Brrrrrr. It was chilly on my run this morning, we cut 8 down to 6.5 which was totally fine with me! I stopped by the Y on the way home to do about 30 minutes of upper body. We are on day 2 of 28 in the Diet Bet {still time to join!} and yesterday was hard for me, I was hungry. 

Here are a few of my eats since my My Fitness Pal is private.

Protein Pancakes filled with strawberries and the new Chocolate Triple Zero yogurt. 

Lunch was my favorite chicken with the Truffle Rub from Williams Sonoma with a side of Sweet Potato gnocchi from Trader Joes and  the Spinach and Kale yogurt dip with half a serving of crackers. 

I snacked on this with some reduced guilt Trader Joes tortilla chips..... OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS this dip is AHHHHHHHHMAZE. Even Aiden was smacking his lips! 

Dinner was DELISH - spaghetti squash with some chicken and topped with the Pepper Jack Laughing Cow Cheese Sauce. If you haven't tried this sauce you must, it's easy and yummy!!

1 cup milk
6 wedges Laughing Cow of your choice
simmer and stir until melted
add 2 tablespoons grated or shredded cheese {I used Gouda}

Only had about 26 carbs left after dinner - no fat or protein - so Truwhip on Jello it is! Madison was not happy to share her beloved Jello with me. 

Ok, so moving along and changing subjects!

Periscope is an App just like Instagram, except it's live broadcasting. What that means is you can follow someone and you'll be notified when they are 'live' so you can jump on and interact with the host by asking questions in real time. The videos stay up for 24 hours only, so if you miss it you can rewatch {and THANK GOD now you can fast forward!!!}

I've grown to love Periscope, I feel it helps make the online 'connection' a little more real. I scope about random things, food, life, food, sometimes my hair LOL One goal of mine is to do a twice weekly {Tuesday and Thursday} Bedtime 5 minute ab or booty workout. Right now I'm thinking 8pm CST if you'd like to tune in. Especially now that I'm trying to lose weight again - I need to keep myself occupied after dinner! 

It looks like you can rewatch my videos on a computer from this website - Perisearch. You can also search me on the App my username is SkinnyMeg. 

TODAY AT 11AM CST I will be talking more in depth about Ollie Marie Boutique - how I got started, how I find inventory, and I've had lots of questions about the financials. I will try to also record so I can upload to You Tube for those of you who can't make it.

If you have questions please ask them here or on Facebook - I will not have the comments on because they are very distracting when I'm trying to keep my train of thought. I've had a lots of emails asking about how I got started and I'm happy to share any tips I've learned! 


  1. Hey! I won't have time to watch live (currently @ work and we have a team meeting at the time, UGH!). Anyways, what motivates you to be apart of the 5am club? Last year I had all the motivation in the world (except for the last few months) to get up in the morning and get a good workout in before work--and now I can't seem to find the motivation..it is kind of hard to the fact that I'm in Iowa and it's like 17 degrees at 4:30 am..haha but anyways what keeps you going? I'm ALSO trying to give up booze which is hard but I know that's alot of the reason why I gained 15lbs in the last few months. Thanks! :)

  2. yea on starting bed time abs and booty again!!! I cant wait!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I joined the diet bet and yesterday was a struggle for me too! I love your periscopes. I usually watch them in the morning while getting ready for work :)

  4. No questions, but I hope I can tie into Periscope and check it out! Work permitting! :)
    Thanks for sharing food details. I'm jumping back on the wagon this new year. Started it off right working out 45 minutes last night after the baby went down for bed. Upper body and abs. Feeling it today!

  5. I didn't get to watch the Periscope today but I just wanted to tell you that I think it's pretty cool that you are sharing info like that about your business. Some business owners are SO secretive about anything having to do with their business and actually get offended when people ask, so kudos to you for not being insecure :) Also, love that running hoodie! I totally need that!

  6. Loved your Periscope yesterday Megan! I have been following you for a few years and you are such an inspiration! I placed my 3rd order this morning for the motivation tights..can't wait to get them! Keep being awesome and sharing your tips with us :)


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