Stupid Cookies.

Friday I went and did the miles with Shelly Kelley, 10 of them to be exact, my Vivo Active watch is all ready to go so I used it {and my phone} and it showed about a 15 second difference on my pace and about a .10 difference on my distance. We will go with the faster pace ;) I braided my hair so I didn't have another hair situation like last week. Oliver will only help me out every so often - best not to push my luck. 

The SK was the best employee ever and brought me these from Walmart, still prefer the TJ frozen kind, but this is great in a pinch. I cooked one up for dinner - threw in some diced tomatoes, cilantro, mexican corn, and topped with a spicy Laughing Cow Cheese sauce.

The cheese sauce is a must make - it's so good on top of so many dishes and the macros are great - lower fat and higher protein. 

1 cup milk
6 wedges laughing cow
2 tbsp of shredded cheese of choice
heat on medium, stir, stir, stir until melted

Saturday was leg day, I love the gym on Saturday mornings because it's full and I like the people watching in between sets. My parents came over and picked up the kids for breakfast then we all met up at Sams. Madison refuses to wear anything other than her 'rippy jeans' and gold high tops. I remember when she was 2 and refused to wear anything with out a tutu - then it was only dresses - now it's only these jeans - will it ever end?? 

We relaxed at the house for the rest of the day, watching Netflix, cooking dinner. Aiden is really into 'cheersing' now, over and over again. We started a new series, Mysteries of Laura, it's a great show and appropriate to watch in front of the children. 

Mimi had the great idea to work on Valentines for Madison class, except with Madison it's hard to tell her the correct way to do things. If she wants to write on the envelope upside down then she'll agree that your wrong until she's blue in the face. She comes by that quality honestly so it's hard not to laugh at how frustrated my Mom was getting with her. Then she wanted to address them all and with all the crazy spelling on names these days that's impossible. My Mom was trying to tell her how to spell 'Jackson' and Madison was insistent that she was wrong until I finally realized it was 'Jaxon' from that point on anytime she needed something spelled she would ask me and ignore Mimi which is hilarious because my Mom is an amazing speller and I can't spell for shit {as just proven by my attempt to spell hilarious 3x and finally usually spell check}. 

Sunday I did Hot Yoga then came home to take a bath with this sweet child, he thinks it's the best thing ever and loves to wash my hair. To be fair he also loves to wash Barbies hair too. 

Winter at the Beach Scarf // Piko // Fleece Leggings 

Then we bundled up to go spend all our money at the grocery store. Aiden has finally come around to wearing a hat, it took a while, but we broke him in. He's obsessed with his new Football and wants to bring it everywhere we go. 

Boo Boo was such a good boy all day, then BAM - I offered him a Fig Newton and he melted down - for 45 minutes. When he's pissed there is no helping him, you just have to let him cry it out. Madison walked in from lunch at Subway and offered him a cookie she brought back for him - he took it from her then hurled it across the room. I put him in his crib where he screamed for me to pick him up, but when I tried to take him out he would throw himself down. No winning with this kid.  His crying just really breaks my heart, so hard. 

Then we napped for 2 hours and all was well. I prepped all my veggies, the kids went to Mimi's for dinner, I spray tanned, and just like that Sunday was over. 


  1. I tried making the Laughing Cow cheese sauce and couldn't get the damn LC cheese to melt! :(

    1. gotta be patient and stir stir stir over medium heat

    2. Do you reduce it for awhile? I tried making this and once it (FINALLY) melted, it was just cheese soup. Still delicious, but not a "sauce" or thick at all.

  2. Where is that headband in your first pic from? And that amazing shirt with the striped sleeves and floral body from? I need you to be my stylist and interior decorator!

  3. Speaking of spelling.....did you know morning is misspelled on your pancake banner? Or is "monring" intentional and I'm just missing something :)

    1. hahah, just keep forgetting to make a new banner!

  4. I love Mysteries of Laura! Great show.

  5. Your "Winter at the Beach" scarf matches your walls and rug. LOVE!

  6. Will the cheese sauce keep? Or is it a make it and eat it all that night kind of sauce?


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