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Totally forgot yesterday was a Holiday and I dropped the ball on finding Madison something to do - Oliver and I both had to work. By 10am she was driving me batty - 

Madison: "I'm bored, can you call my friends down the street? "
Me: They were sick. 
Madison: "Can you call Allison's Mom? She knows your blog." 
Me: Well I don't know her and I gave you my number to give to her. 
Madison: "Can't you just text her??" 
Me: Dude, I don't know her number! 
Madison: "Find her on Facebook!"

I frantically called ASI and thank you Sweet Baby Jesus they were having open gym, she was happy a clam to go jump around and I gave her 2 bucks for the vending machine. THEN she's hugging me telling me I'm the 'best Mommy ever'. Side eye. The Bald One slept for 3 hours and all the orders got packed - winning.

These pancakes have 50g of protein, taste like heaven, and keep me full for hours!

Found some Low Fat Panera soup at Sams - it was chilly yesterday and soup sounded so good. I added in a protein packed sandwich in my sandwich maker, cause I'm obsessed with that thing! I actually just upgraded and ordered the Electric Panini and Sandwich Maker because it can press and heat thicker sandwiches, I like big pickles, lots of turkey, I need a bigger sandwich press!

Just because #flexibledieting and I love them.

On the go snack, I was hungry, but we had to go pick up Madison so I filled a baggie with a serving and ate it in the car. I had to be very very quiet while eating them so Aiden didn't hear me {he's still rear facing so he can't see, but that boy can hear food from a mile away!} otherwise I would hear - WANT ONE WANT ONE WANT ONE the entire car drive.

Dinner was excellent, Oliver loved it and I had it made in less than 20 minutes! You can find the recipe here = I did NOT cut the corn off a ear and roast it, who has time for that? I just used a frozen corn from Trader Joes and it was delish. Zoodles are life - must have a Spiralizer from Paderno World Cuisine !

I wrote down the amounts I used and logged while the kids bathed, I knew I would be under my macros so I didn't rush to do it while I was cooking. This was one of the dinner where it was easier to layer and weigh as I filled my plate rather than missing it all together THEN trying to figure out a serving.

I made the sauce - weighed it and gave myself half - so then I just logged half of each ingredient.
Then I weighed the Zoodles {put in bowl, splash of water, microwave for 2 minutes}
Then I weighed in my corn
Then I weighed in my shrimp
Then I enjoyed my meal!

I had room for dessert - so I opted for a Smores Quest bar. I am a HUGE FAN of them now that I figured out the secret. Heat. 

Broil on low for 2 minutes and they taste like cookies. Hot melty amazing cookies. Oliver's loving them too. 

And that's a wrap for the day. My macros are set by Poppy Locks.

Caught a glimpse of my back before bed, liking what I'm seeing and reminds me why I put in the effort. I love to see my body change, to know I did that, to make myself proud. For me it's not about seeing how low I can get on the scale, but how strong I can be, I like to feel like an athlete because it gives me confidence. 


  1. How do we find the pancake recipe? I really need to see if these taste as good as they look. Cause they look freaking amazing.

  2. Use the ingredients on her screenshot, that should work!

  3. I had read before where you were figuring your macros with the help of corina neilson, just wondering why you changed, is it really worth the $40.00 at Poppy Locks? I need to make a change and love your site , thanks so much !

    1. Nope Corina didn't do my macros, not sure if she even does them, I just love her blog for her and her amazing recipes!

    2. They probably are getting her confused with Paige

  4. I am late to the game about these protein pancakes. Have you ever cooked them ahead of time? Trying to figure out if I could cook the night before and take to work in the morning. I went back through old posts and found one recipe for them, but then on this post looks like you are using a pre made mix?? Just mix and cook like regular pancakes??

    1. Also anyone happen to know of have info about the protein powders and breastfeeding?? I've been googling a lot researching but not sure 😁

  5. woooow look at all the food you can eat. need to change my ways. Can I do IIFYM if I'm not really doing heavy lifting or super strenuous workouts? i do the occasional workout here and there, but nothing too crazy. Thanks! :)

  6. You rock, as always! I'm so impressed with how dedicated you are to your health - you're an inspiration to us all!

  7. Is poppylocks a one time fee or monthly? I want to start counting my macros.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Are you able to upload the Periscope you did on your workout routine to YouTube? I just looked and can't find it. I was looking forward to it for so long and then never had a full hour to devote to watching it during the 24 hours it was available! I love your 'scopes! :) I need encouragement and advice on doin' my own thang at the gym!


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