Fri-Yay Workout

It's sure nice to be able to leave and know that my girls have my back, they are at OMB headquarters taking care of business! Oliver's gonna handle birthday parties and soccer tomorrow and my Mom is picking up my 40 pounds of organic chicken. It takes a village for sure, I appreciate my friends and family so much.

My flight is delayed and the wifi at the airport is crazy fast so I uploaded my workout this morning to You Tube and I'll write it out below - well it's not mine - Jen sent it to me - but it's a good one so be sure you sweat it out and let me know how you like it!

10 moves - 25 times each - repeat all 4 times. So, 1000 reps all together. Got it? Ready??

1. Shoulder Press with weights
2. Narrow Squat with weight plate
3. Tricep Kickbacks
4. Lunge with left leg with weight
5. Floor Tap Jumps
6. Lunge on Right with Weight 
7. Plate Steer
8. Prisoner Squats
9. Plate Chess Press
10. Speed Skater



Only one more sleep until NOLA! I am mostly excited to meet my some of my favorite people who I've never really met, but feel like I know :) We've been planning this for almost a year so it's hard to believe it's finally here!!! Also I've never been to NOLA, so it should be a fun and exciting girls weekend. I am running the RNR Half there, I also signed up for the Heavy Metal option with Rock and Roll and the more RNR Races you run the more metals you get, so obviously I had to commit to the RNR Dallas in March and I think I may do the RNR Vegas in the Fall.

I'm thinking to do a Meet and Eat lunch after the race on Sunday - if you want to come and hang out and eat food with us please get in touch with me either on email SKINNYMEG@OUTLOOK.COM or on Facebook.

I met up with the Full Marathoners this morning for a short track workout, afterwards I wasn't really feeling the gym so I headed home and finished off with a few more around the neighborhood. It's been a while since I've run alone around my block and it brought back so many found memories of when I first started running. 

5 years ago I signed up to run my first half, I had no running group, no training plan, no clue what I was doing. I legit went out and just ran and tried to push myself. I went alone to the race and I was terrified on the way there, I had only ever run one 5K before this, I didn't know how to put the tracker on my shoe, where to pin the bib, should I be warming up? I obviously was confused on what to wear ahahaha shorts over capris seemed like a good idea at the time. I chafed terribly because I had no idea what Glide was, my feet were killing me because I didn't have proper shoes, I ran it in 2:27 and felt like I was going to die at the end. Honestly the only thing keeping me running at the end was the 60 year old lady next to me telling me not to stop. 

At the end I had such a sense of pride, of accomplishment, it really is a day I'll never ever forget. I've since learned a few tips to make running more enjoyable, it's something I hope I'll always be able to do because of the happy it brings me. I've made some GREAT friends, ran some fun races, pushed myself beyond my limits, and improved my confidence and body image.

Just this morning while I was running I FELT like an athlete, my legs felt strong, my heart felt strong, my feet were fast. It just felt so amazing. Also these Saucony Women's Zealot are the bestest running shoes ever!

What was NOT amazing was running behind Poppy today and all of the sudden she screams and leaps and I almost fall into a dead animal on the side of the road. I scream too, almost pee myself, pretty sure I burn 1,000 calories jumping over this thing. 

Most of the time running is fun.


Some Day's I suck at Parenting.

Boys are boys no matter the age, those XY chromosomes are strong and the things that are wired in them from the beginning baffle me. I know this isn't true for every single male out there, but in my house it's apparent. Aiden loves all things that have wheels, trains, trucks, planes, etc. We had none of that in the house before he came into our family, it was lots of dolls and ponies. It's not much different when they don't feel well. 

A few days ago he started to eat less, but was acting fine otherwise so I assumed he was maybe teething, then it hit. A nasty nasty tummy bug, poor baby went through 30 diapers on Monday. Yesterday Oliver got hit too, moaning and groaning all over the couch. I'll admit I'm not the best nurse, there is a reason I never had a desire to be a nurse, I have little patience. 

Yesterday was bad around here, I felt like I was getting it, then Oliver was sick, and Aiden was whining all day. Poor kid, I felt bad for him, but this is a hard age because you have no idea what they want! He would cry and point to nothing, then cry and say 'ready' over and over again. I had a ton of work to do, but no babysitter, which stressed me out and I felt like a terrible Mother because I was so bitchy and I snapped at the kids a lot. Around 6:30 when Aiden was yelling 'ready ready' over and over again I was like 'DUDE! STOP!' I must've been really loud because he looked at me with big eyes and I felt terrible. 

