lazy days like that, it was great for my mind and body! 


  1. The Hot Chocolate run ROCKS!!! I love the swag. I love the food. It's always well organized. I think the 15K distance is rare and I love doing it. I have to train for it - so it's work, but at the end I'm thankful it's not a full 13.1 :) Ours in in Dec and it can be freezing cold. The first year the high was like 21 and they gave all 15k participants the option of running the 5K due to weather. They shortened the time that you got swept too to get everyone out of there. This past Dec I ran it wearing a tank top. You never know in St Louis! :)

  2. The hair is hella cool! Balloon toy, not so much.
    Gilmore Girls!!! ❤️❤️❤️ So excited it's coming back! (Thismommywrites)

  3. Gilmore girls is literally my favorite show ever. I never tire of watching it. I can't wait for the reunion shows! #Life

  4. Haha...same thing happened to our Wubble X on Christmas morning! It popped after like 5 mins. My daughter was so upset but i've been promising to get her a new one. I just happen to "forget" every time I pass by the display at Target. Yeah, not dropping another $25+ on that stinkin toy!

  5. I've been reading your blog for almost 4 years...I had no idea you had a cat! LOL

  6. I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k, the swag was amazing. That fondue was soooooo good :) And I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. I can't wait for the new episodes on Netflix.

  7. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show ever, great choice! :)

  8. I would love to hear what you think of the extensions after a few months of use (or however long they last). I have super thin hair and have always been tempted to get them to add volume!

    toast the girl almighty

  9. I must must must do a hot chocolate run! Holy delicious!

  10. http://guarantee.wubbleball.com

    The Wubble Balls have a lifetime guarantee. The link above is the information that tells you what to do.

  11. I also think the Wubble is a joke. And I LOVE Gilmore Girls!

  12. I'm watching Gilmore Girls right now! Also, NEVER knew you had a cat, but mine does the same thing. If there is tuna out, she comes running!

  13. I never knew you had a cat !!!! Lol

  14. Our Wubble Bubble did the same thing....12 minutes plus 3 kids and it was dead. What a waster of $$!! Apparently they will send you a replacement for *free* but you have to pay $10 in shipping. I decided to keep my $10.

  15. Your restaurant experience on Super Bowl Sunday was the same as our experience. My youngest daughter and I always have a girls' day on that day because we couldn't care less about the Super Bowl. Our restaurant of choice was Red Robin (because I was craving a bacon guacamole burger in a BAD way). Imagine our surprise when we walked up to RR's door a little after 5 p.m. and found it LOCKED. A note on the door stated they closed at 5 p.m. so their employees could enjoy the Super Bowl with family and friends. WHAT?! This isn't Christmas, people!! I was so ticked and so were all of the other people who were walking up to the door with thoughts of juice burgers and hot fries in their minds. Not a good scene. :(


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