The Perfect Way to Prep Chicken.

Whewwwwwwww it was a crazy busy OMB weekend! We have almost 400 orders to pack from Friday and Saturday, plus got in so much new and pretty items!! The new room is filling up quickly, but just wait until you see all the gorgeous Spring items trickling in :) 

A friend sent me a surprise goody box in the mail, Khloe is my fav so I'm excited to read her book. 

Saturday after the gym I had to put in a few hours of work so my parents came and took the kids, Papa must hate me because I got a photo of this - let me tell you how much fun Aiden was at the grocery store on Sunday when Oliver wouldn't let him ride on the cart. Lots of fun - I even realized this morning that I left a bag there and had to do without my Cinnamon Toast Crunch on my pancakes this morning. 

Oliver and I met up with them at Shenanigans for some bowling, lazer tag, and Go Karts. I suck at bowling so obviously I hate going, Madison beat me, side eye. She's now tall enough to drive her own Kart around and it was hilarious, she kept weaving side to side and no one could get around her. Pissed these poor teenage boys off LOL Lazer Tag with her is awesome, when she runs out of ammo she just whacks you with the gun. 

Then we went to dinner at Fish City, I had the Honey Chipotle Tacos with veggies on the side. I just have to guesstimate here, no real nutritional info available. 

Then we stopped by Old Navy, I noticed poor baby Aiden belly was hanging out of his shirts so I wanted to buy him some long sleeve play shirts. The store was A FREAKING DISASTER, I mean, Black Friday bad. I did accidentally find and buy a workout outfit so I guess it wasn't a total loss. 

Sunday we meal prepped, I'm about to give you my go to chicken prep that produces amazing chicken every time. 

Trim and wash chicken. 
Place chicken on cutting board and wrap with press and seal.
Use mallet to pound into 1 inch thickness all over {makes them cook evenly!}
use lots of seasoning then spray with coconut oil {I use the Trader Joes spray}
425 degrees for 22 minutes

I do not cut my chicken until I'm ready to eat it, I keep the breasts in a tupperware in the fridge and eat for 3/4 days. Not cutting them before I eat them helps them not dry out!

My Mom made us chicken marsala Sunday, but to keep on track with my macros I bought Spaghetti Squash instead of having mashed potatoes.

Then Oliver and I busted out the laundry while the kids bathed, we are folding laundry when we hear Madison say 'Damn it!' ohhhhh Oliver got onto her, but it's hard not to laugh at how naturally it slipped out of her mouth. I wonder how many times she says it to herself in her head! 

Monday morning spin and upper body! I will be Periscoping tomorrow at 11am CST on my weekly workout routine. How I set it up, what I do, etc. If you have specific questions leave me a comment here or on Facebook so I can cover it. Hope to see you all there!


  1. I'd be scared to wear those stripes (my mother has totally damaged me on horizontal stripes) but they look super cute on you!

  2. How do I figure out the correct weight (5, 10, 15 lb) that will challenge me but not make my arms useless the next several days after using free weights? I don't want to pull all my muscles or hurt myself starting out!

  3. How do you decide how many reps of each exercise. And how do you choose your exercises?

  4. Do you still use your heart rate monitor and do you aim for a certain calorie burn per workout? Thanks!

  5. Love your Blog & Periscope!!!

  6. Love your Blog & Periscope!!!

  7. How often do you switch up your workout? How long do you do the same routine? Do you designate certain days to certain body parts? Thanks for all the information you share with is!!

  8. Loving your Periscope posts!!!!
    Would love to know your faves for lower body. Specifically for saddle bags and booty ;)

  9. So I recently decided I wanted to start lifting weights to build my body but feel completely lost with where to start. I'm a night nurse and have to work out at wacky times and can't really afford to hire someone to guide me. Is there any books or websites you would suggest to read? I'm lost with knowing how much weight, what muscle groups I should do together and which excersices to put together. I love lifting but feel super insecure about doing it alone at the gym since I'm not entirely sure if I'm putting it together right. My gym only offers weight lifting classes when I can never go. :( Any suggestions would be great.

  10. Love your periscopes! Can't wait to watch. So my question is how do you decide how many times you workout legs, arms, back etc a week? And do you switch it up every week and not do the same exercises?

  11. What YouTube channels or IG accounts do you look at for exercises?

  12. Do you stick with a comfortable weight and do more reps or do you push it a little bit and do less reps? Also, any tips on becoming comfortable with the equipment at the gym?

  13. Do you still use Advocare products? If so, what? If not, why not (if you don't mind me asking)?

  14. Do you do the same, or a similar, arm/leg/whatever workout every time you hit that part of the body? Or do you change it up each time? Also, how do you know what order to do the exercises in? Like a superset for example. Thanks!

  15. Can you do a refreshed version of Oprah's Favorite Things, SkinnyMeg Style? I know you've done blog posts before, but I'm in desperate need of new pants and would love your opinion and to see commenters, and assume you have some updated opinions as your body has evolved and your business has helped you understand clothing, fabrics and the like. I figured you'll like high-waisted styles like me, and you know what's worth splurging on (dry fit for sweaty summer runs) or where you can save (when I'm doing upper body or working out at home and they don't need to be as perfect). Basically, I CLEARLY value your opinion!! Thanks again for being awesome. You motivate me every day!!


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