Banging It Out.

It's been a super productive week at my house and I'm feeling all kinds of good about 2016! First we completed a much needed inventory of Ollie Marie - I have the bestest girlfriends who will come over and happily count clothes for hours. I'm so glad this room is done and we are getting everything in order, much less stressful than the last 6 months. 

We took down Christmas and put up Valentines Day on the tree because, why not? The kids love it. The kids went back to school this week, Oliver went back to work, and all is right in my world. I crave the routine after a while - time together is great, but so is being productive LOL.

Oliver and I are doing great on Week 1 of the Diet Bet - he's very motivated and has even been less cranky this week for SURE. My Mom made this Garlic Chicken with Kale spaghetti and it WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Must make for sure - be careful when you import it into MFP - it pull up 6 cups of Brown Sugar and some other high calorie ingredient - just read over the import list and delete the wrong entires. I also weigh my noodles separately and take them out of the original recipe list when I import. 

I ran 8 miles with Shelly Kelly this morning, she is going to run her first half with me January 31st! We are running the Too Cold to Hold which is the day after the Big D Climb {that we are also both doing!}. If you are doing the climb with us please get in touch with me so we can plan to meet! You can email me at skinnymeg@outlook.com or on Facebook. 

I'm an idiot and the fog was just so dense this morning and the moisture made a mess of my hair. I have the best husband and I got in a bath, lathered up with conditioner, and he brushed it out strand by strand so I didn't lose huge clumps of hair. I highly recommend a The Wet Brush if you don't have one!!

Speaking of my hair, this old picture popped in my Time Hop and I was all - OMG I'M GOING TO CUT MY HAIR TODAY. I loved this cut.

Buttttttt I didn't cause I'm loving the versatility I have with my hair longer - braids, buns, pony's, curls or straight. I like to switch it up! Sooooooo I decided to be a little more drastic with my bangs.

Jeans // Cardigan // Necklace
I'm so glad I did because it totally changes everything and I love love love it. Like - a lot.


  1. How are you anti aging?! You look so cute and young with those bangs!

  2. I bought a wet brush because of you and it has changed my life! THANK YOU!!!

  3. I was just looking to register for a race yesterday so I could get my ass in gear but didn't find anything I wanted to run. Just registered for the Too Cold to Hold. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You and I are the same.. I see myself with short hair and I'm like "MUST CUT MY HAIR NOW!!! I looked so cute!!!" but then it's like.... well when it's long I can do so much... lol. I go back and forth. My life is a revolving cycle of growing out my hair and then chopping it off.

  5. I recently cut my hair like similar to that picture and I'm regretting it!!! I hate not being able to put my hair up at the gym😩. Bangs look good!!

  6. Love my wet brush!!! I bought one for me and one for my daughter awhile back because she constantly kept "borrowing" mine!

  7. I Love the cardigan, is it a sweater or sweatshirt material? What size are you in??

  8. I love that short hair! Go for it!

  9. I have HUGE problems with knots in my hair too!! I've started using a leave-in conditioner call Kinky-Curly (from Target) and it is amazing - I use it after I wash my hair and have noticed a huge difference! Works like a charm on my super straight - super fine hair!

  10. Love the jeans! Can I ask what height weight you are and the size you wear? Trying to decide what size I am!

  11. Love the jeans! Can I ask what height weight you are and the size you wear? Trying to decide what size I am!

  12. I never comment, but I read all the time. I have used "the wet brush" for my daughter for a few years now (I keep my hair short), love them, we have 2 big ones, she tends to lose one and 4 small ones, my Target has red and sliver small ones on clearance right now, I have my daughter keep one in her backpack, one in the car, one with her gymnastics stuff and one for swimming.


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