Parmesan Truffle Potato Curly Fries.

Once upon a time Williams Sonoma carried a Truffle Parmesan Rub that I used on my chicken and it was like Heaven. Then they discontinued it and IG came and saved my life, readers found me a substitute and it's CHEAPER and tastes super ahhhhhmazing. It's the Truffled Parmesan Rub from Allspiceonline.com - it's currently sold out, but I heard they should be getting more tomorrow. 

I love it on my chicken, but had the crazy idea to put it on some spiraled potatos and make fries. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

1. Peel the potato.
2. spiral with the Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer
3. Put in tupperware and spray with coconut oil {I use Trader Joes} and sprinkle with Rub.
4. shake it up to coat
5. spread evenly on a pan - I use on Silicone Baking Mat to cook on
6. 450 for 15 minutes, flip, 12-15 more minutes

If you're in a hurry I highly suggest this Trader Joe mix = a step up from broccoli and mac n cheese. I added chicken of course, all the protein with every meal.

I have been switching out my protein pancakes with my second favorite breakfast meal....

Sweet potato, turkey bacon, chicken, topped with a runny egg and goat cheese. This meal is super easy to make ahead and take to work, just keep everything in separate containers and build when you eat.

A lot of you have been asking for my Periscope videos to be uploaded to You Tube - my Mac and You Tube hate each other, but I finally figured it out. So if you've been asking - here is the link and I'm sorry the quality isn't great on all of them, that's the WiFi. 


Backlash: Post Boobs.

Leg day had me all sorts of sore yesterday and the kids are more than willing to provide some extra pressure when I foam roll. I tried to get Madison to recreate the 'gentle but firm' pressure I got in my yoga class, but she will press down for about 7 seconds then try to climb on me demanding I massage her legs too. Can we just focus on my pain?? Oliver decides to let me in on his long held secret, he is an AMAZING hamstring stretcher!!! We have been together for a million years and I never knew it, rude.

She was videoing us, thank God it didn't save and she didn't post it somewhere! When I heard her voice typing I jumped up and grabbed the phone away, knowing that child she'd be Periscoping. Thankfully she was only messaging me LOL

So I've been having a weird side effect since I got my boobs done. I don't know why, I guess because for so long I thought once I fixed my breasts I would be happy with my body. Not that I am unhappy  with my body, but I have things about myself that drive me crazy and for so long I guess I held the belief that if I fixed the part that bothered me most, I would be happier with the rest. 

The extra skin on my lower body. I think in clothes I look great, I feel great, but the moment I have to get undressed all I can see is that sagging, deflated skin.  It's just been a lot worse mentally for me lately and the only reason I can come up with is that somewhere in my mind I thought the boobs would make me not notice it as much, but it's been the opposite, it bothers me MORE. I'm sure some of you will look at that and say 'eh it's not that bad' and you're probably right. 

I just wish for all my handwork and dedication I could wear a pair of shorts and feel good. To not have some random girl point out my loose skin when I sit down - side eye. No amount of exercise and macros will tighten that skin back up unfortunately, but skin removal surgery is major and scary and a very long recovery. 

I've just always carried my weight in my lower half, my poor hips have been 48 inches around at one point. Of course when I brought it up to my Mom she told me I was being obsessive and trying too hard to get the perfect body, then I got defensive and told her I'm 34 years old and I can do whatever I want with my body. hahaha - mother daughter relationships never change no matter how old you are! She also told me not to wear jeans with holes in them, major side eye. 

There's no real point to me telling y'all this other than I'm hoping by sharing my current struggle it will have less power over me. See now I'm getting all emotional about it, sometimes I feel like I should be happy with what I have, what I worked for, but I can't help my feelings. Most of the time I can focus on the things I love about my body and how far I've come, I'm literally an entirely different person that I was 5 years ago. Maybe that's why clothing is so important to me, it makes me feel better about my body. 


Mermaid Pillows.

Saturday morning Oliver, mostly, finished up the Stikwood Pallet wall upstairs. It's really so freaking pretty, I will do an entire blog post about it later this week. After Aiden woke up from his nap my parents came over and we all headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart - for mermaid pillows. Have you seen these pillows??