Thankfully Madison didn't catch it, but this girl is always into something lately. Now she's started doing laundry, once dropping in several pods into one load, you think she's being helpful but she really just wants to rewear the same outfit the next day. The other day she had my phone up in my office and Oliver heard her on the phone, he asked her who she was talking to - 'I gotta go! Bye!' Apparently she called Shelly Kelly to chat. While giving Aiden a bath last night I walked to check on dinner came back and he had one of my makeup brushes in the tub. I asked Madison how he got it and she told me 'I was admiring it and he grabbed it from me' side eye you little fibber. 

Thankfully everyone is back to normal today, I apologized to Aiden for yelling, he kissed me and all is good. I woke up today determined to put myself in a better mood no matter the circumstances, sometimes a good attitude has to be forced, for my own good and those around me. I really set the tone for the entire house and I need to remember that! 


Vegas Never Sleeps, but I do.

This may be my longest post ever, so grab you a cup of coffee or a jug of water. Monday I took two of my employees {Shelly Kelly and Natalie} to Vegas for Market - it's time to shop for Spring and Summer clothing. I do live in Dallas which holds it's own market, but I wanted to hit Magic in Vegas to see if there was anything I was missing out on since it's the biggest of all the Markets in the US. I suck at packing and hate doing it so I am forever under packing and missing things I need - not a great idea for Vegas because chapstick will cost you $10. I forgot my sunglasses and had to pay $25 for a cheap pair at a store in the hotel. We stayed at Mandalay Bay because I got a deal on the hotel with the airfare, but I've since learned there are cheaper and better ways to get to Vegas. 

We arrived early thanks to the 2 hour time difference, found our hotel, stashed our bags and found food. Food in Vegas is legendary, but very very expensive. Seeing as I was spending 60 to 200 bucks on each meal I ordered whatever I wanted, I didn't count macros all last week. It's fun to take a break and just enjoy food, but within a few days I'm craving my chicken and fridge. 

I was most excited to see this girl, Sunny from Pink Slate, she's such a great person and I love being around her so much!! I'm trying to talk her into doing Market in Dallas, we'd have so much more time to see each other! After dinner we went and found the gym, picked up our badges for the show, and went back to the room. We were in bed by 9, pretty much every night hahaha.

We woke up around 5 the next morning to get in a workout before we went shopping, I drank my pre workout from a wine glass. 

The gym opens at 5am, we were shocked at how packed it was already!! We had to stalk people to get a treadmill, then fight for a spot to lift some weights, it was really annoying, but we got in a good workout. Magic is a HUGE show and takes over all of Vegas, all the hotels, restaurants, and airports are packed. 

We ate breakfast at Citizens, so good, I had the Bodybuilder Omlet, packed with protein. Then we shuttled it over to the Las Vegas Convention center to spend the day shopping for our Spring clothes. The booths were packed, you legit had to fight to see clothes, wait forever to check out, and watch to be sure no one stole your items off the rack before you could check out. Nuts. In Dallas it's usually dead and you get great service, don't have to fight anyone, and can be in and out in one trip. 

Even the most basic lunch line meals were $$$. Thankfully Sunny told us about the Amex Business Lounge, so we took our food in there and could sit for a while in peace. We shopped from 9am to around 4, we were so tired and over the crowds at that point. We went back to the room where I took a 12 minute power nap, drank a Spark, and got ready for dinner.

I didn't dress fancy, I was all about comfort if we were going to be walking the Strip. I paired the Window Pane Top with the Frayed Jeans. SK and Nat were Vegas virgins so we had to spend a least one night out on the Strip, my friend Evie lives there and came to the hotel to have dinner with us.

We had a yummy dinner, I can't recall the name, but I know I had the chicken mac and cheese! We ate and headed back to the hotel because we are old and tired. 

There was a jelly bean throwing contest, some random Periscoping, and then lights out. 

The next day the maids came and cleaned the room, made the bed, and must have found a jelly bean in it because they left it on top of the comforter. hahahahhaahha. I don't know why, but I was dying laughing at that, like why wouldn't they just throw it away?? Anyways we got up to workout again at 5, the gym was less busy day 2 so we got on a treadmill right away. 

5 am is so early there, I swear I could only handle 3 days in Vegas before I'm so over it. I'm glad I had a workout partner this time though.

I had 75,000 people tell me we NEEDED to go eat at Hash House a Go Go, they were not joking. We ordered 2 meals and split it between all of us and this is the Chicken and Waffle, ahhhhhhmazing. The pancakes are the size of a Mini Cooper! We ate and spent the rest of the day shopping, we found some good shoes that I'm excited to get in, funny that the vendor is actually located in Dallas, but I never saw them here. 

