My Future Handyman.

The kids went to Pancakes with Santa over the weekend, the guys were showing up to start painting the house on Saturday so Oliver and I had to stay home and make sure they knew what colors went where. We have quite a few rooms that needed painting due to the water damage we had, but painting means we are nearing the end so I'm not complaining! I'll give a full reno update this week including flooring and furniture we picked out. Oh and Aiden sat on Santa's lap {for the 4th time this Season!!} and didn't cry, lol, just takes doing it over and over again. 

We ran some errands afterwards and hit the mall for a little Christmas shopping, I found the CUTEST curtains half off at Z gallery and I'm going to redo Madison's room for her birthday in April. The Baldish One also got his first tiny faux hawk, I cried just a little. 

Sunday it rained and rained so we slept in a little, I gymed, then we all put on clothes to go have brunch and grocery shop. 

We shop at Kroger mostly, I do love TJ's but it's about a 45 minute drive so we usually only go once a month or so. I paid freaking 5 bucks for those strawberries so y'all make sure I eat them all - mmmmmkay?

Look what else I found at Kroger! I've only ever seen them at Target so I got a bag, or three. I know I said I hated Quest bars, but I've been buying the Smores flavor, cutting them in small pieces and putting them in the microwave for 20 seconds - pretty dang good. 

Then Baby Aiden and I attempted to hang a Chandy in my closet, he enjoyed playing with the drill and I'm glad I didn't electrocute myself - but the chandy is not up. After a lot of cussing I gave up and I'm hoping the contraction guys take pity on me and just put it up for me ;) One day he'll be my little handyman and I won't have to do it myself! 


  1. I've actually seen Boom Chicka Pop at quite a few grocery stores lately here in NC. Food Lion and Lowes' Foods!

  2. Wow $5 for strawberries! Better eat those suckers! :-) BTW... any time I get in a discussion with someone about the tile flooring that looks like hardwood, I show them the pictures of your floors. Can't wait to put those in my own house!

  3. Aiden's tiny mohawk is so cute! So probably dumb question.. what what's a Chandy? a chandelier? I'm horribly un-hip. :-)

  4. Bake your smores quest bar! Put it in over on broil for like 2 mins and it's legit like a cookie. So yum!

  5. I hate how much the price of fresh fruit varies!!!

  6. Sadly, we are now paying just under $10 for Driscoll's strawberries in Alberta, Canada now. It usually drops to about $4 in the summer, but with our dollar being so low at the moment I don't think they will drop that low next summer.

  7. Hi Meg, I noticed the Think Thin bars in the pic you took at Kroger...I recently switched from Quest (which I thought were pretty dang good) to the Think Thin brand. They are normally on sale/cheaper than Quest, and the flavors are delicious (IMO) :) I am not a peppermint person, so I have not tried that flavor.

  8. 3 bags??? I just can't bring myself to pay $3.59 for a bag of the Boom Chicka Pop and it's only half full.

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  10. Boom Chicka pop comes from my town and I have never tried it! I think I'm missing out...lol! It sure does smell amazing when you drive by it.


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