There was a video that went viral on Facebook - you can read about it here - I talked Oliver into driving almost an hour to the store to check them out in person. The problem with a place as big as NFM is that it's so huge almost no one knows exactly where anything is, 2 employees I asked had no idea, the next called someone and told us to go back downstairs by the rugs, no luck, the third said they were sold out, and the fourth person told us there were two somewhere in the store, but no exact location. We stumbled across one in the desgin center, but it was not the colors I wanted and the left corner of the pillow was 'defective' meaning it wouldn't change color when swiped. The pillows range from 100 - 250 bucks, each! While I think they are cool, not cool enough to drop 300 bucks on. I did find the fabric on Etsy for 25 bucks a yard, talking my Mom into sewing me a few. 

While we were out that way we decided to hit up TJ's for our monthly haul, luckily they had the frozen Riced Cauliflower in stock and I bought a ton. Some people told me they had a 2 bag limit at their store, that would suck. If you don't know what to do with it just get on Pinterest, tons of recipes! 

Sunday I slept in until 5:30 and then went for a 10 mile run, followed by a Venti Latte, pretty much my favorite way to start my Sunday. I keep forgetting my new Vivo Active watch, I'm just not used to wearing one, plus I still haven't figured it out very well. 

It was my friend Ambers birthday so we kidnapped her and went to brunch downtown at Anvil Pub. I mean how could you pass up this drink? I am not a Bloody Mary fan so I opted for the Mimosa topped with a breakfast sandwich, fruit, hash browns, and mini donut. 

Surprisingly someone other than me pulled out the selfie stick, we aren't that great at it, sorry I cut off your head Amber! I am not a great drinker and I'm an even worse day drinker, I had like 1.25 Mimosas and I was ready for a nap. Oliver told me I have to keep drinking to push past the tired stage LOL I'm like, nah, lets eat and then sleep, hence the reason I don't really like to drink often. After Anvil we popped next door to Glaze and I accidentally ordered and ate a Fluffer Nutter Doughnut. It was worth every calorie.   Speaking of calories, I had every intention of logging and following my macros, but once the doughnut happened it was kinda pointless because I had no clue how to log that amazing creation. SO - I didn't just say eff it, I knew my fats for the day were gone, my carbs were low, and I need more protein. So I ate chicken for dinner. Lots for chicken. Which turned out ok cause that doughnut made my stomach hurt. Even when I'm not following and logging exact macros I can determine how to balance out a fun day drinking trip with my girls. No guilt necessary! 

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mimi and Madison attended at fun sign painting class, she was so proud of her egg! The teacher is local to my area and agreed to come do a Art Party at my house for Madison's birthday, she's going to love it! 


I do it for the Swag!

Next Saturday is the Big D Climb, I am ordering team shirts today so if you registered on my team {or you are planning on it!} please please get in touch with me so I can get you a shirt!  SKINNYMEG@OUTLOOK.COM 

If you need to know how to register, read this link, full instructions! We are going to meet beforehand, climb the 1,540 steps, then eat lunch and I'd love for you to join us. All levels of fitness welcome, we are climbing for fun, not for time, so don't feel like you need to be level #beastmode :) We are supporting a great cause and hopefully having a ton of fun! 

The next day, Sunday the 31st, Shelly Kelley has decided to run her first half marathon! The Too Cold to Hold, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be in the 60's. I've never run this half marathon and I'm not gonna lie - I'm pretty stoked about the swag!! 

I was not excited about my workout this morning, I felt so blahhhhhhhhh. I went mostly because I was already awake and there was no way I could fall back asleep, I decided to run some sprints on the treadmill even though it wasn't a cardio day. I started at a 9 and bumped it up by .2 every 30 second sprint until I hit a 11. I put on some good music and I felt SO MUCH BETTER.  I went and rinsed off with a towel, then lifted until I had to go home. 

I swear I'm working on a Spotify playlist to share, everything in my life takes days to complete LOL Mostly because I work on it, get distracted, go back to it, accidentally start scrolling Facebook. Ugh, it's a cycle. Apparently some of you found me because I see I have followers hahahaha I'll try harder. 

Now, I'm about to die from hunger - protein pancake time! 


Baby Aiden 23 Months.

We can no longer deny that Aiden has hair, real big boy hair. It's pretty upsetting and Oliver is totally on board for me shaving his head. He just has the softest roundest head that is perfect for rubbing. He will be turning 2 on March 5th, he's 32 pounds and 35 inches tall, he says lots of words and is starting to put them together - for example 'bite Daddy'. He say's 'MO' instead of No, he says Mama more than Dada, when asked to say Madison he says 'Sister'. 

He has a huge obsession for vacuums, brooms, and just cleaning in general. He will spill his drinks on the floor just so he can clean it up, he hates to be dirty and always asks for his hands to be wiped and a cloth to wipe his face. 