We shopped until we were out of money, then headed back for a power nap and Spark. We really wanted to go see 'O' but thanks to Living Social ripping me off and us not getting tickets we had to pick something else. SK was dying for some Japanese food and there was a restaurant at Luxor where Blue Man Group was showing so we got tickets to see it.

A blonde, redhead, and brunette walk into a bar....

It was a cute show, lots of crowd participation which makes it that much more fun! They literally trash the place with toilet paper, I'd hate to clean that up every night.

The next morning SK and I went to run the Strip, the weather was perfect! We decided to skip anymore of the show and just go to the airport early, a full day of travel to get home with the 2 hour time difference. I was exhausted. 

The babies all missed me and I went and had lunch Friday at school with my baby girl. I just couldn't pull myself together though, I was so tired! I had to take a nap when Aiden did, then I spent the entire weekend laying around the house {well, in between soccer games}. I didn't wake until after 8 on Saturday and Sunday which is unheard of for me. After taking almost a week off of my macros I forced myself back on the bus Saturday, my energy was low and I wasn't feeling like myself. Today I feel so much better, I have to be energized for Nola weekend Friday! My goal is to pack better this trip LOL. 



We are working super hard over here at OMB > just so happens the work is pretty damn fun. I had to order this tutu and I already found the perfect maxi dress for Madison to wear when we take pictures this Spring. It's going to be our best ones yet, I can feel it. Of course January has been a tad slower than the last half of '15, but we are getting our crap together, updating the Quick Books, organizing our inventory, etc. The Spring lines literally have me squealing with delight, I think I may start a weekly fashion post on here with fun items I'm loving or trends I'm not sure about, I love to get your opinions. I am currently having a blog designer revamp this old design, it's been years since I've updated it and I think you are guys are going to love the new cleaner layout. I will also have a easy spot to find all of my favorite things so you don't have to dig through posts. 

This cut has been so freaking hard for me and I'm trying to figure out whyyyyyyyy. I decided to try the MNS C from Advocare for 30 days and see if it helps, basically for the appetite control. So far, a week in, I'm on the fence so I'll reserve final judgement for the end of the month. I am just curious, if combined with my current diet and exercise routine, that it would help me feel less omgihavetoeatrightnow. I've toyed with the idea of cutting out all cardio for a month, but I just don't know if I'm willing to give up something I love, even if I do get leaner. I can't get myself to drop to my next set of macros, but I'm not giving up just yet. 

I know some of it may be the fact that I am home, all day errrrrrday, with full access to my kitchen. Now that my remodel is done and my house is back to normal I feel happy and content being here and I don't think that's great for my diet LOL. I've never ever been a homebody, this is quite a change for me. 

My first line of defense is to switch up what I'm eating. I had the best salad over the weekend so I recreated it at home with the Trader Joe's salad mix with chicken, cranberries, and sunflower seeds. It's only around 350 calories, but doesn't keep me full very long. About 90 minutes later I'll have a Combat Crunch - I ordered 6 BOXES of these - so so so good y'all and the macros are the same as a quest.

Also - it's time again for one of my Facebook Challenge groups - we are holding a lottery style entry so if you would like to be considered please fill out the form CAREFULLY DO NOT EFF UP THIS SPREADSHEET PRETTY PLEASE. thanks :)

You can access the form by clicking here. We will be picking random names this Friday at Noon! We are keeping the groups small this go round, I think we are only taking 125 people, but final decision will be Friday.

If you are unfamiliar with these groups they are held via Facebook only, the entry fee is $20, we use it for prizes. They are for fun and accountability while we support each other in this journey to better our health, we do not provide meal or exercise plans, but we do hold challenges and such to help have some fun and motivate. You must be free of major restrictions to participate fully and be dedicated  - if you are 'too busy' please leave the spot free for someone else. Thank you guys! I look forward to meeting some of you in there!


A $27 Balloon.

Let's rewind to Thursday, when I finally caved and tried hair extensions! Chandler was the doll who fixed Oliver's hair and I happened to see that she offered extension services, then she showed me hers, just a few on the sides to give some thickness to her hair. I have been hesitant to try them in the past because of the extra time it would take to dry or style my hair, but she convinced me to give them a go. 

I got 2 bags worth put in, shockingly they are not heavy at all on my head, she told me I couldn't get them wet for 48 hours. Thankfully that gave me just enough time before my run on Saturday to let them set. It literally took her like 30 minutes to put them in, I didn't have to add any length, just fullness. The bags run about 60 bucks each and it was about $100 to have her add them, the price depends on how many you get though, I believe a full head runs close to $300. 

