Mermaid Pillows.

Saturday morning Oliver, mostly, finished up the Stikwood Pallet wall upstairs. It's really so freaking pretty, I will do an entire blog post about it later this week. After Aiden woke up from his nap my parents came over and we all headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart - for mermaid pillows. Have you seen these pillows??

There was a video that went viral on Facebook - you can read about it here - I talked Oliver into driving almost an hour to the store to check them out in person. The problem with a place as big as NFM is that it's so huge almost no one knows exactly where anything is, 2 employees I asked had no idea, the next called someone and told us to go back downstairs by the rugs, no luck, the third said they were sold out, and the fourth person told us there were two somewhere in the store, but no exact location. We stumbled across one in the desgin center, but it was not the colors I wanted and the left corner of the pillow was 'defective' meaning it wouldn't change color when swiped. The pillows range from 100 - 250 bucks, each! While I think they are cool, not cool enough to drop 300 bucks on. I did find the fabric on Etsy for 25 bucks a yard, talking my Mom into sewing me a few. 

While we were out that way we decided to hit up TJ's for our monthly haul, luckily they had the frozen Riced Cauliflower in stock and I bought a ton. Some people told me they had a 2 bag limit at their store, that would suck. If you don't know what to do with it just get on Pinterest, tons of recipes! 

Sunday I slept in until 5:30 and then went for a 10 mile run, followed by a Venti Latte, pretty much my favorite way to start my Sunday. I keep forgetting my new Vivo Active watch, I'm just not used to wearing one, plus I still haven't figured it out very well. 

It was my friend Ambers birthday so we kidnapped her and went to brunch downtown at Anvil Pub. I mean how could you pass up this drink? I am not a Bloody Mary fan so I opted for the Mimosa topped with a breakfast sandwich, fruit, hash browns, and mini donut. 

Surprisingly someone other than me pulled out the selfie stick, we aren't that great at it, sorry I cut off your head Amber! I am not a great drinker and I'm an even worse day drinker, I had like 1.25 Mimosas and I was ready for a nap. Oliver told me I have to keep drinking to push past the tired stage LOL I'm like, nah, lets eat and then sleep, hence the reason I don't really like to drink often. After Anvil we popped next door to Glaze and I accidentally ordered and ate a Fluffer Nutter Doughnut. It was worth every calorie.   Speaking of calories, I had every intention of logging and following my macros, but once the doughnut happened it was kinda pointless because I had no clue how to log that amazing creation. SO - I didn't just say eff it, I knew my fats for the day were gone, my carbs were low, and I need more protein. So I ate chicken for dinner. Lots for chicken. Which turned out ok cause that doughnut made my stomach hurt. Even when I'm not following and logging exact macros I can determine how to balance out a fun day drinking trip with my girls. No guilt necessary! 

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mimi and Madison attended at fun sign painting class, she was so proud of her egg! The teacher is local to my area and agreed to come do a Art Party at my house for Madison's birthday, she's going to love it! 


  1. Oh I'm going to need the info on the art party at the house! That would be fun for future birthday parties!

  2. I tried on a dress made of that "mermaid" fabric - it was silver but "swiped" to copper! and it was on sale... and I decided to pass since I have nowhere fancy to wear a sequin dress... :( Although, I could buy it and make pillows! Love the pallet wall, it's super pretty!

  3. Alright, so I'm going to be in Dallas this weekend, and will be hosting a client there. Looks like Anvil Pub is the place to be for Brunch! Those Bloody Mary's?!?! Do you need a reservation? Does it get pretty busy?

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  5. Here they are on Etsy. (Sorry I added the wrong link before). https://www.etsy.com/listing/263702330/mermaid-pillows-sale?ref=shop_home_active_1

  6. Where did you purchase your Stikwood from? I have looked all over the Houston area and cannot find.

  7. Ok. I have the stikwood sitting in the garage...trying to amp up to do my family room wall. How hard was it?? Says it will cut with a utility knife...true?!?

  8. Can you tell me about the stikwood wall? I am so inspired by your wall, my husband said we could do a wall in our bedroom! I'm curious what colors you bought and how you knew what colors of what to buy! Thank you!!!

  9. That pub looks amazing. How creative is that presentation?! I've never seen anything like that in life.

    p.s. you're pretty


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