READY! READY! That's what this little turd will yell out when he's done, over it, ready to go. We all went to Madison school Christmas party Friday, he was done about 45 minutes in, grabbed his coat and started hollering READY READY. 

Saturday we had Christmas dinner over at my in-laws, my Father in Law cooks us a 4 course meal every year. Madison told me what was wrong with me on the way over, I have recessive eyes. Apparently when you have dominant eyes, like Daddy, her, and The Baldish One that makes you better. 

Despite my weakened genes I still kicked her butt at Scrabble, although she still needs helps finding words.  We ate too much, then decided to finish some Christmas at the Mall. It was crowded, but I love the Mall at Christmas, the music, the Holiday rush, the excitement at finding a great gift for a loved one. 

We let the kids play for a bit in the kid area, Aiden of course, Choo Choo CHOO CHOO. Another kid  was on this ride and his Dad had a handful of quarters just refilling over and over again. We waited and waited for our turn and when it came time, he was scared! Papa wasn't about to let it go so he hopped on and rode the train with him. This is why the kids love Papa the best. 

My running group is training for the full at Nola in February, I already backed down to the half, but I hate to miss all the fun runs with my girls. Sunday they were meeting at White Rock for 14 miles, it's nice to have a change of scenery and to see all the rich peoples holiday lights. 

I was kinda sad I wasn't doing the full, then we ran 14 miles and I haven't run more than 7/8 in a while and my 'pikachu' was really sore. After talking with all the girls apparently having your vaj hurt is not common LOL My groin always hurts when I increase my miles. I'm ok today though, hardly sore at all. They are running 18 next weekend, with Poppy cupcakes after, I was told you only get the treat if you do the full 18. I really love my cupcakes, but I'm gonna have to give it some thought. I could put that Christmas dinner to good use too....


  1. hahah your pikachu. ugh, i just hate running in general. i wish i could like it.

  2. those cupcakes!! heart eye emoji :)

  3. In the pic of Papa and Aiden it looks like Papa is squeezing that other little baby in his hand! :)

  4. OMG=the pain happens to me too!!! I wonder if it has to do with something child-birth related...


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