Saturday was the Hot Chocolate 15k, it was my first time to run this race and I have to say it was awesome, I will for sure be trying to run it every year! The swag was great, a nice zip up jacket, but the real winner was the post run food.

I can't say that I remember running another 15k, I check on Athlinks (a website that stores all your race times), but I couldn't find another race that distance I had run. The weather was perfect, chilly, but no wind. I felt strong and ran a good pace, I went into it with no goal in mind, but once I started running I was like 'well lets try to run a sub 9' and I blew that up so I'm happy! It was so much colder at the finish, I promised SK I would wait for her, but my hands were numb so I had to bail on her and find gear check to get my jacket. I even managed to stop at every sweet station on the route, marshmallows are actually really good while you are running, I'm going to remember that for my next long training run. 

Post race they give you a huge mug filled with the most amazing melted chocolate and all kinds of fun items to dip in said chocolate.

They have to be lacing that chocolate with crack, it's so melty and good. I ate every single thing, no shame in my game!

I was salty, dirty, and freezing when I got home so I immediately jumped into a hot bath and washed my hair. The extra hair does make it harder to dry, but I just dried my bangs and let the rest air dry for a while and finished it off with a blow dryer. 

I made myself a tuna sandwich with extra pickles in my sandwich press, swear my cat never comes out unless she hears the can opener. We relaxed until the Baldish One woke up from his nap, then Target and Trader Joes. 

Springtime for us means a birthday party almost every weekend, so we stocked up on gifts for the next 3 parties from Target. They had this endcap with something called the Wubble Ball, have you heard of this? I bought the kids one and watched the You Tube video for it. First of all it was kinda $$$, I bought one of the smaller ones, the WubbleX, and it was 20 bucks plus 8 bucks for the can of helium to fill it. Once Oliver blew it up we immediately realized that small children would not be ideal customers because it started to float away {like a balloon}. We became confused, how would kids play with this?? After about 10 minutes the helium started to lose effectiveness and it didn't float away so quickly so we gave it to Madison, within 8 minutes the stupid thing popped when it touched her dollhouse. So the moral of the story is - don't spend 27 dollars on a balloon for your kids. Thankfully Oliver had a $1 pack of pink balloon in his office, he blew up 2 and the kids stopped crying. 

I have a bunch of trips coming up this month, birthday parties, and soccer starts next weekend, my already hectic life is going to get even more hectic. I decided to take the day off, we slept in, ate breakfast, cleaned a little, and then I legit sat on the couch in my pjs watching Gilmore Girls for the entire day. Madison had friends over and Aiden took a 3 hour nap, it was glorious. People called and I didn't answer, Oliver even caved and started watching the show with me.

Yep, me at 4pm, I finally decided to roll off the couch and meet my Mom for dinner. She was driving back from Austin with my sister, so we were all going to meet at Mi Cocina to eat, but apparently the Super Bowl is a holiday and they were closing at 6 to watch the game. Restaurants don't shut down for Christ's birthday, but they will for a football game, side eye. Anyways we ended up at good ole Olive Garden, they never let us down. We went home put the kids to bed and watched more Gilmore Girls hahahaha. I really need more lazy days like that, it was great for my mind and body! 


Riced Cauliflower - 3 Recipes to try!

This is my new favorite item, I am lucky enough to have found it at my local Trader Joe's, so I bought 10 bags because they are always sold out! Now I love this particular one because it is frozen, so it stays good forever, but if you can't find this you can find something similar at Walmart in the produce section or make your own. You would just chop up some cauliflower and pop it in the food processor, but is it just me or do you hate to cut broccoli and cauliflower?? It's so messy!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to use this product.

Chicken 'fried rice'. Sauté the cauliflower in a pan, add in veggies {I used peas}, then make a hole in the middle to cook up some egg, season with salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

I added it to my Trader Joe's Orange Chicken, oh mylanta, so good! 

When you are dieting volume in your food is important, you want things to be low calorie, but tons of food to help keep you full. Hunger pains are the #1 reason I fall off my plan, adding in riced cauliflower to dishes I already make help fill me up. This is the TJ's Sweet Potato gnocchi with chicken, but you could add in regular sweet potato and riced cauliflower! 

I made this last night and will be making it again tomorrow, it's freaking filling and so so so good. I sautéed the cauliflower, added in some Rotel and cilantro then built myself a 'chipotle' bowl topping the riced mixture with roasted corn, black beans, chicken, and laughing cow pepper jack cheese sauce. You don't even miss the rice, at all. 

Tell me, how do you eat riced cauliflower? 


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