He loves trains, Thomas is on the TV anytime he's awake, the train table I told my Mom not to buy is a huge hit and he does play with it every day, probably because right now it's in my dining room because I don't have a dining room table. 

To be fair he does love cars and trucks too, pretty much anything with wheels! It slays me when he's pushing them around on the floor or table, he's starting to play pretend a lot now. He and Madison play together a lot, the noise level in my house is usually at a 7/8 between 5 and 7pm. They like to get on the ride on toys and play bumper cars, they play Twister, they race the trucks across the floor. I'll be sad the day she's 'too old' to play with him anymore. She's adapted to sharing a lot more, she knows if he cries to let him have the toy - I told her that sharing is something he is learning and it takes practice so she needs to be patient with him. She also cracks me up by complaining about his repeating words - Ready, Ready, Ready. or Train, train, train. or More, More, More {food.} hahahaha

One day a few weeks ago he lost his very last bottle and I wasn't going to buy more so we had a few hard days of him throwing his sippy cup, we tried a million different kinds and finally he gave in. Funny, just the other day I was scrolling my IG videos and we came across the one of him throwing a fit and he said 'BABA' he totally remembered why he was crying in the video! 

He's still not drinking a substantial amount of milk, but he eats like a champ times 5. He will eat 2 banana's a Kids Z bar, and Blueberries for breakfast. We were asked to send more food to his preschool, he was eating his food and trying to eat his neighbors. One day he got a piece of gum and was walking around chomping it, never swallowed it or spit it on the floor, which is more than I can say about Madison she still is banned from gum chewing. 

He hates to share his food, even with me, I beg and beg for just 1 fry and he's yell 'MO!!!" and pulls all his food closer to him. Side eye. 

We are getting into the Terrible 2's { and 3's and 4's} but usually those are random incidents where he goes off the deep end for no apparent reason, when he does there is no calming him. I tried everything, leaving him alone, carrying him, giving him what he 'seem's' to want, food, drinks, nada. He literally just has to cry it out until he's done. Now, when he's upset about something he doesn't cry he just looks so dang pitiful and sad you want to give him whatever he wants. 

He'll lay on the floor like he's going to throw a fit, but won't cry, hahahaha. He has such a sweet demeanor! He's not very mischievous, he won't usually daredevil and climb on things or try to jump off the back of the couch and he does listen when I tell him no - he does NOT like to be in trouble at all.   

He's still attending PreSchool 2x a week and loves it, dance class is his favorite and even at home he loves when we jam out. He's wearing a solid 18 to 24 months in his clothes, has a giant wide foot and we found that the Plae shoes are great for them! I buy most of his clothes from Gap or Nordstrom, sometimes Old Navy when I can find tee's in his size. 


A Food Day in the Life :: IIFYM

Totally forgot yesterday was a Holiday and I dropped the ball on finding Madison something to do - Oliver and I both had to work. By 10am she was driving me batty - 

Madison: "I'm bored, can you call my friends down the street? "
Me: They were sick. 
Madison: "Can you call Allison's Mom? She knows your blog." 
Me: Well I don't know her and I gave you my number to give to her. 
Madison: "Can't you just text her??" 
Me: Dude, I don't know her number! 
Madison: "Find her on Facebook!"

I frantically called ASI and thank you Sweet Baby Jesus they were having open gym, she was happy a clam to go jump around and I gave her 2 bucks for the vending machine. THEN she's hugging me telling me I'm the 'best Mommy ever'. Side eye. The Bald One slept for 3 hours and all the orders got packed - winning.

These pancakes have 50g of protein, taste like heaven, and keep me full for hours!

Found some Low Fat Panera soup at Sams - it was chilly yesterday and soup sounded so good. I added in a protein packed sandwich in my sandwich maker, cause I'm obsessed with that thing! I actually just upgraded and ordered the Electric Panini and Sandwich Maker because it can press and heat thicker sandwiches, I like big pickles, lots of turkey, I need a bigger sandwich press!

Just because #flexibledieting and I love them.

On the go snack, I was hungry, but we had to go pick up Madison so I filled a baggie with a serving and ate it in the car. I had to be very very quiet while eating them so Aiden didn't hear me {he's still rear facing so he can't see, but that boy can hear food from a mile away!} otherwise I would hear - WANT ONE WANT ONE WANT ONE the entire car drive.

