Baby Aiden 23 Months.

We can no longer deny that Aiden has hair, real big boy hair. It's pretty upsetting and Oliver is totally on board for me shaving his head. He just has the softest roundest head that is perfect for rubbing. He will be turning 2 on March 5th, he's 32 pounds and 35 inches tall, he says lots of words and is starting to put them together - for example 'bite Daddy'. He say's 'MO' instead of No, he says Mama more than Dada, when asked to say Madison he says 'Sister'. 

He has a huge obsession for vacuums, brooms, and just cleaning in general. He will spill his drinks on the floor just so he can clean it up, he hates to be dirty and always asks for his hands to be wiped and a cloth to wipe his face. 

He loves trains, Thomas is on the TV anytime he's awake, the train table I told my Mom not to buy is a huge hit and he does play with it every day, probably because right now it's in my dining room because I don't have a dining room table. 

To be fair he does love cars and trucks too, pretty much anything with wheels! It slays me when he's pushing them around on the floor or table, he's starting to play pretend a lot now. He and Madison play together a lot, the noise level in my house is usually at a 7/8 between 5 and 7pm. They like to get on the ride on toys and play bumper cars, they play Twister, they race the trucks across the floor. I'll be sad the day she's 'too old' to play with him anymore. She's adapted to sharing a lot more, she knows if he cries to let him have the toy - I told her that sharing is something he is learning and it takes practice so she needs to be patient with him. She also cracks me up by complaining about his repeating words - Ready, Ready, Ready. or Train, train, train. or More, More, More {food.} hahahaha

One day a few weeks ago he lost his very last bottle and I wasn't going to buy more so we had a few hard days of him throwing his sippy cup, we tried a million different kinds and finally he gave in. Funny, just the other day I was scrolling my IG videos and we came across the one of him throwing a fit and he said 'BABA' he totally remembered why he was crying in the video! 

He's still not drinking a substantial amount of milk, but he eats like a champ times 5. He will eat 2 banana's a Kids Z bar, and Blueberries for breakfast. We were asked to send more food to his preschool, he was eating his food and trying to eat his neighbors. One day he got a piece of gum and was walking around chomping it, never swallowed it or spit it on the floor, which is more than I can say about Madison she still is banned from gum chewing. 

He hates to share his food, even with me, I beg and beg for just 1 fry and he's yell 'MO!!!" and pulls all his food closer to him. Side eye. 

We are getting into the Terrible 2's { and 3's and 4's} but usually those are random incidents where he goes off the deep end for no apparent reason, when he does there is no calming him. I tried everything, leaving him alone, carrying him, giving him what he 'seem's' to want, food, drinks, nada. He literally just has to cry it out until he's done. Now, when he's upset about something he doesn't cry he just looks so dang pitiful and sad you want to give him whatever he wants. 

He'll lay on the floor like he's going to throw a fit, but won't cry, hahahaha. He has such a sweet demeanor! He's not very mischievous, he won't usually daredevil and climb on things or try to jump off the back of the couch and he does listen when I tell him no - he does NOT like to be in trouble at all.   

He's still attending PreSchool 2x a week and loves it, dance class is his favorite and even at home he loves when we jam out. He's wearing a solid 18 to 24 months in his clothes, has a giant wide foot and we found that the Plae shoes are great for them! I buy most of his clothes from Gap or Nordstrom, sometimes Old Navy when I can find tee's in his size. 


  1. This reminded me of Friends. "Joey doesn't share food!!!" Haha!

  2. Sweet boy . . . they grow up so fast. So glad to see that you enjoy the good and bad, which isn't always easy!

  3. You might be surprised that they will continue to play together even as Madison gets older. Cuz obviously he'll get older too and like more big kids stuff. My 3 girls are spread out in age a lot but they love hanging out. The 10 and 14 year old play so sweet with the 4 year old and she loves the attention. So don't fear! ! Love your blog, omb,and your scopes.

  4. He is so cute and his face in the 2 to last photo is adorable.

  5. He sounds just like my son. My boy s 19 months.

  6. Do you really NEED a dining room table? You might could use the space as a play room for awhile.

  7. He is so so so so cute!!! I'm not good at sharing food either, ha!

  8. Love your updated! Our boys are two days apart and I have enjoyed following your parenting with him.


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