RENO UPDATE. #8moredays

I was crazy nervous to paint the room before I picked flooring and furniture, but I took a chance on the Mindful Grey by Sherwin Williams and I absolutely love it! This is what it looks like with the morning sun, such a great neutral color. 

The flooring was harder to pick, actually it was only hard because Oliver had an opinion, so we had to compromise. I love the color, I just pray it's not too dark, Oliver actually wanted the white washed flooring, but it just was too much with the pallet wall. 

I loved this display in a kitchen they had, but need some a different set up on the drawers and I wanted it in all white. 

So Shelly Kelly and I went and designed a custom island, it will have seating and all kinds of storage! It's the first time I've used any of their kitchen items and I was highly impressed with the design center, easy to use and I got exactly what I wanted. 

We also got 2 desks and a large cubby holder - I freaking love those things! They organize everything, we use them for the kids toys and it's perfect - tons of storage! 

Don't judge the mess, we need a major toy clean out before Christmas! Oliver's off for 2 weeks starting this Friday, I can't wait to give him his 'honey do' list!! Merry Christmas to ME!


  1. Lady, I wish I had your kind of "mess" I have a dayhome with 6 kids under 6 it frequently looks like a bomb went off 😒

  2. Is your husband a teacher? Mine is and we have a "honey do" list for his break too! I can't wait!!! Painting our terribly yellow bedroom, fixing some bad shelving in our closet... definitely Merry Christmas to the wives!!!! :-)

  3. Where did you get those cubby holders? they are NICE. I need some for my basement.

  4. Which cubby holders did you get? We're looking at the Kallax ones from Ikea for our loft. It seriously looks like Toys'R Us exploded in there!!!!

  5. Gag, I can't wait until our IKEA opens next year! We got some of those cubby things at the one in Atlanta and I love it! Everything with the new edition is looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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