Chicken and Waffles, 920 amazing calories.

Saturday I got my butt up at 4:30am to get in my workout before family fun time commenced, I walked into my gym {24 hours} the front desk guy looked stoned, there was some weird guy on the elliptical wearing sunglasses, and I was the only girl there. I really miss my old women's only gym at times like this - I do belong to the Y but they don't open until 7 on Saturday, SO LATE. 

It was a beautiful cold sunny day, Aiden refuses to keep a hat on his baldish head so that's why he has a pink blanket tied around him. We had fun watching the local parade before we headed to breakfast.

We went to our favorite breakfast place, The Fatted Calf, and I ordered the meal I've been dying to try but never wanted to spend the calories on - chicken and waffles. HOLY MOLY my mouth is watering just thinking about this, so so so good and I only used half my calories for the day! I'm still eating at maintenance, it's just so nice, maybe I'll be motivated to cut again in the New Year. Right now I'm loving all my foods.

Sunday I went for an 8 mile run, the 5 weeks I've been off really showed in my pace. I had to walk a hill and I'm at least a minute slower, no biggie, but you sure lose it fast! I went to Hot Yoga after and felt so amazing, that might be a new favorite combo - running in the cold and stretching in the heat. My calves were on fire though today, my boobs are just fine. It's crazy to me how fast the incisions heal up, they are almost disappearing! 

Today's gonna be crazyyyyyy - I have 100+ orders to get shipped out, unpacking all new arrivals, organizing and photographing them, then editing and posting for tomorrow. It's gonna be a long day! 

One of my good friends had a baby a few months ago and her job wasn't conducive to having family time, so she's working with me full time and thank god! I've been drowning a bit, such a learning curve this first year! I have high hopes that things will go much smoother next Christmas. 


  1. LMAO weird guy with sunglasses on the elliptical girl you should have periscoped that shit on the DL, OMG dying laughing over here. I so wish there was hot yoga near me it sounds amazing. I am one of your 100 orders to ship out today, YAY! can't wait! Good luck, I know you'll get it all done :)

  2. Busy weekend! Love your energy! 💗

  3. Seriously please find a way to bottle your energy and sell it, I'll be first in line!!

  4. You look awesome girl! Glad your "ladies" are healing up well! I think it's crazy that a gym would open so late on a weekend, and ew to creepers at the gym for sure!!! PS Those Waffles... ZOMG they look SO good!

  5. I think I would have walked out of the gym if I walked in and saw what you did!! Harmless I'm sure... but kinda weird. Maybe the sunglasses help him get in the zone?? By the way.. you look fantastic! I'm a new reader and already you have been an inspiration.. I am a Mom of two and have had a hard time shedding the baby weight this second time... I keep meaning to get up early to work out and I keep slacking. I just need to do it...Thank you for the encouragement!

  6. you look great!!! i ordered some fleece lined leggings as soon as they went up friday! cant wait to test them out!

  7. I just started following your blog and would love to know how you started running (i.e., 1/2 mile, walk/run...) and how did you get to 8 miles in a day!!

  8. I just started following your blog and would love to know how you started running (i.e., 1/2 mile, walk/run...) and how did you get to 8 miles in a day!!

  9. You motivate me to get off my butt and get business done, lol! Hope the construction is moving along quickly for you!!

  10. your motivation is killer, you're the beyonce of fitness, running a business, and being a mom!


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