Counting our Blessings.

We celebrated a very blessed Christmas with my parents, Aiden got trains and a vacuum so all was right in his little world. My Mom informed me I was in charge of making Christmas dinner, so I lazed  {is that even a word?} and bought the entire thing from HoneyBaked Ham so all I had to do was heat it up. I can't even tell you how much more enjoyable the day was when my Mom and I weren't in the kitchen all day slaving over a meal, we will probably never cook on Christmas again! 

My Mom bought Madison a sewing machine, meant for ages 10 and up, but she thought why not give it a try. Madison has a real hidden talent, she was making pillows for everyone within an hour, my Mom was so proud she almost cried. We've already had a trip to Joanne's to buy her more fabric.

The next morning I met my favorite girls for a 18 mile run, just for fun on my part, training for a full on theirs. It was 70+ degrees and 10000% humidity - I was mildly concerned for my boobs, the humidity is prime time for serious chaffing. Thankfully Poppy Locks brought TRISLIDE which is a waterproof spray on anti chafe lubricant and it worked miracles!!! I'll never use stick body glide again. She also brought cupcakes, which is about 34% of the reason I went, the other 50% was post run mimoas, and the other 16% was the company.

Then my Mom and I took the kids to check out some post Christmas markdowns, I was trying to get a new bra and Aiden was insistent on opening and closing the door so I'm sure all of Rockwall has now seen my boobs. I did manage to score a super cute Christmas wreath for next year from HomeGoods, but no luck on a new tree.

Aiden is all about fist bumps, he says 'bump! bump!' and tries to hold out his fist for everyone that walks past him. He's become a giant pain in the a** at restaurants, not wanting to sit in his chair, making a huge mess, you know the normal 1.5 year old stuff, but whew it wears me out.

We went home for naps then my parents came over and we decided to go to Olive Garden {Rocwall, TX} together, my Mom and Dad left first and took Aiden with them. Oliver, Madison, and I met them there, while we were waiting for our table we saw the news and the tornado watch. No biggie. Then while we were eating everyones phone started to go off with the emergency alert, but no one really reacted, I think living in a large metropolis people feel safer from tornados. We paid our check and headed to the car, we heard the sirens going off while we were driving home, I started to get scared and Madison started to cry.

Lightening is covering the sky, we see bright flashes of blue fill the sky, lightening has struck a power source. The drive home is about 20 minutes, my parents are with the baby following us and Oliver is talking to my Mom on the phone, they live about 4 miles past our house and she wants to go home and check on her dogs. I insist they come to our house since they have Aiden, my Dad says the wall cloud is right by us and we barely make it in the house when they see the tornado go by off the back porch.

not my photo. 
I have never been so scared, tornados are so unpredictable, they can drop out of the sky at any moment on any house. You can be hit and never have warning! My parents waited it out for about 30 minutes at our house before heading home.

They are so extremely lucky, the house behind them was hit and a few across the street, it literally jumped over theirs. I'm so glad they didn't go home with Aiden, they could've driven right into it! Rowlett was hit the hardest, they are about 25 minutes from us, but my tiny town and the towns around us were hit badly and they are not getting the same amount of support so I'm hoping today the Red Cross will be out to provide for these families. It's hard to know how to help, donations of food, tarps, shelter, and clothing are put together, but this is a rural area and I know many will need monetary donations - deductibles will be in the thousands of dollars if they even have insurance at all.  I'm hoping to find out more information today on what's been set up. 


  1. So relieved you are ok- we were discussing you at our family gatherings this weekend with all my members that follow you and were so worried! Glad your family is alright. Praying for all of your neighbors and Texans who lost their homes.

  2. Wow that is so scary! Glad your family is all safe. Horrible for the people that were hit.

  3. So glad you and you're entire family are ok. We were driving home from my grandmother's house Christmas Day and drove through the storm that produced a tornado about 4 miles from our house. I live in Alabama. I'm very afraid of tornadoes. My one criteria when we were buying our house was that it had a basement. There are been too many close calls in my lifetime, and I don't like it.

  4. Amen to the Honey Baked ham game plan! I cooked for our family this year... I never want to do it ALL myself ever again ;) haha!

    Tornadoes freak me out, as a former "Yankee" I just can't even deal with it - I am SO happy you are all safe, and I am so sorry for the families who weren't so lucky!!! Living in Alabama, this is a new norm and fear for me!!! I am happy you are OK!!! ox

  5. Meg, my Aunt is in Copeville and they were hit very hard. You're right, the Red Cross isn't out there yet. Thankfully we have a large family and we took care of all of their needs. So happy you made it home!!

  6. Wow that is so incredibly scary... I'm so glad your family is safe! If you get any updates on ways others can help out the families affected... please let us know! Thoughts are with you guys!

  7. glad you and your family are Safe!

  8. Glad you and yours are safe. My thoughts are with those who were affected.

  9. wow, so scary. Glad you were all okay. Looks like a great Christmas

  10. I'm so glad you and your dear family are okay! Happy new year and thanks for the blog. I LOVE IT! {hugs}


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