Dinner was excellent, Oliver loved it and I had it made in less than 20 minutes! You can find the recipe here = I did NOT cut the corn off a ear and roast it, who has time for that? I just used a frozen corn from Trader Joes and it was delish. Zoodles are life - must have a Spiralizer from Paderno World Cuisine !

I wrote down the amounts I used and logged while the kids bathed, I knew I would be under my macros so I didn't rush to do it while I was cooking. This was one of the dinner where it was easier to layer and weigh as I filled my plate rather than missing it all together THEN trying to figure out a serving.

I made the sauce - weighed it and gave myself half - so then I just logged half of each ingredient.
Then I weighed the Zoodles {put in bowl, splash of water, microwave for 2 minutes}
Then I weighed in my corn
Then I weighed in my shrimp
Then I enjoyed my meal!

I had room for dessert - so I opted for a Smores Quest bar. I am a HUGE FAN of them now that I figured out the secret. Heat. 

Broil on low for 2 minutes and they taste like cookies. Hot melty amazing cookies. Oliver's loving them too. 

And that's a wrap for the day. My macros are set by Poppy Locks.

Caught a glimpse of my back before bed, liking what I'm seeing and reminds me why I put in the effort. I love to see my body change, to know I did that, to make myself proud. For me it's not about seeing how low I can get on the scale, but how strong I can be, I like to feel like an athlete because it gives me confidence. 


Stupid Cookies.

Friday I went and did the miles with Shelly Kelley, 10 of them to be exact, my Vivo Active watch is all ready to go so I used it {and my phone} and it showed about a 15 second difference on my pace and about a .10 difference on my distance. We will go with the faster pace ;) I braided my hair so I didn't have another hair situation like last week. Oliver will only help me out every so often - best not to push my luck. 

The SK was the best employee ever and brought me these from Walmart, still prefer the TJ frozen kind, but this is great in a pinch. I cooked one up for dinner - threw in some diced tomatoes, cilantro, mexican corn, and topped with a spicy Laughing Cow Cheese sauce.

The cheese sauce is a must make - it's so good on top of so many dishes and the macros are great - lower fat and higher protein. 

1 cup milk
6 wedges laughing cow
2 tbsp of shredded cheese of choice
heat on medium, stir, stir, stir until melted

Saturday was leg day, I love the gym on Saturday mornings because it's full and I like the people watching in between sets. My parents came over and picked up the kids for breakfast then we all met up at Sams. Madison refuses to wear anything other than her 'rippy jeans' and gold high tops. I remember when she was 2 and refused to wear anything with out a tutu - then it was only dresses - now it's only these jeans - will it ever end?? 

We relaxed at the house for the rest of the day, watching Netflix, cooking dinner. Aiden is really into 'cheersing' now, over and over again. We started a new series, Mysteries of Laura, it's a great show and appropriate to watch in front of the children. 

Mimi had the great idea to work on Valentines for Madison class, except with Madison it's hard to tell her the correct way to do things. If she wants to write on the envelope upside down then she'll agree that your wrong until she's blue in the face. She comes by that quality honestly so it's hard not to laugh at how frustrated my Mom was getting with her. Then she wanted to address them all and with all the crazy spelling on names these days that's impossible. My Mom was trying to tell her how to spell 'Jackson' and Madison was insistent that she was wrong until I finally realized it was 'Jaxon' from that point on anytime she needed something spelled she would ask me and ignore Mimi which is hilarious because my Mom is an amazing speller and I can't spell for shit {as just proven by my attempt to spell hilarious 3x and finally usually spell check}. 

Sunday I did Hot Yoga then came home to take a bath with this sweet child, he thinks it's the best thing ever and loves to wash my hair. To be fair he also loves to wash Barbies hair too. 

Winter at the Beach Scarf // Piko // Fleece Leggings 

Then we bundled up to go spend all our money at the grocery store. Aiden has finally come around to wearing a hat, it took a while, but we broke him in. He's obsessed with his new Football and wants to bring it everywhere we go. 

Boo Boo was such a good boy all day, then BAM - I offered him a Fig Newton and he melted down - for 45 minutes. When he's pissed there is no helping him, you just have to let him cry it out. Madison walked in from lunch at Subway and offered him a cookie she brought back for him - he took it from her then hurled it across the room. I put him in his crib where he screamed for me to pick him up, but when I tried to take him out he would throw himself down. No winning with this kid.  His crying just really breaks my heart, so hard. 

Then we napped for 2 hours and all was well. I prepped all my veggies, the kids went to Mimi's for dinner, I spray tanned, and just like that Sunday was over. 


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